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Avatar f tn I was out in the high heat and perspiration was dripping and nose was running. My eyes got blurry and now are closed and swollen? .
Avatar n tn I even changed contacts per my eye dr. for dry eyes and that helped for a while, and now I have dry eyes again, with allergies in eyes, burning and itching pollen I know. But question (big One) does anyone have a cure or anyone have a clue of an idea that has hope them with dry eyes, and it is something that you can use in your eyes with your contacts still in. thanks for any info.
Avatar f tn I am also having allergy-like nasal problems. This morning, my eyes were almost swollen shut. Could I be allergic to this drug? All I was warned about by my psychiatrist was a severe rash.
Avatar m tn Some infections can develop from an original allergy, and maybe your nasal cavities are getting infected from all the mucous that develops from the allergy, and thus not only the dark swollen eyes and itching, but you've also got those neck lymph nodes swelling up from the infection.
Avatar n tn At times a hair from the eye lash turns inwards and gives this type of sensation. Dry eyes and eye allergy are the other reasons. Any cosmetic you apply on face or eye or even for your hair like shampoos or dyes too can cause allergies. If it is determined that it is an allergy then what is important is you must find out what is causing this allergy. Common allergens are pollen, mold, dust, pet dander, cosmetics or drugs.
14134394 tn?1433069640 Your eyes are controlled by 6 muscles. When you are sick you may feel extra strain on these muscles causing the pain. Also, when you have a fever the eyes may feel drier.
Avatar n tn I had some pain and redness in my eyes on 2nd sep, I want to my opthomologist and they recommended Gatilox Plus ( Gatloxacin..
Avatar n tn My 11yr. old started involuntarily rolling his eyes in Jan.09 and the pediatric optomologist felt that it was allergies so he prescribed a mild steroid eye drop which resolved the problem within a couple of days. Seven months later in July the problem came back and this time the dr. prescribed the strongest steroid drop and now 4 wks. later the problem is NOT going away. By the way his vision was checked and he has no other health issues. I've contacted the dr.
Avatar m tn I'm a 47 yr old healthy male in good shape but have had chronic pressure around eyes and forehead pressure + mental fog out-of-it feeling for 25+ yrs and have no clue what could be causing it. Pressure seems worse upon wakening in the morning and eyes are normally somewhat puffy when I get up. To summarize my medical history regarding this situation: 1. Sinus surgery in 2002; sinuses all clear. ENT's don't see any issue at all with my sinuses. 2. Thyroid tests al normal.
Avatar n tn She has had swelling on her lips and nasal passages and then recently it went to her eyes. It is also very painful for her. It is very red also. Doctors thought it was an allergy but she is now on such a strict diet she is rapidly losing weight. Any ideas? She has been through menopause and had buning mouth syndrome.
Avatar n tn What is the best antihistamine for allergic eyes? I am experiencing worse eye allergy than sinus allergy this Spring, and I think it is due to tree pollen in this area of Texas. I have found chlorphenaramine maleate and benadryl do not help.
Avatar f tn After about 10 minutes it spread to the other side of her face and under her eyes. Now, the rednedd around her face had subsided a little but now her under her eyes are so red that they look purple. THeyare not ithching swollen or tearing any more than usual. A friend of mine said that she look like a zombie. Any one know anything about this.
Avatar f tn I looked this up and found that it might be a blocked tear duct, but the only thing is, my eyes are not excessively watery at all, they are just like normal. The pain is in the inner right corner of my eye on the lower lashline. What could this be? Should I see my doctor? And are there any pain relievers for this? (Putting hot pad on eye, etc)? Thank you very much.
Avatar n tn If the pain is in the eyes or centered on the eyes then I would think "exposure keratitis" or "recurrent corneal erosions" both of which you can read about using the search feature and archives. If you'vehad it 4 years and it hasn't got worse and nothing new developed that's a good sign. Other things to exclude sinus disease (see ENT) and blood pressue problems.
Avatar n tn I have other health issues that are worse and my body pain increases in hot and humidity so now I am thinking about going back to Ca. My ? is would it take a longer time to see a change in the eyes? I guess Ca is very dry and the pollen and Mi is not and now Fl isn't but the eyes have no change. So maybe it was a fluke that the eye issue happened.
Avatar m tn How do I cure my dogs watery eyes? Recently, both of my dog's eyes began watering, like he was crying. What is the problem and how do I cure it?
Avatar f tn I do not know what's wrong with my eyes hope you can help. I will be fine and out of no where my eyes begin to get horribly watery and it burn so badly. I don't believe its allergies bc I stayed away from being outside thinking that was it but my eyes still watered and burned. I wear glasses not contacts. I don't not wear make up.
Avatar f tn So today he was in his grandmum house be opend this case which had a battery in it to minutes after his eyes were so he had a bit of pain before hand so he came home washed them with water now the pain is not bad bad but he has the pressure back why is that
Avatar n tn I have been having dull pain behind both eyes for about 5 days, and the pain increases significantly in my left eye when I look suddenly to the left or right. The pain also increases when I gently press on the eye with the lid closed. My vision seems unaffected. My pupils are equal and reactive to light. I have sinus/ allergy problems for which I take Zyrtec and this is no worse than usual (especially for South Louisiana in the spring).
Avatar m tn No severe pain, there is some itching in both eyes and sometimes a little pain in the corner of my right eye. I do get a lot of headaches though (about twice a week) but that has been for many years, not just recent. I just found info about scleritis online and now I am so scared that I have that. Also, must mention that my sister has Sjogren's syndrome. I am 37 years old.
Avatar f tn Hello Terry, Welcome to the allergy forum. I see you joined Med help this month. Based on your comments, I think perhaps it is time to make an appointment with your doctor to see what is going on. Pain is pain and you have to find out what is causing it. I wish you well.