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Avatar f tn I was out in the high heat and perspiration was dripping and nose was running. My eyes got blurry and now are closed and swollen? .
Avatar f tn After about 10 minutes it spread to the other side of her face and under her eyes. Now, the rednedd around her face had subsided a little but now her under her eyes are so red that they look purple. THeyare not ithching swollen or tearing any more than usual. A friend of mine said that she look like a zombie. Any one know anything about this.
Avatar f tn It's mucous. It's not serious. It's part of both dry eyes and allergic eyes. Don't try and dig it out with your finger. Use artificial tears when they feel dry and Zaditor (over the counter allergy eye drops) when they itch.
Avatar n tn What is the best antihistamine for allergic eyes? I am experiencing worse eye allergy than sinus allergy this Spring, and I think it is due to tree pollen in this area of Texas. I have found chlorphenaramine maleate and benadryl do not help.
Avatar m tn Thanks for your response to my question. I did go to the vet and they were unsure of the cause of his symptoms. I did get Dexasporin ointment for the next week. However, they did say he may have Entropion which would require surgery. Of course, I am hoping that there are other options to resolving this issue that do not require surgery. Since they do not know if it is allergic in nature or even if the condition will persist, I did not sign up for surgery. Are there options?
Avatar n tn They also get really itchy, but i use allergy eye drops to help that. However, my eyes still continue to get swollen and dry. I am currently taking Allegra-D and Singulair for my allergies. My doctor had prescribed me to Pata-a-Day Eye Drops as well, but they became too expensive and weren't working very well, so i switch to an over the counter brand. My medicine is obviously not working very great either. Does anyone know of an effective treatment that will help me with this? Thanks.
Avatar n tn My wife has serious allergy problem, now it is effecting her eyes also. I dont know which topic was right to select from above hence done randomly.
Avatar f tn If you could please tell us what allergies you are suffering from may be we can help co-relate your symptoms. Generally itchy eyes along with congestion are allergic. Only itchy eyes can be a part of tearless eyes or dry eyes or eye strain and sometimes also refractive errors of the eye. Only congestion can be a part of bronchitis, flu, asthma etc. Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
Avatar m tn since starting tx 9 weeks ago i have dry, itchy eyes.
Avatar n tn Hi forum members, Since few weeks I am noticing that I am having some sort of white discharge from my eyes (both) and some time times it is not only irritating but also has some burning feeling. It also leads to headaches often. I had shown it to one doctor who thought it was some sort of allergy, but this is lasting too long. Can any one advice please?
Avatar m tn one day when i was running 8 years ago my eyes swelled up and since then every time i run or even sweat my eyes swell, i get this odd feeling in my head, it starts out with a little bump under my eyes and like 2 minutes later my eyes will be practically swollen shut it will stay that way for 2 days straight no longer i cant figure out what is causing it because it does it no matter where i go,what could cause this?
Avatar n tn I even changed contacts per my eye dr. for dry eyes and that helped for a while, and now I have dry eyes again, with allergies in eyes, burning and itching pollen I know. But question (big One) does anyone have a cure or anyone have a clue of an idea that has hope them with dry eyes, and it is something that you can use in your eyes with your contacts still in. thanks for any info.
Avatar f tn Hi - for quite a few years I suffered with allergic rhinitis, eyes would water , constant sneezing, itchy roof of mouth etc etc. various things sparked it - dust, car exhaust fumes,car air freshners, cut grass and for some reason private collection perfume. I was given neoclarityn , beconase and eye drops. This brought it under control and for the last few years I haven't had that.
Avatar n tn My 11yr. old started involuntarily rolling his eyes in Jan.09 and the pediatric optomologist felt that it was allergies so he prescribed a mild steroid eye drop which resolved the problem within a couple of days. Seven months later in July the problem came back and this time the dr. prescribed the strongest steroid drop and now 4 wks. later the problem is NOT going away. By the way his vision was checked and he has no other health issues. I've contacted the dr.
721949 tn?1230651677 I have had chronic red eyes now for about two months. I have sought medical help from 2 opthamologists ...had my eyes dilated....from this they found i have a over growth of blood vessels...a spot that i have had for two years and there has been no change....tested for dry eyes which was negative. i have been and three different steriod drops....allergy drops with great strides made with all of this. i haven't worn my contacts.....have stopped all drops over the counter and prescibed...
Avatar n tn I have a son of 4years old. Every morning he gets up there is swelling around the eyes and after some time(2-3 hours) its normal. We can't figure it out whether its an allergy or some other disease. We are very much worried. We give him Anti allergy syrup also every night. It started only a month ago.
1875471 tn?1323858170 Hi please help me...since the last year i have been having some allergy problems....On my first day of my Menstrual period my eye suddenly swells up and itchs badly. At first i thought i was allergic to a combination of paracetamol and i stopped that and started taking an alternative to it which the doc prescribed. But there is no difference. I am just wondering what on earth am i allergic to.
3142113 tn?1343379632 hi i hav irritation in my eyes particularly in near lacrimal glands. I treated it as allergy bt it z nt geting away.
Avatar f tn The meds help my nose somewhat, but nothing is helping my eyes. I cannot continue to work like this, I really need some answers.