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Avatar m tn How do I cure my dogs watery eyes? Recently, both of my dog's eyes began watering, like he was crying. What is the problem and how do I cure it?
Avatar m tn (dry eyes 10 times more common in women than men), are you on birth control pills, sinus/allergy medication? Do you have systemic diseases associated with dry eyes (example rheumatoid arthritis) Have you seen and Eye MD ophthalmologist? That being said dry eyes is a chronic problem that tends to get worse as we get older. If the drops help it is no different than putting moisturizer on your skin every day or using a product for dry hair.
Avatar n tn I even changed contacts per my eye dr. for dry eyes and that helped for a while, and now I have dry eyes again, with allergies in eyes, burning and itching pollen I know. But question (big One) does anyone have a cure or anyone have a clue of an idea that has hope them with dry eyes, and it is something that you can use in your eyes with your contacts still in. thanks for any info.
Avatar n tn I have tried many different things and even now I am on an allergy drop where I put it under my tongue three times a day and it is supposed to cure my allergies for good. But no matter what I do my eyes are always red and I have tried just about everything I can think of it. They get the worst when I drink alchahol or not get enough sleep and so on. I have been using thera tears because I thought maybe I just have bad dry eye but those don't seem to do anything for me.
Avatar n tn My wife has serious allergy problem, now it is effecting her eyes also. I dont know which topic was right to select from above hence done randomly.
Avatar f tn Does anybody knows how to get rid of dust mite allergy? i have watery eyes in the morning and my eye iching during the day.
Avatar m tn I actually want to know if vaccination from NIH provides permanent cure to pollen allergy? I am confused because some people say that vaccination from NIH do not completely eradicate allergy but it appears some way or the other in different form such as skin or any other form of allergy.
Avatar f tn Hi - for quite a few years I suffered with allergic rhinitis, eyes would water , constant sneezing, itchy roof of mouth etc etc. various things sparked it - dust, car exhaust fumes,car air freshners, cut grass and for some reason private collection perfume. I was given neoclarityn , beconase and eye drops. This brought it under control and for the last few years I haven't had that.
Avatar f tn After stopping the drops my lid started getting puffy again in the A M. I saw the eye Dr. in March for my final exam he said it was dry allergy eyes. I do have chronic allergies and dry eyes for years. At the end of Sept. I stated getting the puffiness on and off all day long, a discharge, tearing and redness plus the feeling that a area of the lid being stuck to the eye ball itself.
Avatar m tn Have you done any allergy testing? If not, you may want to start there. Once you know what you are allergic to, you can go in for weekly shots. Sometimes this can "cure" the allergy. The shots help fight the allergen, which in turn makes antibodies. After awhile you should start getting relief and hopefully be able to discontinue the shots eventually. Meanwhile, let your doctor know that the allergy med you are presently taking is not working for you.
Avatar f tn My eyes r half closed from sneezing non stop sense yesterday. Have a cough, non stop sneezing, runny nose, ears itch and ring. I'm scared its hurting baby from sneezimg so much amd blowing my nose.
1398560 tn?1281851178 ( but my rash reduce. so i went for the 3rd doctor... she gave me steroid to help on my swollen lips.. Uhuh.. im getting worse... my lips become so itchy.. everytime i apply medicated lip balm, my lips cracked and it smell.. yuck... i stop the med and went for the 4th doctor for allergy injection. she refuse me instead gave me levocetirizine dihydrochloride 5mg.. but i didnt eat it.. i asked her if my problem wont stop what she can do.. she told me that nothing else.. maybe other med..
Avatar n tn i have tried everything ( including the drops under your tongue) nothing reaaly helps i am tired of feeling like this all time..
Avatar f tn I was out in the high heat and perspiration was dripping and nose was running. My eyes got blurry and now are closed and swollen? .
Avatar f tn It is always in the bottom of my eye lid and I am always digging it out with my finger. So I was wondering if anyone knew anything that could help cure this. It makes my eyes itchy and then when I dig it out my eyes are red.
Avatar f tn The pain and pressure comes from infected mucous membranes. Allergy can cause a drip in the back of the throat and build mucous you cough up.
Avatar f tn I have used Restasis and have tried allergy drops. My eyes are always red and feel as if I have something in them (which is the bumps under my eyelids). Does anyone know what I can do about this. I've been to so many eye Dr's. and I cannot get them cleared up. I used to wear contact lenses and now I can no longer wear them. It has been almost 5 years since I was able to wear my contacts. Some Dr's. want to give me steriod drops, but I do not want to put them in my eyes.
Avatar n tn If it comes and goes quickly that is more likely an allergy since its only one side one would think of a contact allergy (not contactlens) but something your skin comes in contact with. I suggest you see an Eye MD ophthalmologist that specializes in cornea/external disease. Find one at Take some pictures (the one you posted is out of focus) of the swelling and take them with you to the MD especially if it looks okay at the time of the appointment.
Avatar m tn When the filters do not work properly, allergens may be released into the air, causing typical allergy symptoms, such as watery eyes, runny nose, and wheezing. Wash shower curtains, bathroom tiles, and grout regularly and use a dehumidifier in your house. For dust allergy, remove drapes, feather pillows, upholstered furniture, non-washable comforters and soft toys. Replace carpets with linoleum or wood.
189372 tn?1219833358 So I guess my question is, can a dust allergy make you feel this ill? My only known allergy is pets, but I am now convinced my problems could be linked to a dust allergy. I have noticed this more lately, after having a few days of work, I slept a lot, and after every sleep I actually wake up feeling worse (Headache, nose completely blocked, pulsating eye pain) Is it the bed?
954983 tn?1246464647 This continued on and off for about 4 months and he kept reassuring me it was allergies along with my dry eyes. Finally with all the different steroid drops I was given I feared damage to my optic nerve so I went to an allergist who gave me several tests to see if I was allergic to animal dander, dust mites, seasonal etc. She asked me to come back the following week and since it showed nothing she performed the tests again with a stronger dose. Nothing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar f tn I have had one swollen eyelid for over one month now. My optometrist and medical doctor say it is an allergy although allergy meds are not working nor are steriod eye drops prescribed to me.
Avatar n tn Hi I am just wondering if anyone has had a confirmed allergy to titanium spinal implants. I had mine removed a year ago and the hospital said the biopsies showed features of a titanium allergy but I am still having problems. I wondered whether my body will ever feel the same again? I was very poorly and suffered itching, pain and swelling all over my body prior to removal. Since, and to date, I have suffered from lots of allergies. Any info appreciated.
Avatar m tn I just got back from running with my dog, and my right nostril is like really swollen on the inside and it hurts whenever I sniff. How can I cure this, as it's making a runny nose and it hurts really bad on the inside.
Avatar m tn it was above my left eye. it has since migrated to around my eyes and then towards the back of my head and has decreased in intensity. its not throbing but hurts when i exert myself or bend over. if i sneeze it hurts my head pretty bad for a couple minutes. about a week ago i started having hearing problems. I have loud ringing or buzzing in my ears and voices sometimes sound like robots. My doc gave me amoxicillan for a sinus infection but it didnt help. what could it be?
Avatar n tn I am 15 years old and i have had Red Eyes with Bloodshot for a year now. My left eye is Red and when i go outside it looks very yellowish, while the Right Eye is more Red with Bloodshot and when i go outside looks very Yellowish. I remember when i was 13/14 that i had a lot eye infections but when it stop, it seems that's when the redness of eye gradually came.