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Avatar n tn my eyes tear excessively....I have been on drops for over a year now... steroid, allergy and OTC. I need cataract surgery especially in my right eye. The doctor says there is nothing pathologically wrong with my eyes....maybe allergies. My allergist says I have no possibly...environmental...glaring...light sensitivity, etc? any ideas???
Avatar f tn Hello and could you please let me know if you know of anyway to stop my eyes to water.. Both eyes realease many drops per day and at times peopke ask me if im crying!!! Could there be a deeper problem there?
Avatar f tn After about 10 minutes it spread to the other side of her face and under her eyes. Now, the rednedd around her face had subsided a little but now her under her eyes are so red that they look purple. THeyare not ithching swollen or tearing any more than usual. A friend of mine said that she look like a zombie. Any one know anything about this.
Avatar f tn This morning our cat had both of his eyes tearing. This happens sometimes, not usually both eyes. I just checked his eyes are they're fine. Our cat is a male who is in good health. What things can cause tearing of the eyes? Do you think he needs to be seen by his vet for this issue? Your opinions are appreciated.
Avatar f tn My opthamologist took me off the antibiotic and told me to do the Pataday (allergy drops). Which I have. Yet, my right eye is tearing excessively and my right eye is tearing a little bit. The inner tear duct is very itchy and sting at times.I already got another opionion and was told that it's allergies. My eyes tear so much that I have to wear sun glasses all the time or else people think I am crying. It's becoming very annoying.
Avatar f tn My eyes are still tearing alot. So much that it appears I'm crying. My opthamologist put me on an antibiotic and the redness and itching went away, but my eyes still tear. I do have cataracts. My Optha. doctor had pics taken of the inside of my eyes and said all looks well, but that it does seem like my eyes are reacting to something. I haven't been taking any eyedrops, she stopped everything, all drops.
Avatar m tn Allergies generall cause intense itching and affect both eyes. If it doesn't respond to the allergy drops then get another opinion.
Avatar m tn I have (maybe had) a chronic runny nose, I could not fully enjoy the pleasant smell of the world. By the time the problems occurred, my eyes started tearing because the Nasolacrimal into the nose was blocked. I tried to find a solution with physicians-no results.
Avatar n tn Has anyone had problems with statins (in particular Zocor) causing an exacerbation of ocular and nasal allergy symptoms? I started Zocor 6 weeks ago, and after the first week, my eye allergy symptoms (conjunctivitis, scleritis, eyes watering, etc) got much worse. By the end of last week, my eyes were tearing to the point that tears were running down my face most of the day, and my vision was blurring. I had also developed constant sniffles. None of my allergy meds gave any relief.
Avatar m tn TAllegra tablets 120mg are used to relieve symptoms of seasonal allergy to pollen, also known as hay fever, and perennial allergy, such as allergy to animal fur, mould and house dust mites, which both cause allergic rhinitis with symptoms including nasal congestion, runny itchy nose, sneezing, tearing, itchy, red, and puffy eyes and problems sleeping.The best medical treatment for acne often is a combination of medicines.
Avatar f tn Since then I have been paying close attention to my Abbie girl for any signs of skin rashes, thankfully nothing has appeared but I noticed that she always has crusties in her eyes, no yellow or anything like that, my husband calls them eye buggers :) . Well I also noticed her eyes sometimes seem a bit inflamed but not noticeably and she paws them. I've rinsed her eyes with saline solution and it seems to help a bit, but she does not like them. She also sneezes a few times a day.
Avatar f tn The main symptom has been excessive tearing that in turn causes the upper and lower lids to become irritated and cause more tearing. It is a vicious cycle. I have allergies and bad hay fever which have always affected my eyes. As I got older, the allergic symptoms seemed to improve some. The eye irritation reached a peak a few years ago and didn't seem to be related to allergies. I saw 3 ophthalmologists and had all kinds of tests done. My tear quality was poor among other things.
Avatar m tn 1) Redness (pinkish redness, really) in the outer corners of my eyes generally extending to the Iris. The inner corners of my eyes remain white. 2) Eye itching of varying intensity. Sometimes the itching sensation becomes overwhelming. The itchiness seems to more or less track the daily pollen count. 3) Foreign body sensation which comes and goes without any clear triggers. Also, I unfailingly experience fairly severe foreign body sensation when I rub my eyes, which I try to avoid doing.
Avatar f tn After stopping the drops my lid started getting puffy again in the A M. I saw the eye Dr. in March for my final exam he said it was dry allergy eyes. I do have chronic allergies and dry eyes for years. At the end of Sept. I stated getting the puffiness on and off all day long, a discharge, tearing and redness plus the feeling that a area of the lid being stuck to the eye ball itself.
Avatar f tn For Years I occasionally had tears comming out of my right eye when I blow my nose ( before the surgery) I have never worried about it much and forgot to tell my ophthalmologist before the op. But now the eye is tearing constantly, Could i have an infection? or is to do with what I think was a blocked tear-duct. Should I give it more time to settle? ( I have an appointment to see the ophthalmologist in 3 weeks time), or should I see him asap?
Avatar m tn I saw an ophthalmologist who said my eyes are dry and I had mild signs of allergy. I would like to know if dry eyes is a complication of laser treatment?
Avatar n tn t relate the horrible red bloodshot eyes to the CPAP, but now that my eyelids are swollen, itchy and my eyes are staying red, and the only thing that's changed is I've been wearing a cpap mask for the past 8 nights...I guess that's what's happening. I called the sleep clinic, talked to a nurse and she told me to stop the cpap for a couple nights to see if it got better. I've gone one night without the cpap...and my eyes are not recovered, I'm going another night tonight.
Avatar n tn Do you have a runny nose, blocked sinus, or both? drainage down your throat? tearing eyes? sneezing? headache? pressure behind the eyes? do your teeth hurt? What type of weather is in your area?
Avatar f tn Hi - I am undergoing tests for Graves of the eyes. My eyes are so dry and they buldge. Are you a smoker? Smoking makes the eye disease worse. It is very common to have Graves of the eyes if you have Graves Thyroid disease. My doctor told me that he would treat me with prednisone to get the swelling behind my eyes down and last resort would be surgery. You probably need to research an eye doctor that specializes in Graves. Where do you live? My doctor is at Rush Hospital in Chicago.
Avatar f tn I was out in the high heat and perspiration was dripping and nose was running. My eyes got blurry and now are closed and swollen? .
Avatar f tn Just an update. After continued use of Allergy and Cortisone eye drops both eyes increased the flow of tears. Resorting to Sapphire Blue eye drops which purpose is to ease the swollen vessels, has helped tremendously with no tearing .
Avatar n tn I have been taking this tablet for four days twice a day, and have been having eye irritatation, and tearing in my eyes, and redness. could this be a reaction from this medication?
Avatar m tn My throat seems to close up at various times of the day and night, I start coughing, my eyes start to water and my throat has a bad tickle that makes me cough. It's like someone sprayed air into my mouth. When I sleep on my left side, I have noticed that it feels like my throat is closing up and I start coughing and my eyes water. I have found drinking some fluids helps, but I still cannot talk for a few minutes and my eyes water. If you have heard anything or found help, please help!
Avatar f tn I had my eyes dilated yesterday and this morning one was back to normal but the other is still fully dilated. Should I be concerned?
Avatar m tn Recently my right eye has been tearing. At times it is so bad that the tear rolls down my cheek. I have just seen a contact lens specialist and he said this was caused by blepharitis. Could this be true since I have blepharitis in the left eye as well and it isn't watery I'm using hot compresses and Steri-lid, but it doesn't seem to help. Do you have any suggestion to help get rid of the tears? Thanks.
Avatar n tn ve been wearing contacts (Acuvue 2) since 6th grade and never had problems. I have allergies so from 6th-12th grade I got allergy shots. Around my last semester of high school I stopped doing shots because I didn't have time to get them. During the following summer I started having red eyes. I didn't think much about it because it wasn't too bad so I just kept wearing my contacts.