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Avatar m tn Have breathing difficulty, chest tightness, pain in shoulders muscles and tightness in neck muscles. Chest X-Ray report "mildly hyperinflated secretion which could be because of some element of asthma or emphysema". "Serum IgE (allergy test) 173.4 IU/ml" (normal range in my age it should be less than 100 IU/ml). The spirometry test report "FVC (L) 4.39 FEVI (L) 3.32 SVC (L) 4.49 ERV (L) 1.77. I have sometimes productive cough.
Avatar n tn my upper-left-neck portion is aching like it's being pierced and the top of my head is responding to it sometimes with a piercing pain also. I am in the night shift and i also had a swollen lymph node in my left-lower-jaw-inbetween-the-ear portion and it's also giving me a piercing pain.
Avatar f tn Eventually, it just started to clear and a couple of hours later I was fine. But, for the really bad chest and neck pains. I couldn't sleep because they are so sore. But, I've took some pain killers and it isn't to bad now. The odd thing though is that if I press the muscles in my neck I here a crackling sound. I don't know if it has happened as a result of this attack or if it's just normal but, I haven't noticed before.
697772 tn?1228063928 All of my symptoms gradually disappeared in a few days, all except the nasal congestion and the neck pain. Five days later I was with a sore throat again and also productive cough, mild fever (37.3), nasal congestion and this neck pain that never disappeared. It's been 2 weeks since that and now some of my muscles ache, the pain in my neck is still there. I haven't noticed any swollen lymph nodes. Is it possible to have painful lymph nodes without swelling? Could all this be HIV related??
Avatar n tn Neck pain along with these symptoms can be radiated pain and could be due to chronic sinusitis. But if you are having only neck pain then it could be related to trauma to the cervical spine, slipped disc, muscle sprain, hypertension etc. I would recommend that you consult a physician for further examination and confirmation of the cause for this. Best.
Avatar n tn I have had enlarged cervcial lymph nodes on and off for approx 7 months, neck pain anterior bilaterally-as if it is the lymph nodes that are sore. I have pain in both sides of my neck-feels deep and at times I get extremely sharp pains in one specific area of my anterior neck (again appears like it may be in one or two lymph nodes) when I blow my nose hard.
Avatar m tn 1 Year on my symptoms are sore throat from around the trachea area and sometimes lower. Sometimes I get aches around neck, along collar bone and further down ribcage. Throat feels like I have a cold, but I don't. I don't feel the need to cough, but it is sore when I do. I also suffer with acid reflux. My throat also clamps up sometimes and I feel like I am being strangled, this is intermittent and goes away when eating. I have information on a condition called Cricopharyngeal spasm.
Avatar n tn At the same time I have swollen neck glands and pain in the back of my neck. Are these problems related? The pain is almost too much to bare and happens much more frequently than I like. Over the counter drugs dont help much. A hot shower directed to the back of the neck helps most but is only temporary. These symptoms usually last a week at a time. Can anyone help....
Avatar f tn But I also have strange neck pain. It feels like the pain starts behind my nose, and travels down the back of my neck. Almost like a tight pulling or tight muscle feeling, even though I dont even think there is a muscle that starts at the back of my nose and travels down the back of my neck. Or maybe I'm worng. Is this a common symptom of allery or hay fever? I have never heard of anyone with hay fever / allergy to complain of neck pain. Could it be something more serious?
1485281 tn?1287951992 Experimenting with sleeping positions that are comfortable for your back and neck can avoid creating new neck pain and back pain. Gentle massage with oil and hot compression will help. I suggest you to consult physician. Take care and regards.
Avatar n tn We were told by her neurologist that she could continue the OTC allergy meds. On New Years Day, she awoke in agony and had a swollen neck with bulging on the left side. We went to the ER and (after 7 hours and numerous tests and xrays) were told that she had a side effect from the interaction of these two meds. A dystonic reaction where her neck muscle is in continuous spasms. We've now stopped the OTC allergy meds and have a scheduled appointment this afternoon to follow-up.
Avatar n tn She has often been unable to work for many weeks, suffering with vomiting stomach pain light headed and tiredness Her only allergy we have found is to dustmite. She lives in a dust free home. Could there be another reason for these symptoms.
Avatar n tn Initially my symptoms started with itching of my upper arms (from shoulder to elbow), migraine and neck and upper back pain/spasms. 2 years ago a whole new set of symptoms emerged, in my mouth with burning, swelling of tongue and tissues of my cheeks/lips and sores on roof of mouth and under my tongue. Included in the symptoms is sore throat and dry mouth. Last year my lip was biopsied for autoimmune (mother died of sarcoidosis...other autoimmune disorders run in family).
Avatar n tn I have been experiencing stress and am seeing a physiotherapist for head neck and shoulder pain for 2 months - but have an increase in neck and shoulder pain in last few days. I'm not sure if all or any of the symptoms I have are related?? I saw a Dr. yesterday and was given APO-hysroxyzine 25mg (1 tab three times/day). After taking three, there is no noticeable change in rash. I am rinsing with salt water frequently (1per hour) and a boric acid rinse every 6-8 hours.
Avatar f tn If it persists, have this evaluated further by your doctor for proper management. Direct clinical examination and complete neurological examination are important. Take care and best regards.
Avatar f tn I also have headaches, neck/should pain, double vision, stomach issues diagnosed as IBS which I think are related to both POTS and Chiari, low back pain, join pain/popping, and more I am sure I am forgetting. Oh and I also suffer from allergies and sinus issues obviously. I have not had any tests done by the electrophysiologist as he said that the medication is the diagnostic test at this point.
Avatar n tn Hi, You should consult a chest specialsit and an allergy specialsit and get a proepr clinical evaluation done. You might need certain blood tests and chest xray etc. Talk to your doctor hether steroid nasal sprays would help in your case. Also discuss with the chest specialist about getting lung function testing done. Till then you could try some breathing exercises nad saline nasal drops. Continue with the steam inhalation and warm saline gargles.
173975 tn?1216261375 No to alergy shots. just the Pegetron and now the Procrit.
Avatar n tn Initially my symptoms started with itching of my upper arms (from shoulder to elbow), migraine and neck and upper back pain/spasms. 2 years ago a whole new set of symptoms emerged, in my mouth with burning, swelling of tongue and tissues of my cheeks/lips and sores on roof of mouth and under my tongue. Included in the symptoms is sore throat and dry mouth. Last year my lip was biopsied for autoimmune (mother died of sarcoidosis...other autoimmune disorders run in family).
Avatar n tn Hello, Coughing ,sneezing and difficulty in breathing are a common symptom of mold allergy but chest pain and tingling and numbness are not.As cardiac causes have been ruked out in your case,the other causes which need investigations are GERD,pulmonary causes,anemia,costochondritis and biliary tract disease.
1052624 tn?1255798847 Oro but everything I read on here is all about Ms and other pain meds. I had to take hard drugs in the 90's and became severely allergic to everything from Ms to Vicodin; all opiates. Also to steroids; all of them. My body just rejected them and I ended up with some pretty interesting/frightening reactions and hospital stays. I was told in '97 not to ever let a doc give me steroids or opiates again. Good luck having brain surgery w/o them; am I right? Should I even get started with Dr.
Avatar n tn /c anytime I have ever drank after only 1 bottle or less, I get uncontrollable chest pain, running down my arms and into my chest. It often also hurts in my neck.. Its an aching that nothing can help. Sitting down, standing up, laying down, nothing helps. Sometimes its accompanyied with Nauseau. It's so bad, since the last time I have stopped drinking all together. My question is just: What could cause this!??!
Avatar n tn And the hallmark symptom is stiff neck and neck pain coupled with fever.
Avatar n tn I have been having constant pain in my neck and head/sinus for a few months now. My Dr. keeps giving me antibiotics because he seems to think that it is a re-occuring sinus infection. I am so tired of feeling like I just got off of a rollercoaster with all of the dizziness and nausea. Does anybody have any suggestions????
Avatar f tn 4 years now and has caused me pain since. I went to the Denver National Jewish Health for Asthma and Allergy last summer. The doctor determined that I am allergic to Titanium. I saw her on TV where she spoke about a woman allergic to the nickle in the hip transplant. I can't wait for this to come out. All the implants contain Nitriline discovered by the Defense Dept in the early 1950s. Dr.
Avatar m tn It used to just make my arms feel heavy after having a few drinks. Now it actually hurts my neck, arms, and back. The pain is so overwhelming that it is difficult to breathe and I feel like someone is standing on my chest. I avoid drinking it at all cost. Unfortunately, there have been times when I took a shot/drink with rum mixed in (and I was unaware that the drink contained it) and I suffered the consequences. I try to let my friends know so that it doesn't happen.
Avatar n tn After drinking about 1/4 of the beverage, I get severe chest pain, a burning that runs through my neck and shoulders, and I perspire profusely. This lasts for about 10 minutes, and then it suddenly fades away, and I almost feel like it never happened. But during the incident, I am unable to do anything; walking doesn't help, sitting doesn't help. These "episodes" are very painful. What he heck is going on? I am a healthy, white 27 year old female.
Avatar n tn I fell asleep while posting this and woke and had to tell anyone of the PAIN I was experiencing in my neck and shoulders. When I woke up, it was so bad to where my neck was making me cry it hurt so bad. The only thing that helps me when I get into that kind of pain, is Biofreeze. It is the only thing that gets me through that pain because it is so HOT, but I know it could be that I am allergic to the titanium.It makes perfect sense.
Avatar n tn I also have been suffering with shoulder and neck pain, and even upper back. I was wondering if the two could be related. I was tested for hormonal problems, thyroid problems, myalgias, and anything else they routinely test for when they take your blood. I was given a low dose of antiepressant to help me sleep at night so I am not awakened with the pain. This helps at night, but I am getting weary of the constant ache.
Avatar n tn which are weak but it's killing me please help and do suggest diet.....fruit intake and vitamins too sometimes i feel little pain in my head going down my neck and back.....