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1073701 tn?1255644578 I am bit worried at the minute and need a bit of reassurance. I am now 7 weeks pregnant. I started spotting yesterday morning (13 Oct) it was a very light shade of pink so I went to the early pregnancy unit for a check up as I work in the hospital. The Doctor did an internal ultrasound/scan and showed me the fetus and I saw the babys heart beat (it was amazing to look at).
3106038 tn?1346813169 I see your in yuba city, I'm in reno. Your 17, how old is your bf? I haven't had a problem with my husband on names. I'm pregnant with my second child too. If he is really gonna argue with you, to me that's immature. If your set on a full name, and agreed on it, keep it. If its something you really want, do it, if not and you change it, you'll regret it.
Avatar f tn So i absolutely hate hate hate the doctors office in my city...i get herd through like cattle and have been to four different visits yet only met my doctor one time...they made me feel like garbage for having a hard time quitting smoking...even tho i was asking for help to quit....they never answer my questions till days later...i want to switch but the other obgyn in my city are getting the same type of reviews...I'm so lost....
Avatar m tn I have been away to a city down south and not noticed any itching after showering so I believe it may be the minerals in the local water supply that is causing it. Our local water is from artesian basins (underground) and has more minerals than down south in the rest of Western Australia, I live in a mining town on the coast. Taking anti histamines keeps the itch at bay but I am hoping someone would know a more natural way / cure than taking pills all the time.
3058480 tn?1346437844 So I just moved from the city to the country a month ago and I'm 18 weeks and I've had some normal allergies since I was little but anyway out here where we moved to the water is high in salt and minerals running off a well and since I've been pregnant I have sensitive skin to everything , now we don't drink the water we have a filter under our kitchen sink that makes it taste like bottled water(even better then city water) but we do run the washer with the icky water and shower
Avatar f tn However, my husband has allergy issues at times in certain parts of the city. We currently live in the Dallas area. Some parts of Dallas he has problems in other parts of town don't bother him as much. Can anyone tell me what areas in the Greater Houston area are more allergen free? Thanks!
Avatar f tn I know I think they are supposed to use distilled water but I am allergic to city water with chlorine. Allergy pills not working BUT if I am laying down asleep, no sneezing, no dripping, which is clear……..
Avatar f tn After being exposed to different animals and plants, (went from being a city girl to a country girl) I am now in the process of re-doing allergy shots. For me they worked great,. Have your kids been tested to see what they are allergic to? That would be the important first step.The allergy shot medication is mixed strictly on what you are allergic to. I have to take 3 shots each week, because I am allergic to so many things.
Avatar n tn I used to live in the countryside and moved to a major city in sept for university. This is my first spring in the city and my allergies are deabilitating. My eyes are bad but its my nose that is just killing me. I can't stop sneezing, it is always running, and it feels like my sinuses are plugged and swollen. Nothing seems to help, claritin wont touch it, benadryl does little to nothing. I bought a nasal spray but do not like using it since it also couses problems after a few days.
Avatar m tn she went to a non dermatology doctor and he said that can be an allergy problem. There was no other sympotms, in our city we reached almost 38 celciuos last weekend and she is under very deep strees because personal family problems with her mother. Blisters are at fingers side and had water inside, some of them already gone but left some crusts and are swollen, she never got itch or pain. Can this be an allergy problem or other more serious problem?
537466 tn?1284853136 ok all i need help my son is 21 months old and he has hives all over him with fevers of 104 to 108 and the doctor says it ok i have taking away his milk for 4 days thats not it took away all fish and stuff but he dont eat meat he has autism and he dont talk at all so he cant help and i have took him to 9 doctors we are going to iowa city on the 26th of oct any have any clues i am sending pictures with
Avatar f tn My 2yr old has had a light rash on his back for 2 days now. It doesn't seem to be bothering him, but it does flare up when I bath him. He doesn't have any allergies that we know of, and other than crying throughout the night and kicking his legs (while completely asleep), he seems fine and his usual self. Could the crying and the leg kicking be growing pains? He's only been doing that the past 3 nights?
Avatar n tn U can Google it. So u can find places that are near you.
Avatar m tn I am a 36 yr old male, who has dealt with being prescribed pain medication all my life for my health reasons. I had a doctor in Johnson City TN. He has closed his practice and has moved to California. I made the switch to a doctor who is brand new in prescribing suboxone. I feel the therapist does not understand or can relate to what it has been like to be an addict. When I found Suboxone it was a miracle.
Avatar m tn Hi everyone. I posted a while back about being in limbo. Now my doctor is gone. All I was told is that she is no longer with that office. The doc I was forced to see thinks I have psychological problems and not ms despite lessions and symptoms. My insurance is hmo so I have to see their approved docs and in a rural community there is no choices. As my condition has progressed over the years I have given up on the "early detection and treatment" so many docs talk about.
Avatar f tn About a month and or so ago when the weather started to change and get cooler my bones/body started to feel achy, I felt super tired, nauseous, my mind felt so out of it- it was like I was 'there' but not. I basically thought I was a zombie. My doctor said it could have been hay fever or something viral that was brewing but not 100% developed as of yet.
Avatar n tn While searching the web for hcg, and lipo b injections, I did come across a doctor in texas city who gives them. I did not save the sight, but you might do a search for hcg injections texas city, etc. houston,,,,,you should find some there.
Avatar m tn Hi guys! Gusto ko lng magtanong kung cnu ung best hepatologist doctor residents in Iloilo city?
Avatar f tn I have stuffy nose and cough. In pakistan, the doctor said it is asthma and he asked us to get vaccines from another city which we cudnt afford. But in US, the doc said it seems like allergy but she didnt do much about it. can someone please tell me what is it? and recommend me something which i could do at home to cure it. Thank You.