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946915 tn?1271941032 Anyone know of a good doctor in the Houston area? I went to one Neurosurgeon here and was not impressed with him or his staff. Thanks!
Avatar f tn Yes my doctor told me that mayfield clinic in cincinnati ohio was one of the best in the country that does make me feel so much better thanks for all the help means a lot to me
Avatar f tn Shot is given incorrectly (in the muscle) can cause bruise. I found this source from Cincinnati Allergies & Asthma Center website. I am experiencing the same problem at my clinic, so I am looking a different clinic where my allergy shots can be given correctly.
1515545 tn?1291395764 Does anyone know of any Psychiatrists in the Cincinnati area that take the Medicaid Card, it is crazy I can't find anyone that does
3107270 tn?1341523196 I'm located in Cambridge Ohio which is located about 80 miles east of Columbus, Ohio and about 120 miles south of Cleveland. I'm willing to go as far as Cincinnati, as I have family in the area I could visit while making the trips... However I really need help finding a doctor around the will accept this insurance as I can't afford to drive to and pay for these cash only clinics. Can someone PLEASE help me find a doctor that will help me?
Avatar f tn You need to get your child to the best place possible for help. The Cincinnati Children's Hosp. in Cincinnati, Ohio is known as the premier unit in the country for pediatric gastroenterology. They are on the cutting edge of everything, and people travel from all over the country to have their child diagnosed or treated there. They are excellent at accommondating parents in the Ronald McDonald House.
Avatar m tn Cincinnati Childrens Hospital located in Cincinnati Ohio has the best pediatric unit in the country for gastroenterology. If you could take him there, they can and will help him. They can also arrange a place for you to stay with him. This is what I would do. People travel from all over the country to get help at this hospital when having no help, or answers with their child. I can get you all the information if you are interested.
Avatar f tn s Hospital) found allergy to mold and tree pollen although states that there are currently no allergens in the air that could be contributing to the Eosinophil level. I trust her opinion but am hoping for additional insight in regard to that area. Thank you for your time and input.
733251 tn?1231698321 I live in Northern Ky which is right across the bridge from cincinnati as you probably know. There is a doctor in Florence, Ky, named Dr. Shearer that has a sign up in his office that he can prescribe Suboxone. I don't know about the insurance thing but you could call his office to see. His number is 859-746-2880.
Avatar n tn It starts in August and lasts a few months. Last night was by far the worst it has ever been! I live in the Cincinnati area. The itching is a deep prickly feeling with no visible signs on the skin. The more you scratch the worse it gets. It is so frustrating and No doctor seems to have a clue what it is!!! It is on my arms, from the wrist to my shoulders. but now it has been on my neck as well. I have had some relief in the past by using a lotion called amalactin.
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Avatar f tn I live in Toledo OH and have been searching high and low for a Chiari specialist when I came across the Chiari Malformation Mayfield Clinic in Cincinnati OH. I've never heard of this place before but my niece who was like 11 at the time had her decompression surgery done at Cincinnati Children's hospital and it went really well.