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Avatar f tn I am having a very hard time finding an LLMD in Indiana. I went on the and Idk if its my brain fog but i cant find where it lsts LLMDs and says u have to be a dr to be a "member". I live in northwest indiana and have indiana medicaid(financial assistance) if that helps. Thankyou!
Avatar f tn Lmao same here.. I'm n ga..its a lot of ppl prego.
Avatar f tn t been offered any info on it, but am plan on asking at my appointment on Friday. I lived in Indiana during my last pregnancy and obviously had a different doctor, but I never got one then either (I didn't find out I was pregnant until December & they wouldn't see me until 12 weeks though.) I haven't had any issues except serious allergy problems, just like I always do.
8602149 tn?1398901915 Thank you for your encouragement! I've been to Carroll Emergency multiple times, but they've always sent me home after 6 hours usually saying it's bacteria. i know that it is not bacteria because my doctor has cleared it. i've also been to NorthWest Hospital, where i got my endoscopy and colonscopy done but after the biopsy.. they kept telling me that it was Gluten allergy but i did the testing for it. I am hoping that i will finally get an answer!
5265255 tn?1375320805 Well I'm in Indiana but I've never had issues with my allergies! It makes me want to get sick sometimes.
Avatar n tn i have a very very persistent sinus allergy. nose blocks all the time over a year now and getting worse! i have been prescribed all this **** and none of it seems to work. all i have is my nose that gets blocked so often that i have to breathe with mouth and also have a permanent sore throat. currently in indiana. If someone can give me professional advice or recommend a specialist it would be appreciated!!! As i think my condition keeps getting worse.
424861 tn?1203455151 Does anyone know of any good fibro doctors around ohio, kentucky, or indiana? My mom has fibro and she has been in so much pain for the past couple of years. She hasnt found a doctor that she likes. They all seem to just blow her off. Its really frusterating. She got her fibro bc of me, and I wish there was something I could do (I had cancer when I was 17 with a 2% chance of living, very stressful for my mom). She cant take Lyrica, and the cymbalta does nothing for her.
Avatar f tn Introducing myself...I'm 22 19w 2days pregnant I'm due September 13th. I have a daughter who's almost 8 (June 23rd) And I live in Indiana.... Any one else due around the same time and in the area?
Avatar n tn I live in Fort Wayne In. Trying to find a doctor who will give me the time of day, I am in pain all the time I have every sympton of the diease that is out there. Does anyone know of a doctor in this area that is familar with fibro? My worse part of all this is that I have liver diease also and can't take much pain meds.
Avatar f tn George Bovis in Elk Grove Village, IL? Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, IL? Or another clinic/hospital in the Indiana, Illinois, Ohio region? I have been newly diagnosed with CM1. MRI results show 6mm below the foramen magnum... unfortunately, I feel like I have had a headache since February. Sitting at the very back of my head on the right side.
9187090 tn?1406264221 I live in Indiana, im 19 & have WIC. I just had to go in and apply & like the other lady said I just took proof of pregnancy from my doctor & proof of address.
Avatar n tn In November I moved from Knoxville TN back to Northwest Indiana (Chicagoland area). Around late December my legs started itching really bad. I noticed I had red bumps on my legs, around 3 or 4. Well I have very sensitive skin and thought maybe it was the change in climate, moving from the rain forest to the north pole and all. lol. Well it is now Feb 29, and I still have them! Now I get 7 or 8 at a time on each leg. It is ONLY below the knees, no place else. They itch like crazy!!!!!!
1035252 tn?1427227833 hpt=T2 (CNN) -- An Indiana infant who was denied a life-saving transplant surgery by Medicaid will now have his operation paid for. MDwise, Inc. and AmeriHealth Mercy of Indiana announced Friday that they will cover six-month-old Seth Petreikis' thymus tissue transplant after Medicaid denied his parents original claim. Two appeals to the state's Family and Social Service Administration had also been denied. This decision comes after media reports of Seth's plight.
Avatar f tn ve never had them before, and am wondering if I do now. I moved to Houston a year ago from northwest Ohio, and although I have been enjoying the new climate, I've suddenly been miserable for the past few days. I've never had allergies (other than an apparent dust allergy I developed not too long ago, as I have sneezing fits when I dust), but starting last week, I began to feel absolutely terrible.
Avatar m tn 4 plus years of seeing ENT doctors in the Pacific Northwest and no help --
Avatar f tn OK I have insurance but no maturity coverage. And my husband and i dont quality for Medicaid. And to change our coverage to have maturity coverage it will make our payments like 900 dollars. I live in Indiana and I'm just curious if anyone does of any other types of programs out there that I can look in too. We have already paid a 2000 dollars and I'm only 13 weeks.
2109562 tn?1347253848 I'm from Indiana, just wondering if there is anyone else on here pregnant from Indy. I'm 7w4days! If so how far along are you guys?!