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Avatar f tn Hello anyone from Nv? Where from? Reno, Laughlin, Las Vegas, Summerlin, Henderson?
6177289 tn?1379440011 I am a single 20 year old mommy to be. I am looking for womem in my area who are also pregnant and single. I mean being single isn't a requirement but it would be nice. I live in Reno NV.
Avatar m tn By the way I use to live in Reno. My mother died from the final stages of liver failure in Reno. What is your geno type? Have you thought about the clinical trials? Does your doctor think you can afford to wait for the new drugs?
715068 tn?1392933532 I will try tomorrow with fmu and see what happens.......Off to Reno to have some time with my honey. Talk to you girls on Sunday, I hope you all have a great week end.
Avatar f tn I live in Reno. But lived in tahoe half my life. It does get chilly down there but id rather be cold than hot. And you wont start to feel hot hot untill later on in your pregnancy. And atleast its not Reno right. Lol I dont even go outside. Kind of wished I could move up there for my pregnancy.
Avatar m tn Try this guy, Reno office:
Avatar f tn Just seems a little bit off that a doctor gives out a form of medication to give you energy and another form of medication to relax you. If you see what I am saying. It is like one is meant to lift you and the other meant to bring you down in a calming sort of way. I'm no doctor. So don't know much about this energy medication. Seems one lot is to do the reverse of the other lot. Hang on in there and see how it goes. If it does nothing I guess you have to be honest about it.
163305 tn?1333668571 Funny....
166219 tn?1267487238 We had a checkup today - belly measuring a perfect 37cm for 37 wks (Wednesday) cervix is starting to thin but no dilation yet - doctor was laughing because she was trying to tell if Abby was head down - and each time she pressed against my cervix, the baby would move away - so she never could really tell very well - lol - we are so in for a handful and a half - lol - miss you too - hope all is well with you and Saraya!!!
Avatar f tn Worried I have contacted hiv. Went to reno on a business trip and happened to make it to strip club with work buddies. As it was a week night, it was dead in there. My fear is that the girls were kissing all over us. Even kissing on the lips and biting. I never took my cloths off. However, one of the girls was grinding on my face and sort of hurt me physically during the process. They were really rough. My fear is that a lot of the girls out at the reno clubs look like a. They are on drugs. b.
Avatar f tn D. who was recently here in the fibro/CFS forum answering our questions ? Well he will be in Reno, Nevada... and here are the presentations he will be giving ! 03/24/09. Prof. Garth Nicolson will deliver three presentations at the International Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Conference in Reno, Nevada. Dr.
Avatar f tn I took 4 HPT the digital kind and they all say Pregnant!!!!! I called the doctor and told them when my last period was and it was about a couple days over one month ago. Has anyone heard of taking the digital HPT and got a positive but was not pregnant?
Avatar n tn It was worse in my right eye, the doctor suggested laser. We did that last tuesday, it made it worse than before. What can be done to correct it, if anything? I have a feeling he will want to put me in glasses. What are my rights? Will it be my responsibilty for payment to correct it. I have an appointment tomorrow for the other eye. I will refuse to have the laser if this is all i can expect.
Avatar n tn The doctor below is a world renowned Hepatologist and chief of the West Coast Liver Transplant Program. I would strongly urge you to contact his office for his opinion, then ask if you should mail or fax all your medical records and recent tests results. You might also put your doctor in contact with him. Be sure that when you email him at the address below, you put all your doctor's info, phone number, etc... and let him look at this situation.... Best of luck and never give up the fight.
Avatar f tn I get itchy watery, puffy eyes.I sneeze a lot. The doctor says its allergies and noticed that in the upper parts of my nose i am swollen. I also have been having some dry cracked skin on my upper lip and am not sure if this may be part of the allergy, but its there. does anyone here have the same thing or know what it is for sure. doc says its allergic rhinitis, but i thought that it should have stopped by now.
Avatar f tn I am an 18 year old female and ever since I was about 13 I have not been able to eat breakfast due to nausea and a complete loss of appetite. When I first moved up to Reno for college, the problem worsened and I was soon throwing up everything I ate. I went to a doctor and had blood work done, everything was fine. They put me on an antacid and an anti-nausea medication and the disorder was cured. But after the prescription was up I was soon got back the morning nausea.
221025 tn?1332555346 So just updating everyone - we have our weekly check up today with our doctor - if all is well (we're hoping there is SOME dilation) we will go to the hospital at 6:00 am in the morning to be induced - so Lord willing and the creek don't rise - our Abby Rose will be here tomorrow! I think its rather neat she'll be born on leap year - she'll be 130 before she ever has to lie and say "I'm 29 - again!" she'll also be about 80 before she is allowed to date!!