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Avatar n tn I lived up there in Multnomah County (Portland, Vancouver) for 10 years and even when I broke my collar bone snowboarding, my doctor, not the ER doctor mind you, but my own personal doctor only gave me Tylenol w/30mg. of codein...I think those are known as Tylenol1, And this was also before I ever had a record of being a drug abuser. So good luck getting the relief he needs up there.
Avatar f tn I am traveling from France to Washington state and need to have a cystocopy precedure soon. I have had all x-rays, blood labs and an ultrasound in France with my Doctor,( I will be bringing all of these test results with me) but a health crisis (liver transplant) with my parents in Washington state require me to be in the US ASAP. I cannot wait to have the cystocopy when I return to France in 2 months or more.
Avatar m tn t know what your symptoms are but your sex two months ago also was the start of an epic allergy season. So malaise could be due to that. There are a whole slough of sti 's that you can get from unprotected sex you should have a full std panel done by your doctor-- talk to your dr.
746512 tn?1388807580 And of course it is a pet store so who knows what is in the dust (plus I am allergy to cats and dust mites). And now the last couple of days have been very humid so lungs defintely acting up. So has anyone else had anything similar, I don't want to bug my doctor if the symptoms are just due to an increase use of albuterol, but at the same point I'm volunteering last week in a small town for 3 weeks so I don't want to get sick when I'm away from home.
Avatar f tn Ya Vancouver its by Oregon?
886304 tn?1256091904 So, I was wondering if theres anyone that is in the portland, OR/ Vancouver, WA area. Anyone??? I need a walking buddy!!
Avatar f tn I have been having a hard time locating a doctor that uses the B12/Lipotropic shots. I used them when I lived up North and they worked very well. I would like to start using them again but can't find anyone that offers them for a decent price. I live in the South end of Miami - Kendall.
Avatar f tn I have an 8 year old son and am currently 10 weeks prego. I live in Kansas, right outside Kansas city. My brother lives in Vancouver. Vancouver island to be exact! Very beautiful there! Feel free to message me anytime! And congrats on baby number 3!
Avatar m tn thank you so much for responding to my question. I am in vancouver canada. i am not happy with my family doctor and dont trust their opinion will help me. how can I find a good urologist in my city and or a plastic surgeon. i realise u are not from my country but do you have a network that you can help me find the best in my city?
Avatar f tn Is there a place in Vancouver which does Elisa test and is independent of naturopathic practices. I mean if there is a general medicine laboratory performing Elisa tests on patients who pay from their own pockets (but the sort of lab that is not connected with naturopath).
Avatar m tn He was on Celebrex for a short period but doctor took him off (as its not great long term) to see how he feels. Any other tips, thoughts or helpful ideas are appreciated. Thanks!
Avatar f tn would depend on what you are allergic too. Allergy to grass pollen would make you worse in the fall, ragweed I believe is in the summer months and dust mite allergies are all year round. I got told from my allergist that dust mites peak in june and it feels the worse come winter (october-november) when you start spending more time inside with the dust mite dander.
Avatar n tn You need to see a cardiac electrophysiologist to help you find out if you have a heart problem.
Avatar m tn there are different types of salts , not every salt work on asthma , a helotherapist in Vancouver told me, he has an artificial mine in Vancouver that I had visited before 5 months, but artificial is artificial in effects too,and natural is natural, he import only Himalayan salt for asthma,so I practice different kinds of salts in past , in Toronto ,in Pakistan ,in Vancouver, but only Himalayan salt is effected on asthma that I visited in Pakistan thankyou
Avatar m tn I just found out I have chirari and I am having no luck finding a specialist in Vancouver. Is there on in Vancouver?
219241 tn?1413537765 What I want to know is; What does it cost to visit a doctor there? Remembering I am NOT a US citizen so they will charge me as if I have no insurance. What are the costs involved in a lab test? I REALLY need an answer to this, so I can work out my budget and plan of action. If I feel as cruddy as I do now when I get there, this whole thing is going to be a waste of time! (and please don't tell me not to go! I really really really really need the break..
1168718 tn?1464983535 Well, we are off to Vancouver UBC tomorrow, and hoping that we will get some much needed answers. As far as the DMD"S go, we are thinking of asking for the Copaxone. I'm wondering if depression gets worse with on a DMD, someone told me that it can ..... I will keep you posted, wish me luck ...
1168718 tn?1464983535 Heh guys, I just wanted to say, that I am Happy and Sad about my appt. in Vancouver. I got what we wanted, we do have RRMS , and YES they have put me on Copaxone, and I start it when the nurse will come and help up learn what to do. So, we are happy, but sad that now we have to do the needle thing, and a little apprehensive that it might not work. So, we will wait and see. The Dr. told me it could take 6-9 months to see if it will work, so we are praying it will be ok....
1831849 tn?1383228392 8 hours of bike riding around Vancouver BC. It's a spectacular city! Here are a few pics of both legs of our Canadian journey.
Avatar m tn I know that it was used one day before because my brother is a doctor and he used it to a relative against a flu,than he droped it to trash and i was poked accidentally when while cleanin the bin.I readed at Aids Vancouver that needles without syringes dont pose risk because they are exposed to air and environment.