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Avatar n tn Now she is experiencing excess yawning while on the field or court and afterwards, the yawning continues for hours accompanied by short gasps for breath that she seems unaware of. She is not tired. She feels as if she is unable to get enough air into her from a regular breath. Blood pressure is fine. No allergies, No asthma. No exercise induced asthma. All proven by medical tests. Does anyone have any idea what is going on?
Avatar m tn Nick, Regarding your breathing/yawning tick, do you also get the urge to stretch the way people do when they have a large yawn? If so, and mind you this is just guess work based on my own health problems and observations, I'd suggest you have your hormone levels checked by an endocrinologist. I have problems with my hormone levels. I'm on hormone replacement therapy to keep my hormone levels up.
Avatar n tn I am extremely tired, panic attacks, anxiet,yawning. I am currently taking Zyrtec only when I recieve my allergy injections. . I had a hysterectomy in 2006 retaining my ovaries. My new doctor ordered these test and the ones listed are of question. Perhaps you could help me. TSH 3RD Generation ref f0.35-5.50 my results 7.002 Estradiol Postmenopausal ref range <37 my results <10 FSH--ref 23.0-116.3 My results 27.8 Eosinophils ref .01-4.5 my results 8.
Avatar m tn When I go to sleep on that side of the bed, I wake up and when I yawn i have the yawning feeling last a second longer than my yawn did (irritating forsure). Loud noises sound "fuzzy" in the ear. My ear doesn't feel clogged all day, its just when i wake up I get that yawning feeling staying with me for a few minutes and loud noises really bug it. I've lived with it for over a year, can this be treated?
Avatar m tn my daughter is 7 and has trouble breathing daily, she does the yawning thing all the time trying to get air. the asthma inhaler does nothing.its nor anxiety-shes 7 a daydreamer with not a care in the world,she dosnt smoke dreink or have stress,this seems quite a comon problem idont want her to have to put up with it school she is embarresed and wont say anything and just suffers....
Avatar m tn ok so here is the story, its early spring, i always get allergies and 2 years i was told i had asthma,so i was put on meds to control it. This year i completely forgot to start my meds, so i had a minor asthma attack. i I went to the doctor. He put me on flovent, my albuterol, also to keep taking my allergy pills, Zyrtec. So i started feeling better.. Im a 28 year old, im working out alot cause i know im a bit overweight. im a runner.
Avatar f tn Yawning is actually a sign of your body not getting enough oxygen.
Avatar f tn my drs said clariton, zyrtek and mucinex were all fine aswell for colds and allergies...
Avatar m tn I am a former smoker (Iquit four years ago)in my 40's experiencing excessive yawning. Other than a day or two of real shortness of breath following a flu (H1N1 I think---was not tested) I have no other symptom other than this excessive desire to yawn as if I can't fill my lungs enough to get a good breath in, even tho I can and do. It makes no difference exercising or resting, in fact I notice it more when not busy.
1218873 tn?1300091216 I haven't noticed yawning causing anything, but I have had bouts of uncontrollable yawning. You know how the "polite yawn" feels? You have your lips closed and the yawn is taking place only in the back of the mouth, with the soft palate lifting and a good intake of air through the nose. (A very nice singer's breath feeling.
Avatar m tn Fatigue is a common symptom of Hypothyroid, yawning could also indicate a lack of oxygen or sleep apnea. You could post your recent thyroid labs for members comments.
Avatar m tn I am constantly sighing and yawning just to feel some kind of relief, but it only lasts for a few seconds before I have to do it again. The only time I am okay is when i am sleeping, but the fear of not being able to breathe while sleeping is keeping me from getting a good amount of sleep. The other morning I woke up completely out of breath and feeling like it'd been a while since I had taken a breath at all. I need help, and I need an answer.
Avatar f tn I find myself almost gasping for air/ taking very deep breathes in order to get enough air. Also I have been yawning to try and get more air. I am a bit concerned about this. I have also developed new symptoms that mostly come at night while I am in my room.
518798 tn?1295212279 funny thing is i cant remember ever yawning when i was on oxy.
217599 tn?1202850952 is one of the side effects of withdrawels sneezing? I have allergies anyway, but the meds that usually help aren't cutting it now that i am wd'ing from norco. if so, how long does it last?
Avatar n tn ive been like this for awhile it seems im yawning all the time to get a full breath but it doesnt give it to me all the time im wondering whats happening to me This discussion is related to <a href=''>Always yawning just to breathe</a>.
Avatar f tn Well doll, you sound like one of my coworkers. She was perfectly healthy, gorgeous, fit, and was randomly gettin chest pain. Turns out she actually had high blood pressure and high cholesterol. At 25. :( That's of course an extreme example. It could be allergies, asthma, or even just a muscle spasm. It wouldn't hurt to have your doctor do a chest x-ray. And blood work to check your counts! Good luck!
783281 tn?1259691431 Here I am at 18 days clean from morphine and I cannot stop yawning. It is not helpful to be yawning while your boss is talking to you at 3pm. He thinks..."late nite out...deadweight." But, I know it is the WDs. Really after last week's physical would think I would be ok with yawning (Or the desire to) all day long....This is like my everyday question...."any idea how long this will last?