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Avatar n tn Now she is experiencing excess yawning while on the field or court and afterwards, the yawning continues for hours accompanied by short gasps for breath that she seems unaware of. She is not tired. She feels as if she is unable to get enough air into her from a regular breath. Blood pressure is fine. No allergies, No asthma. No exercise induced asthma. All proven by medical tests. Does anyone have any idea what is going on?
4202953 tn?1377183506 Are you still yawning too? I have an occasional one here and there. Although they are small ones. I went through 3 days of non-stop yawning to where I had splits on the corners of my mouth. Yesterday I had a yawning fit and I panicked. I thought "oh no, here it comes again", but it passed in about half an hour.
Avatar m tn My ear has felt weird over the last year or so. I went to many doctors and only one had an answer and told me the condition but I forgot the name - in our language he said there's basically "snot in your ears". Later took an allergy test and came up good with the exception of grass. First test, I had a lump (reaction), second I had very little reaction. Basically my ear feels "clogged" when I have a cold.
Avatar m tn my daughter is 7 and has trouble breathing daily, she does the yawning thing all the time trying to get air. the asthma inhaler does nothing.its nor anxiety-shes 7 a daydreamer with not a care in the world,she dosnt smoke dreink or have stress,this seems quite a comon problem idont want her to have to put up with it school she is embarresed and wont say anything and just suffers....
Avatar n tn I'm 27 years old and yawn excessively because I feel like I can't get enough air into my lungs unless I breath very deeply or yawn. It keeps me awake nights trying to breath so deeply. I'm usually always very tired day and night whether I get enough sleep or not. I'm diabetic, but am otherwise perfectly healthy. I've been having this problem for over 4 years and have been told by doctors that its allergies or asthma, but medication for either have not helped.
Avatar f tn However the day after the surgery I started sneezing. I not sick and I don’t have allergies. But I keep sneezing. As you can imagine my incision hurts and the muscle on the neck where the lobe was removed hurts a lot. It didn’t hurt before. I also yawn almost all day but since it hurts I don’t complete my yawns. Today is the 5 th day after the surgery and I started taking Tylenol. I called my surgeon and PA told me unless there is redness, extreme pain or drainage I shouldn’t worry.
Avatar m tn ok so here is the story, its early spring, i always get allergies and 2 years i was told i had asthma,so i was put on meds to control it. This year i completely forgot to start my meds, so i had a minor asthma attack. i I went to the doctor. He put me on flovent, my albuterol, also to keep taking my allergy pills, Zyrtec. So i started feeling better.. Im a 28 year old, im working out alot cause i know im a bit overweight. im a runner.
Avatar f tn I also have really bad allergies and take medicine all year round. I'm 20 weeks and also due in August. I stopped taking my meds at first and was completely miserable with bad headaches and allergies. My OB told me that I was aloud to take my Claritin d for now but since the decongestant can make your blood pressure go up I will just have to watch as I get closer to my due date. She told me I could switch to regular Claritin if this start to effect my blood pressure.
1200240 tn?1289339687 But the main subject of yawning, lately I have been yawning alot and my jaw was popping after opening it only about an inch and was really painful. The other day I yawned and it popped way worse then ever, then after that it wasnt as bad for some reason, but now it feels like I cant open my jaw as far as I used to. Just figured I would keep the thread going by sharing my experience....
1218873 tn?1300091216 L'Hermitte's sign? I guess that would be the case with pandiculation, not simple yawning. Pandiculation is a yawn with the "big stretch" - arms extended and back bending. I would also wonder if the pain after yawning might be metabolic. According to evolutionary biology, primates yawn when the CO2 level rises too high or the blood becomes acidic (respiratory or metabolic acidosis.) The yawn caused CO2 to be blown off and the blood pH to rise.
Avatar m tn One of the side effects of this particular antidepressant fluoxetine is excessive yawning. Read the leaflet that comes with the medication and you will read it in the side effects section.
Avatar m tn For the past five days I have been very short on breath, dizzy, exhausted, and my heart is beating faster and harder than normal. I went to the health clinic on my base and they said it was shortness of breath due to PT. However, even though I first noticed it during PT, it is a very continuous thing. I can be sitting on the couch, or even just cooking or cleaning my house and I will feel like I just ran a marathon. Even just walking up my steps is a challenge.
Avatar f tn I find myself almost gasping for air/ taking very deep breathes in order to get enough air. Also I have been yawning to try and get more air. I am a bit concerned about this. I have also developed new symptoms that mostly come at night while I am in my room.
Avatar m tn Hello So for the past 4 weeks I've had these strange symptoms. I get such extreme ear fullness sometime that it's hard to function. Yawning and things like that give me like a 3-4 second relief. It is also accompanied by intense pressure behind the nose and tightness in the throat. It's this bad when I am lying on my back and it feels like someone is putting pressure on the back of my head and that is what's causing it.
Avatar f tn 12 years out of brain injury and I can say at least the last five I've experienced excessive yawning. Maybe longer than just the last five, I dunno, but at this point I can report that when I get tired I yawn uncontrollably.
Avatar n tn Its been 24 hours since i took 2 oxy 80's and i am going through withdrawel! I have suboxens but am afraid of taking them to early and going through precipitated withdrawels. Its been 24 hours am i ok to take a suboxen?