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Avatar m tn I get these headaches not quite as severe as cluster headaches, which I have had in the past. These headaches occur on the right side, and mostly occur after a short time from eating. I have been able to get rid of the headaches by sitting on the toilet and pretending to go. However since then I've been able to do it standing up with a grunt and a push. the headache goes away, but reoccurs later after eating again.
Avatar n tn I get intense, throbbing headaches 2 hours after eating food. The more sugar content, the more intense the headache, and the longer the headache lasts. If I eat something like a snickers bar or a piece of cake, the intensity is debilitating and the pain can last for days. Just about anything with more than a few grams of sugar gives me a headache.
Avatar f tn 2) Did your headaches suddenly go away after you quit eating all those foods that you are allergic to? Or was it awhile later? How much later? Was there a gradual dissipating of your headaches after stopping the foods? Are you still suffering from the headache? 3) What does "DDD in my neck" mean? Sorry not familiar with the term. I would suggest that you need to see a neurologist if you haven't already.
Avatar n tn I have been getting severe headaches after eating for about 5 months now, that are accompanied by visual changes. I start having trouble seeing a bit, and then after about 3 hours, the headache becomes manageable. Any thoughts? Any help would be welcome, since I haven't been able to figure this out. Thanks!
Avatar m tn They say its allergies. take pills, still cough, could it be acid reflex and allergies? sick of it.
Avatar n tn ), and also to test for food allergies. Particularly, wheat allergies can cause huge weight gain and headaches, along with other possible symptoms. Check out these two websites for more info about this possibility: I happen to have a brother-in-law with wheat allergy. He is the only member of his family who is not obese.
Avatar f tn t really affected my eating... Should be worried about this at this moment? The headaches are never in the same spot... I feel throbbing and tension, sore neck but no blurry vision or odd behaviours... I am a sufferer of anxiety but typically my anxiety appears in other forms, not as headaches but rather chocking sensations... I do think that maybe my anxiety has "worsend" the situation only because I tend to think of the worst case senario first (you know brain tumors etc)... Help!
Avatar n tn Is this a wet sounding cough? Having Gerd greatly increases your risk of aspirated pneumonia when eating. I'm not sure you'd have that chronically though as you describe. In gereral though, cough after eating does happen with acid reflux and GERD. Do you h ave difficulty swallowing? Dysphagia is another reason people may have a cough after eating. And yes, food allergies as well.
Avatar m tn blood sugar, insulin, vitamins, etc.) after fasting, and compared it to my tested levels immediately after eating. I had a really sugary meal right before the "eating test". The results came back to show an ironically low blood sugar, and vey intense spike in insulin. I'm still going to do further research on the sinus thing. email is ajrust1 {at} gmail, if you have any questions. It's just frustrating to hear they think I have something, that doesn't seem fixable.
Avatar f tn So im pretty much over my allergies but I get bad headaches, is this normal? I havent gotten them much before.
Avatar n tn Hi i feel a restriction in my throat after eating and feel ill until the food has made its way out of my system. I shiver teeth chatter and feel unable to breath with loads of mucus. Doctor puy me on antibiotic for 6 days was fine i have come off them and back to square one.
1356839 tn?1277282040 Some folks wonder why they try and try to loose weight but nothing seems to work, well, sometimes it is what they are eating and when they stop eating that particular food, they loose weight. Another note, some folks actually "crave" the very foods they are allergic to, it is strange, but, it almost like your body is "addicted" to that food. No one really know why however.
Avatar m tn I have not experienced any more dizzy spells but have still been feeling some constant disequalibrium and am still having the sinus headaches and headaches in the back of my head. Pollen levels in my area have been extremely high for the last few weeks and my Dr. suggested that allergies may be the cause, but I have yet to experience any common signs of allergies such as sneezing or nasal congestion. Does this sound like some type of inner ear infection, or should I get a second opinion?
Avatar f tn I have noticed that after every meal my nausea gets worse, and the PND drips a lot more. I have noticed it after a couple of things, including milk and oranges. I was wondering if food allergies could be the cause? Usual symptoms after a meal : abdominal cramps, congestion, nausea, either diarrhea (within 30 minutes or so) or constipation, mucus production (i can feel it), headaches, ...
Avatar m tn yes, allergies can definitely trigger headaches - I suffer from Migraines and if my sinuses or allergies start acting up it will trigger them
Avatar n tn Does the pains get worse after eating any specific foods? You might have a food sensitivity you don't know about. I know several people who get headaches from a food intolerance. Diary, gluten, dyes, eggs, fake sugars, caffeine, fruits, and nuts are all potential causes. This could be causing both your headaches (which you need to be sure to let the dr know about) and your stomach problems. You can ask for an allergy test to test against gluten and other food allergies.
177505 tn?1220442258 I have one child who had severe food allergies and vomiting during or after eating is a big red flag. Since food allergies can be so dangerous, I'd definitely get that checked out. What you wrote could have been written by me about my oldest son, and his problems all turned out to be severe acid reflux. He didn't have reflux as a baby but all our problems started when he was three. He was on meds for reflux, but it was under treated.
Avatar n tn I have found that he has had headaches after eating lettuce. He came home from school with one today. I looked at the menu and there it was - LETTUCE! We may have found a way to keep his headaches away if nothing else. There are no other signs or symptoms to eating it.
Avatar f tn 1 week ago he broke out again after eating some noodles, but this time the rash lasted longer. After about 4 hrs, small bumps appeared within the redness. Right after this, his lips started swelling, as did the end on his tongue. His mother took him to the ER and they recommended he see an allergist asap. They gave him some sterioids.
Avatar f tn I've been experiencing lightheadedness after eating for about 8 weeks. I'm 61, not overweight. The lightheadedness is followed by sweating, stiff neck and fatigue. The biggest trigger is refined sugars; it can be as long as an hour delay with other foods. Fruit isn't a trigger. I've tried smaller, more frequent low carb meals, which helps, but not entirely. The symptoms are milder on days when I do cardio.
Avatar n tn I am wondering if I have food allergies or is it simply I am overweight? After I eat, no matter what it is, I have to clear my chest of congestion and blow my nose for about 10 minutes. Why?
Avatar f tn Recently I wondered about my healthier eating and loving carrots and wieght issues when I came across a site that said allergies may even cause weight problems. If carrots are making it harder for me to loose weight how do I deal with this I love carrots, They have always been one of the main vegies I eat I would not know what could replace them in my diet. I only really stopped eating the food that caused headaches, mood changes, sinus problems etc.
Avatar f tn I have been experiencing tachycardia, usually around 108, after eating breakfast for the past few weeks. I am currently on Toprol 12.5 mg once a day, and this is still happening.Usually I can deal with it, but yesterday after a large meal it went from about 85 to 125. I am no 100% sure how fast it wa going. After about an hour I started to feel normal again, and it went down to 108, then slowly went down over the next hour.
Avatar m tn Cardiologist says get off all BP meds. I start eating better and exercising more and after a year PVCs dissappear. BP on the high end of the normal range. Year after that I start with these moderate daily headaches that continue on for a year. Neurologist says there may be a link between patent foramen ovale (PFO) and chronic migraines because some unfiltered blood is getting to the brain. To top it off, after not having PVCs for two years they are back...