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Avatar n tn A combination antihistamine/decongestant may help with all of these symptoms. When these symptoms come and go the medicine is taken only when the symptoms are present. When these symptoms are always present, the medicine is generally taken on a regular basis to keep the symptoms under control. Your sinuses can be very important to your sense of smell. When they are blocked, you may lose your sense of smell.
Avatar m tn Difficulty swallowing, problems breathing, swelled tongue, swelled throat and fainting is a few of the symptoms that allergies may cause. Some practitioners may use a combination of Chinese herbal formulas along with your acupuncture treatment. The herbal formula is balanced so there is a low risk of side affects.
Avatar n tn One month ago more or less, some night fevers started to appear as well as very bad headaches and tiredness, my normal temperature is 36.5 and the temperature at night increases to 37 or 37.5 without passing the 37.5. This fever is only at night but the headache are continous during day and night. I went to another doctor and told me that the temperature was normal and that I had some kind of environmental allergy, so treated me with cortison and antihistaminics for the allergie.
676912 tn?1332816151 As far as peas, be mindful of cross reactions. It is likely all peas because of cross reactions. A common allergen is tomatoes and their cousins in the nightshade family, but especially tomatoes. On any elimination diet tomatoes are forbidden while testing for sensitivities, which are like hidden food allergies. One doesn't necessarily test positive for these food sensitivities. Keep this in mind if you have had him tested for tomatoes and it tested negative.
Avatar n tn just wondering if allergies can cause headaches and if anyone has an allergy to booze.i just had a six day pender and now i'm feeling a headache and crapy.i know it's not a hangover cause it's been 3 days since i've touched a beer.
Avatar n tn in my quest to find out whats causing this i got allergy tested. allergies never bothered me before and i dont have the typical symptoms. doc said my allergies are bad enough to at least take a zyrtec a day. i was wondering can allergies cause nose pressure, forehead strain, deep temple aches, and general pain around the head. its not a deep throb like a migraine. taking a zyretc helps a little. i tried 800mg of ibuprofen and it doesnt touch my symptoms.
Avatar f tn The doctor told me to not worry more than likely not but they have to do it just to rule it out, everyone around me seems to think it is allergies! I have had allergies in the past as of with dust and really itchy eyes but never has it made me dizzy like this but I guess allergies can do that to you, has anyone experienced this?? I'm so worried!
Avatar f tn The headaches may not be related to your allergies. The commonest type of headaches are the tension headaches. The others are migrainous headaches and those caused due to brain disorders, disorders of the eyes , neck or ears to name a few. Tension headaches are relieved by painkillers Take OTC naproxen for relief from pain. Ensure to take the medicine after food. Alcohol, smoking, altered sleep patterns and missed meals can cause tension headaches.
1878896 tn?1320587169 why am i getting all these headaches?
Avatar m tn I take Claritin-D daily for the same symptoms you have. I get bad headaches at night and my nose gets stuffed, with sneezing and runny eyes. Since starting Claritin-D, I no longer have that problem unless it wears off before I go to bed. I now take the 24 hr so I don't have that problem, but when I took the 12 hr, it would always wear off before bed and I'd bee all stuffed up.
Avatar f tn does anyone else have serious headaches ALL THE TIME ?? even hurts to move my eyes. i take what my OB told me i can and it never does anything to help. ANY SUGGESTIONS?
Avatar f tn Feeling much better, but I have started having really bad headaches that last 2 or three days. Just wondered if anyoe else has experienced this?
Avatar n tn Do/can food allergies/intolerances cause neurological symptoms?
Avatar f tn If you are able to tolerate the symptoms and if they stop at headaches only, you need not get worried. You can continue keeping the cat.
1598728 tn?1297895516 So far, I'm having some curious symptoms, but nothing so dramatic that I have much of a reason to think that it's anything other than post-ovulatory stuff. For the sake of documenting though . . . 1) Breasts are growing steadily more tender, more bumps on the nipples, and their VERY sore right now.
Avatar f tn I purchased some allergy meds which helps ease the aches in my eyes. I also take excedrine tense tabs which helps with the headaches. I am confused weather I should go to the ENT specialist or the optomologist or even both. @ times I even get a lil blurred vision from my rt eye but I'm not sure if its associated with the allergies or if its my vision because I do wear glasses 20/45 is my vision. I just got my prescription this past February 2011.
Avatar n tn I think when they say allergy they actually mean an intolerance where you will get GI symptoms and possible headaches and other vague symptoms. But I would say this is a crazy theory as many people consume a pint or more of liquids like Coffee, Milk, Orange Juice etc every day for decades and never get sick. The key thing is food rotation. Don't eat Cabbage every single day, some days have broccoli instead. Rotate whole fish with chicken or lean beef once or twice a week.
Avatar f tn They all leave me feeling drowsy and give me headaches, and I just want something that will help me deal with these allergies for good and not just mask the symptoms....Please help!!!!
Avatar f tn So I have suffered from daily allergies all of my life. Every winter I would be so sick I would miss tons of school, at least a month every year. I thought I had a horrible immune system, and was really embarrased that I was always sick. Just recently I was diagnosed with rhinitis and given a steroid nasal spary. It worked for two months. My symptoms are back. I'm dizzy, exhausted, sometimes confused. I feel disoriented at times, have headaches and migraines.
Avatar n tn Has anyone experienced severe dizziness/tiredness from thier allergies this year? I started feeling this a few weeks ago and the doctors say nothing is wrong with me but allergies are affecting me.....I've had allergies my whole life and have never been like this, I feel very tired/out of it/dizzy most of the day and only feel better when I'm anyone experiencing these symptoms or can relate, please help???
Avatar f tn peopl think im crazy i dont wear perfume for as long as i can remember bcoz at first i had the normal sinus headaches so i tried to get rid of most fragrances around me! even my clothes are washed seperately from the rest! the lastest is a weird feeling on my tongue, its sort of losses sensation in certain parts of my tongue but it doesnt swell! i have had body pains for the last 3/4 years sometimes where i cant move! i wonder if this is related?
Avatar n tn After having severe reactions very close together when I ordered salads for dinner (and that's what I ate before my very first reaction) I researched lettuce allergies and found it to give the exact symptoms I was having. Now I have avoided lettuce for one month and haven't had any reactions. So happy. I would like to try eating spinach and lettuces besides iceberg to see if I will react the same way but have been hesitant because each episode is so painful.
Avatar f tn I was also told that usually when that happens that the guy gets these symptoms is usually a girl...? All I've been having are headaches been sleeping a lot always feel tired and just nauseas every now and then but it seems like he's getting all the morning sickness. He was throwing up all day today and slept all day.
Avatar n tn then since people are asking about allergies I have a question,if a person drank in there early to mid teens and subsequently ended up addicted to codeine in his later teens could the (my) persons body acquire a bad reaction to alcohol? example--throwing up, serious headache, chills. not from alot,just one beer!
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Avatar f tn Hi, These symptoms could be due to sinusitis, rhinitis, asthma etc. Are you on any medications currently? Has a CT scan of your sinuses, chest xray and lung function testing been done? Are you allergic to any specific substances? Have you had allergic reactions in the past? Do you have any associated symptoms of cough, breathlessness, wheezing, fever , etc? It is not necessary for you to be allergic to any specific substance to have the above symptoms.
Avatar m tn does anyone living with you have any of the same symptoms? if so, could be carbon monoxide poisoning.
Avatar m tn Based on the symptoms below, is there a specialized doctor or test I should take to determine the cause. Could these symptoms be an early warning for stroke conditions ? Have experienced chronic headaches over the last year. Not sure what is causing them. - initally treated as a sinus infection (I have seasonal allergies) with antibiotics. That did not correct the aches.