Allergies headaches during pregnancy

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Avatar f tn since last two years during summers i am having continous headaches.. whenever i eat something sour or when i am just underneath the fan or a.c... and this time from cold things to headaches starts..i dont know why this type of thing is happening to me.. never heard before from anyone else.. i expreince headache for minimum half and hour.. and i have to take a short nap.. after then i feel better but again it starts in no time if anything happens as mentioned before.. i am pretty scared now..
Avatar f tn They never truly go away. Can you have allergies only during pregnancy? Can they make you feel run down/sickly? It's getting really overwhelming fighting the stuffiness, running nose, headaches, sneezing and coughing from drainage.
Avatar f tn Hi, i have been suffering with blocked nose and headaches for the past 5 years. I have done a septrum operation but no change. I have visited an ENT recently and was told its allergies, however don't know what I'm allergic too due to visit an allergist soon. However lately I've been feeling tired, light headed at times, blocked nose, dry mouth and wake up during the night out of breath. Do you get these symptoms?
Avatar f tn It's very normal, headaches are a symptom during pregnancy. I'm having my 1st baby but I suffer from migraines any light and it hurts best thing I find is to lay in a dark room with a ice pack on your head or back of the neck i find it relieves the pain.
Avatar f tn My husband complains of headaches almost every evening. His headaches are on the sides of his head, just above his ears.He's 30, in good shape and eats healthy but suffers from dust and pollen allergies. His allergies make him sneeze about 100 - 200 times when the pollen count is high! Our physician prescribed a nasal spray which helps with symptoms. However, the headaches don't seem to be related to his allergies and the doctor says that they are stress related.
Avatar f tn my doctor told me I only could take benadryl nothing else not even my regular claritin that I take all the time. I would ask your Dr.
Avatar f tn Just curious to know what symptom has hit you ladies the worst during your pregnancy? Mines has definitely been heartburn and it drives me insane. It will just start up for no reason at all, I'm awake now at 5 am because it just hit me again.
Avatar f tn Has anyone taken Benadryl during pregnancy. Nothing is controlling my allergies and I'm only sleeping 4 hours a night and that's thr only thing I can think that might help. Or any other suggestions.
Avatar f tn Yous doctor can probably prescribe some allergy medication that are deemed safe during pregnancy. I have been using a Neti pot every day for months now, with saline solution: you can try this natural way and see if it brings any relief (I also use an inhaler for my asthma).
Avatar m tn yes, allergies can definitely trigger headaches - I suffer from Migraines and if my sinuses or allergies start acting up it will trigger them
Avatar n tn I experienced headaches but they were more from congestion/allergies. If you are experiencing strong headaches daily I would definitely talk to your OB. It is something they ask me at my appointment every time... "Any swelling or headaches?
Avatar f tn I have been told that plain Sudafed (Phenylephrine) is safe to take during pregnancy, but I have been trying to research online different medications that are safe to take during pregnancy and it says that Sudafed shouldn't be taken, or should not be taken until the last 3 months of pregnancy. I have taken in 3 times so far during the last 2 weeks to try to calm my nasal congestion, but now I am afraid that I am just doing damage to the baby.
Avatar n tn Migrains, tension, sinus and allergies. You maybe experieincing migraines and or allergies. Headaches which last for more then two days or are chronic, as you describe, need to be evaluated by a doctor. Begin with you general practitioner.
990689 tn?1250727195 Hiya yes paracetamol is ok during pregnancy,make sure you take naps throughout the day.the joys of pregnancy..
Avatar f tn I had allergies really bad at the begging of my pregnancy i got allegra d 24 hours and it helped out allot and my baby girl is healthy as can be
Avatar f tn Yes Benadryl is safe during pregnancy. Just don't take over the amount posted on the package!
Avatar f tn I would take them in the evening cause they were making me vommity and I would get the headaches each night that I thought were just pregnancy headaches. Then a couple days ago I was feeling less vommity so I took it earlier in the day and about 20 minutes later I got the headache again. I just thought the headaches were starting to come earlier. The next day I was still feeling okay so I took it early again, and sure enough 20 minutes later a raging headache.
Avatar f tn Hi! Congratulations! If you were my patient, I would advise you to take the absolute minimum medication that you can get away with during the first trimester especially. BUT having said that, Allegra is pregnancy category C which means that it CAN be used in pregnancy if the benefits out weigh the risks. Hope this helps!
Avatar f tn I would talk to your dr about the headaches. While not uncommon during pregnancy they can be dangerous. I had a killer migraine and had to go into the hospital; im further along in the pregnancy but they can lead to complications so have to be watched.
Avatar f tn Then they went away and I only had an issue with allergies one other time during my pregnancy and that only lasted like a week.
Avatar f tn Also, the best suggestion I received during my last pregnancy when it came to congestion was to get a humidifier. Ours was only a $20-30 one from Walgreens but was a life-saver!