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Avatar n tn Our 9 week old son had bloody stools recently and my wife had to remove all dairy from his and her diet. He is now being breast fed again and supplemented with soy formula. The blood immediately stopped after we changed the diet, but brown diarrhea continues. Could this mean another allergy to either soy or something else in my wife's diet? They were both in an extended hospital stay after delivery and my wife developed C-DIFF.
Avatar f tn My wife has atopic dermititus and takes benedril every day to help with her skin is it ok for her to take while prego and taking it through out the whole pregnancy will it effect the babie or birth presedures
5028514 tn?1366828456 So I'm about to effin dye from my allergies. Lol can I take allergy medicine while I'm pregnant? Like cleartin or zyrtec?
2020005 tn?1476658962 We waited about this long with my older two kids, now 4 1/2 and 2 1/2 and so far (knock on wood) neither of them have any allergies, to food or otherwise. I don't know there there is a link, this is just my experience.
Avatar n tn I had him tested for allergies and those all came back normal, although, the ENT said those are often inaccurate for children his age.
172826 tn?1423422956 How old is your son? I am asuming he is an infant, but will answer more generally. I can see where his dr would be unwilling to test when asthma is bad. Allergies contribute to asthma in a big way, and your son would have to be off all antihistimines for several days before the testing. That could make an asthma flare more likely. Maybe your dr would consider doing the test during an allergen off season, if you son seems to have one. That would greatly reduce any risks.
Avatar f tn Many studies that have been done on infants with egg allergies find that by the time the infant has reached age 5, the allergy has been outgrown! This is good news as the egg is highly nutritious and an important part of ones diet! If your family has a history of egg allergies, then it is probably best to wait until after 12 months old to introduce egg yolks.
Avatar f tn s father has horrible allergies and so far she has been diagnosed with Eczema and Ashtma which allergies go with. I was told by the allergist at CHOP that there is nothing they can do until she is 2 years old to determine if she has allergies. Allergies do not show up in kids until the age of 2? I know that does not help but I wanted to let you know to lean more toward a little cold. My dd sneezed A LOT when she was an infant.
Avatar f tn Did anyone wait until their baby was 2 years old to feed a whole egg (yolk and egg white) to their baby? Allergies run in our family- but not egg allergies...but is it better to wait until the age of 2? I've heard and read conflicting answers...
2020005 tn?1476658962 -) And that goes for every solid you introduce. Good luck.
478429 tn?1265244387 The jury is still out as to whether that would have happened at any rate since mommy and daddy are both rather allergic. DD#1 was just fine, no allergies, DD#2 (cancer baby) has allergies, asthma, and eczema...poor child. But, she's fine, really.
Avatar n tn I realize that seasonal allergies in infants is rare however my 3 month old daughter has been suffering from sneezing, watery eyes stuffiness for the last month or so. We have taken her to the dr on several occasions only to be told to continue to suction out her nose and use saline rinses. these symptoms are beginning to affect her eating, she is having a hard time nursing and refuses the bottle.
7845323 tn?1394873413 There have been back and forth studies about allergies and pets, specifically cats. Dogs have been believed to lower the chance of allergies where as until recently cats were suppose to increase it. Now it is believed that both cats and dogs are good for baby on the allergy front. I wouldnt worry.
Avatar n tn well drinking milk before the age of one can cause issues with allergies and their little bodies arent designed for it yet. 10 months is more than a little young its way too young. milk doesnt have the nutrients they need from either breastmilk or formula, that is the biggest issue here. foods provide a little bit, but they need more and the fats that are supplied from the formula. ive never heard of this gastro bleeding you are talking about, are you from other than the USA?
Avatar m tn Soy allergy is most common in children, especially toddlers and infants. As you grow older, your digestive system matures and your body is less likely to absorb food or food components that trigger allergies. In some cases, people who are allergic to wheat, beans (legumes), milk or other foods can have an allergic reaction to soy. You can confirm this by blood test to see for raised IgE levels and skin testing for soy products.
Avatar f tn try to keep him up a while before, and make sure he eats well, and hopefully he sleeps through the whole thing, i went to a wedding when my dd was a week old, i was nervous she was going to cry, and she did start to fuss and i just quietly let myself out and watched from the back....
Avatar n tn I am a mother of a 7month old boy, he is generally very healthy, however, recently he has been showing seemingly involuntary muscle and vocal ticks. His face will tense up and his mouth makes a pucker and he'll groan loudly. Other times he his arms will fly up in the air, his legs tense, his stomach tightens and his eyes get wide and he looks scared. he will do this several times in a row.
470885 tn?1326329037 First of all, I apologize if this seems like a silly question - my oldest son (now 4 years old) didn't have yogurt until he was well over a year old. I've been thinking about how to add variety (and extra good fats) to my younger son (8 months nearly 9 months old)'s diet due to the fact that he's a bit on the small side and slow to gain weight - but healthy - and I thought that maybe I could start giving him a bit of yogurt now and then.
6333619 tn?1386598382 Idk if the liter is harmful to infants and children, you may have to look it up. The thing i would be worrried about is that its not yalls cat, it just showed up one day and you rescued it. You dont know this cat basically. Right now its getting used to you guys but when the baby comes he will still be adjusting and i have heard of cats smothering new borns....
Avatar f tn s or even mothers breast milk. Some other allergies being found in children recently is corn, and corn products. This would explain why certain formula's made for colic and or food allergies would not help or show significant results in your infant. Most formula's made for colic do not contain soy or lactose, but are made with corn products. Gassiness- It is very well possible that your baby is just suffering from gassiness and or tummy upset.
Avatar n tn I have a 7 month old with severe eczema--we have tried a lot of things. We are currently doing the "soak & seal" (aquafore & cereva) and avoiding his food allergies, but he is still extremely itchy. He is taking xyzal 1cc every 8 hours. It seems to come and go on his own. Is there any safe product for infants to help with the itching. Is Sarna Sensitive safe? some drs say it is ok, some say it isn't safe for babies. Thanks so much.
Avatar n tn Do trial and error on medications and foods (and a understanding dr is wonderful for dosages etc). I would try a restricted diet for your daughter - at 2 yrs you can still easily control what she eats. I have read wonder stories from totally casein (dairy) and gluten free diets for some cases. there are many otc meds to try, and many prescription ones. benedryl, claritin, zrytec, calamine, hydrocortisone.
Avatar f tn I have worked in childcare for a long time and with infants for the last 7.5 years and most of the infants her age drink 4-6 oz every 3 hours unless asleep. You may want to try feeding her more frequently. It is not recommended to add cereal to bottles unless directed by her Dr. The age that is recommended to start cereal is 4-6 months old, fruit and vegetables at 6 months. Starting foods too early can cause some children to develop food allergies.
172023 tn?1334672284 -Do not smoke, drink, or use drugs while pregnant and do not expose your baby to secondhand smoke. Infants of mothers who smoked during pregnancy are three times more likely to die of SIDS than those whose mothers were smoke-free; exposure to secondhand smoke doubles a baby's risk of SIDS. Researchers speculate that smoking might affect the central nervous system, starting prenatally and continuing after birth, which could place the baby at increased risk.
Avatar m tn Even the most recent study of Hill has evaluated a heterogeneous breastfeeding group and does not provide data for HBV DNA in mothers and infants (see the table for reference). Finally, the American Academy of Pediatrics has recommended that HBV infection should not be considered as a contraindication to breastfeeding of infants who receive the approved hepatitis B immune globulin (HBIG) and HBV vaccine[46].