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Avatar m tn just wondering do i really have to throw away each aldara packet after one usage... i feel like its such a waste since i only use like a fourth of it for each application...???
Avatar m tn Hello, I had discoloration on my penis when I applied Aldara to an area that was irritated from treatment with vinegar. This left it with a lighter pigment than the rest of the penis. Will this go away on its own, and if not, is there anything I can do about it?
Avatar f tn My doctor put me on Aldara, but I am having SERIOUS side effects. It says for me to put it on the area once a night before I go to bed, but I started having redness and irritation. I thought that just meant that it was working, so I was off it for a day and went back on it for 2. It happened again, so I went off it for 2 days. Then I went back on it and tried to stay on it, hoping that the cream would help somehow, and the sores just kept getting bigger.
Avatar m tn How do I know that Aldara is working? I used it for 2 weeks applying it 3 times a week and since nothing happened too significantly, I started using it every day a couple weeks later (of not doing anything). Now there is a tiny tiny sore on the tip (it is also red) and I don't know what indicates that Aldara is successfully working? I think I may start using it 3x a week again because that is what the Dr. recommended...
Avatar n tn Hi, Aldara( Imiquimoid) comes with a Patient Information leaflet. Read it thoroughly before you apply this medication for the first time. This medication should be applied right before bedtime on the days of the week directed by your doctor. Wash hands before use. Wash the areas to be treated with mild soap and water and let the area dry. Apply a thin layer of cream to the affected area and thoroughly rub in the medication. Only use enough medication to cover the area being treated.
Avatar n tn I would like to know if Aldara is now being prescribed for skin tags. I recently found out that my boyfriend is on this medication and he claims his derm told him it was to treat skin tags in his genital area. I have only come across literature stating it is a genital wart treatment. Is it now a known effective skin tag treatment? Why wouldnt his doctor pick a more conservative commonly used method over a medication with lots of adverse side effects?
Avatar m tn 1. My dermatologist told me to apply the aldara liberally to make sure that even the tiniest warts in the area are treated. I have read elsewhere to only apply to the warts, but i have also read that aldara seems to respect healthy skin and only attacks unhealthy skin. Which is true and should i continue applying the aldara liberally to the entire areas. 2. The areas that have crusted and flaked are red and raw. Do i continue putting the aldara on those regions or should i stop?
Avatar f tn My gyn put me on aldara for my gential warts, i started and within a week i discovered i had an open sore at the opening of my vagina, maybe i wasn'tas careful as i should of using it, but 2 days later this thing is painful as hell, i call my gyn and he tells me to come in, i told him i suspect is a side effect from aldara, he has a look at it and tells he he think it looks just like a herpes open sore, he sent me for a blood test for that.
Avatar n tn I have a large cluster of them around my anus (very embarassing I know), which are very uncomfortable and make it difficult to go to the bathroom. I was prescribed with Aldara Cream and I just started using it. I'm wondering if anyone else has had experience with this cream and its effectiveness on genital warts.
Avatar m tn Eventually I had them checked, they were warts and I had them removed and was put on Aldara. I used what my dermatologist gave me but I had no insurance so I never actually filled the prescription. The warts came back months later. I thought about the laser surgery which would be very expensive but the doctor put me back on the Aldara, which I filled this time, hoping it would take care of the problem.
Avatar m tn I am in need of some help in figuring out if my reactions to this medication have been normal or not. After my doctor burned my warts off, he instructed me to use a cream for 3 days, then a powder for 3 days, and then Aldara 5% every other day for a few weeks. He instructed me not to masturbate/ have sex for the first 6 days after the burning procedure. Three or four days after the procedure, I had a weak moment and masturbated.
Avatar m tn I'm using aldara right now too, I am a female but my skin has started burning and bleeding too, I talked to my doctor and he said it's normal.
Avatar m tn She did use a cream on him that appeared to temporarily work-- imiquimod cream 5% - drug name Aldara. It has 12 single application doses (each the size of a postage stamp). She writes: "Not much in them so it's hard to only use one on an application. It cost $180 more in some other drugstores. I bought two boxes and used for 5 ½ weeks Monday to Friday as the vet said.
Avatar f tn I have genital HPV and I was treating the warts using Aldara. Applied a lot of the cream Monday to the outside of lower labia minora. Wednesday the labia was hard, swollen and really sore. Friday the swelling was reduced and in it place were 2 sore lesions located just inside the labia. I am now convinced it is herpes from looking at pictures online and reading the symptoms. I am also experiencing tingling down there too!
Avatar f tn I had a severe allergic reaction including flu-like symptoms, swollen labia to the point they still touch with my legs spread, extreme pain when I move, even worse when I pee, and blisters on the inside of my labia (where the medication was not applied). My Dr. told me to stop the medication and I have, but the effects of the medication are lingering. So much that it is interfering with my daily life. I asked my Dr.
Avatar f tn I recently found out that my boyfriend is on this medication and he claims his derm told him it was to treat skin tags in his genital area. I have only come across literature stating it is a genital wart treatment. Is it now a known effective skin tag treatment? Why wouldnt his doctor pick a more conservative commonly used method over a medication with lots of adverse side effects? Perhaps my boyfriend lying to me/maybe his derm isnt being honest with him.
Avatar m tn He prescribed Aldara cream 5 % and asked me to apply. I applied a full sachet at a time daily in the nights for about 20 days. I think that some of the excess aldara cream also got on to me scrotum testicle skin which turned the area red. After a few days, there was a watery discharge which further developed into small ulcers. I tried all types of creams and neem oil on it which i think worsened the situation. I showed them to my doc and he told that it is herpes so get tested for it.
Avatar f tn Biop turned out ''squamous cell' but course of Aldara was over by the time he got the results. At the time of the biopsy (but before the 'results') my husband was given a booklet explaining Aldara for 'basal' cell therapy but no where was it mentioned the medication was also used for Squamous cells and now this has him a bit concerned that he used a medication that may not have been the correct choice. Could someone kindly comment on this ... many thanks...
Avatar f tn I was prescribed Aldara by my gynecologist for a recurrent bout of genital warts in the vulva area that I've also received TCA treatment for. I started applying the Aldara last week and must have applied too liberally and/or left on too long. After only 2 treatments had severe flu-like symptoms, swelling, burning, painful urination, and worsening pain. Had to call gynecologist over weekend and she recommended I come in today if pain had gotten worse.
Avatar n tn I am pretty concerned.. I used aldara for some small warts in my pubic area.. I have discontinued use due to my doctors advice because of redness. It seems like the cream has gotten rid of some of the warts, but it is difficult to tell. I have been off of the medication for about 5 days and the redness is still there from the Aldara treatment. How long will it be until the redness generally goes away? It is also pretty itchy.
Cat In the office, cryotherapy can be performed, BCA can be applied to cauterize the warts, OR Aldara is a medication that you can apply yourself which will quite often get rid of the warts. Aldara is a prescription medication so you will need to see a doctor. You really should see a doctor any way to have the area checked for any sign of dysplasia due to the hpv virus. A general internist or general surgeon or proctologist would all be good choices. Good luck!
Avatar f tn hi, is there somebody who knows about Aldara , I have got a temerature after using it. might be from it?
Avatar f tn well a few months ago i began to get genital warts i used aldara and they went away not to mention the symptoms was very painful, anway a few weeks later i put alot of it on my inner labia but didnt have an warts i just wanted to make sure none were there,any way a few days later i seen these round white ulcers looking things on the outer part of my labia i didnt think it was from the aldara because of the first time using it i never got this but im not sure, i automatically thought it was herpe
Avatar m tn Well at first i was told i had HPV and had cryotherapy and used Aldara. i was told it could be because of Aldara. But the coronal sulcus is red. I have been tested for all other stds and im negative for them. I was told it was balanitis from one doctor but the medication didnt do anything.
Avatar n tn if they r doubling i would think u need aldara or some other medication to make them go away!
Avatar n tn I was prescribed aldara for the treatment of genital warts about two weeks ago and have used it as directed by my provider. The patch of lesions is located on the shaft of my penis, are small, relatively flat, and 1-2 cm in size. I started aldara therapy roughly two to three weeks after onset of lesions. My only concern is that the Aldera isn't triggering an immune response like it should. I have no erythema, edema or any other typical "side effects".
Avatar m tn Perhaps you are paying closer attention to the treated area. I have not used Aldara. If you find the medication too expensive, discuss other treatment options with your doctor.
Avatar m tn Hi i was diagnosed with Anal warts and was prescribed with Aldara. My doctor didnt really elaborate on how many times i should apply it but i did 2x per week (mon and friday) since its too expensive! this was my before treatment pic and this is my 1st week treatment
Avatar m tn In the first 2 weeks, nothing happened, only just a couple days ago I noticed a very slight indication that the medication might be working, but I'm still not sure. I have about 20-30 very small warts, and notice 2 or 3 of them showing a bit of redness and drying up a bit. Still not sure if this is due to the medication. Other than that I haven't noticed any effects or any type of side effects. Everything I read online says the areas should be very red/inflamed.
Avatar n tn I recently used the prescription medication Aldara (Imiquimod) as indicated for one month. The clusters of perianal warts disappeared for a while (several weeks at most), but they have since returned and look the same as they did prior to treatment. My question is: Being that Aldara is an immune response modifier, do you think that I should try using the cream once more in hopes that it will stimmulate my immune system to fight the HPV?