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Avatar m tn Hello, I had discoloration on my penis when I applied Aldara to an area that was irritated from treatment with vinegar. This left it with a lighter pigment than the rest of the penis. Will this go away on its own, and if not, is there anything I can do about it?
Avatar f tn I have been using Aldara cream for two weeks now, and surprisingly my warts are gone. But I now notice that the area where the warts used to be is very red. I don't know if that is supposed to happen or not but should I continue using the cream? I don't want to kill anymore skin cells then I have to..
Avatar n tn Is Aldara use a good idea for someone with autoimmune disease (for possible facial pre-melanoma in area difficult to operate on)?
Avatar n tn One another suggestion is to apply some moisturizer or petrolium jelly on the skin surrounding the warts while applying the aldara on warts... remember, aldara is to be applied on warts only and should not come in contact with the healthy skin...
Avatar n tn This is no question but rather a clarification. I have been using aldara for about a month and a half, and judgeing by the topics, several others need some guidence. I caught Molluscum contagium, maybe from the gym, maybe from sex who knows, who cares. I noticed some very small hybrid of pimples and warts in my gentital area. So of course, like most of you, I freaked. I am a healthy 21 year old male who has had a fairly modest sexual life (less than 10 partners, no one night stands).
Avatar f tn Hello doc, I was diagnosed with genital warts and on Aldara cream for it. My wart went away quickly in about 2 weeks. Here’s my worry: I had mild skin irritation while I was on it, but a week after I had stopped the Aldara I developed a rash around my anus near where I had been using Aldara and I’m worried it’s herpes. It was a red rash. It itched, felt irritated, and the skin was shiny. I would compare it to mild sunburn. I never saw breaks in the skin: no blisters, ulcers, or scabs.
Avatar m tn I used Aldara successfully and never got any redness, pain ,etc. I had a wart under a fingernail once and the Dr prescribed Aldara with a bandage over the finger to keep the medicine on and in two weeks it was gone. Some HPV (genital warts do not respond to Aldara or freezing and must be zapped with a CO2 laser or cut out or burned out with the Hyfrecator (sp?) All people with visible genital warts should have them removed ASAP as they can cause cancer in females AND males.
Avatar n tn I have a large cluster of them around my anus (very embarassing I know), which are very uncomfortable and make it difficult to go to the bathroom. I was prescribed with Aldara Cream and I just started using it. I'm wondering if anyone else has had experience with this cream and its effectiveness on genital warts.
Avatar n tn I'd still say it could be a reaction to the Aldara, and how you are using it. You will just need to wait and see what the test results say.
Avatar n tn It was a very small one, hardly visible, so I didn't do much about it. I went to the doctor again 2 months ago and he suggested to use Aldara on it because he didn't keep a nitro gun. I had been using it for about 2 months when I developed this sore on my penis, size of a quater, but not round. There were no blisters but just a sore as if the skin had been peeled off. It was slightly weepy, pink, shiny and had white pus like formation/skin on it.
Avatar m tn When the scabs fell off, I was left with little open sores. The sores are not healing now. I've been on Aldara for 2 weeks. Is this normal?
Avatar n tn I had the same reaction to Aldara. I ended up getting open wound/lesion type blisters all over my scrotum, and I went wasted a lot of time and money on Herpes tests (all negative). So it sounds like you should get off the Aldara, or use a lot less of it, I was slathering too much on and it also gave my flu like symtpoms, it wasn't until I barely dabbed it on to the warts did those complications go away (except for constipation).
Avatar m tn Also, my doctor did a pretty deep freeze of the warts before sending me home with Aldara. He said to start the next day right on top of the scabs/blisters, which was a Friday. The scabs fell off in a week and I was of course left with raw skin/tissue. Is this normal to put Aldara over an un-healed wound? Can I apply a tripple anti-biotic ointment to the wounds on days when I'm not using Aldara? Sorry for all the questions, thanks for any help.
Avatar f tn I was given Aldara to clear up my genital warts. I had a severe allergic reaction including flu-like symptoms, swollen labia to the point they still touch with my legs spread, extreme pain when I move, even worse when I pee, and blisters on the inside of my labia (where the medication was not applied). My Dr. told me to stop the medication and I have, but the effects of the medication are lingering. So much that it is interfering with my daily life. I asked my Dr.
Avatar f tn I noticed several people have posted about the side effects of Aldara. I have used it before and had no problem. This time however, I am pregnant, and I had ONE very small wart at the top of my vagina....they prescribed aldara to me 3 days a week, to use every other day. Anyways, I now still have this small wart and 2 nasty looking blisters. A nurse friend of my swears its herpes and I dont think it is by all that I have read!
Avatar f tn So I got diagnosed with genital warts, and started to use vyloma almost 3 weeks ago, applying it every night before bed like I was told to. (I think vyloma is aldara) anyway, it seems to be working, slowly but none the less working. After I started to use this I developed what looks like a rash on my scrotum, and over the last week 2 what look like "blisters" have formed on the side of my scrotum and are very painful.
Avatar m tn Hello. I have noticed small red & white bumps/blisters/warts on my 5 yr old daughters skin. She has about 20 of them in total around the tops of her thighs & backs of her knees. I went to the dr & they gave me Betnovate for a week which has had no affect whatsoever. I remember a friend of hers at school had moluscum 2 years ago (but has been clear for a long time now), could this be what it is? If so, what is the best treatment for children?
Avatar n tn I have recently been using Aldara cream to try and eliminate my genital warts (HPV). Although the warts minimised in size after three months my doctor told me to stop using aldara because of the ineffectiveness and incredible sores and lesions that i endured whilst treatment. He reccomended me to a dermatologist for the treatment of the HPV.
Avatar n tn ) I advise letting the dust settle from Aldara-induced irritation and cryosurgical blisters, and then assessing what, if anything, is left. HPV should be taken seriously and treated, of course, but once the warts are gone--and they may be already--then you should be prepared to move on. Letting HPV take over your mental life is not warranted. Take care. Dr.
Avatar m tn My BF has a singular small redish sore on penis that was painless and didn't really change shape. The doctor via visual inspection alone without biopsy gave him aldara cream (used for the treatment of genital warts and a other conditions). My bf does have genital herpes, and he gets the classic case of herpes (prodrome, tingling, pain urination then the blisters form and are painful).
Avatar m tn I had unprotected vaginal sexual intercouse with a female on several separate occasions. Exactly three weeks following the last sexual episode, I notice what appeared to be a reddish looking mole on the right side of my right testicle. It was not painful nor did it itch. My physician gave me aldara samples "out of an abundance of caution," although he did not believe it was anything to worry about. He specifically stated that he did not think it was herpes.
Avatar n tn said it was contagious and could spread to other parts of her body or to someone else. She prescribed Aldara 5% Cream. It comes in 24 small application tubes at a cost of $639.00. Can anyone tell me the name of this condition? Thanks!
Avatar m tn My BF has a singular small redish sore on penis that was painless and didn't really change shape. The doctor via visual inspection alone without biopsy gave him aldara cream (used for the treatment of genital warts and a other conditions). My bf does have genital herpes, and he gets the classic case of herpes (prodrome, tingling, pain urination then the blisters form and are painful).
598912 tn?1219552112 I have hpv,and i had a reoccurence of gw so m doc 0rescribed aldara. ******* hell hole in a packet. after only s couple days of using it, yesterday my vagina lips swoll up along with the middle portion too. i began to walk funny because it would hurt to bump them together. i was at work still and needed to home asap.
Avatar m tn He said i had something from sexual contact( he used a medical term) and he gave me 3 months worth of aldara so right away i think oh great gential warts. So i use it for 3 months. Nothing happen didnt even clear one. So i go back and they give me stuff for an infection i got. Redness, skin peeling etc. so i use it and it looked like it worked after a week and now that i stopped using it its back again. I was wondering if it could possibly be irriatation from something?
Avatar n tn i had schedualed to go in to get a herpes blood test, one morning, but the night before, i was rubbing some aldara cream on the wart right next to where the cut appears and i saw it open up again right before my eyes. i thought this wouldnt happen if it was herpes.. that it must just be friciton related but it was very painful and i couldnt justify it anymore. so my suspicions arose again after i cancelled the blood test. 3. the cut. even when it heals always stays a SCAR.
Avatar n tn one more thing....when I say blisters I don't mean open/painful ones, just like almost tiny water filled bumps.
Avatar f tn I have 4 growths 2 larger and 2 smaller, she ruled out Herpes and was left believing it was either Molluscum or Gential Warts. She prescribed Aldara to me and I have been using it for the past 3 weeks which have made the bumps much smaller. I was also tested for Gonorrhea and Chlamydia, both tested negative. Sround the same time I had a medium to light grayish discharge that had a fishy odor especially after I showered. I've had no pain in this time.