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Avatar f tn I went back to my gyno. She then told me it looked like Molluscsum Contagiosum and gave me Aldara cream to use. Well, I used it all over my genital area for 3 days. On the 3rd day - I developed 5 small ulcers. They didn't hurt. I went back to my gyno. This time (after the negative herpes test and no new partners) she told me it looked like herpes. She did a swab of an ulcer and it came back negative for herpes.
Avatar n tn I went to the doctor, and they gave me Aldara for HPV. This was in January. Since then, I have had the worst yeast infections, and while one bump is slowly decreasing in size (and has hardened and turned quite red in the process), none of the others are changing size at all, and I am getting more tiny little white bumps within a few inches of the initial three bumps I had. I am pretty sure it is HPV, but it seems to be geting worse. I have been tested recently for HIV, and that was negative...
Avatar n tn Clean yourself afterwards and you will be fine. I subsequently supplemented with Echinacea pills. Aldara is an immune system activator, hence supplements to boost your immune system is a great asset. Two days later my skin became very red in this area, blisters stated to form and itchiness set in. And oh yea, my lymph nodes swelled up in the groin area. THIS IS IMPORTANT and GREAT! all of this is supposed to happen!
Avatar n tn I'd still say it could be a reaction to the Aldara, and how you are using it. You will just need to wait and see what the test results say.
Avatar n tn I went to the doctor and he said that it could be herpes. They have taken a sample of the sore for culture and blood and have said it would take a week. The sore is not on the wart itself but close to it where the cream did get applied. I would use the entire packet and spread the cream to surrounding areas and sometimes would take a late shower on the weekend and so it would stay longer. The doctor said that if it was Aldara side effects then it would have happened on the wart itself too.
Avatar f tn After a whole week of having this constant itch and burn and continuing to use the Aldara I went back to my Dr. He scared me so bad because he sai "these aren't the bumps you had before, how old is your boyfriend and do you only have sex with him?" I answered yes and that I knew. He did a culture and a blood test and told me to call him in a week because it looks like I have herpes. I started crying on the spot. He prescribed me Herpes meds a cream and pills.
Avatar n tn 9 Days after the initial encounter I went to my regular health care provider because I wanted to get check for HIV. The test came back negative, and the HIV test was only 9 days after possible exposure. I did contract gentile warts from this woman also. 32 days after possible exposure I started to develop very sore armpits, a neck, and clavicle area. The pain was moderate to mild and I am to be considered a generally healthy person.
Avatar m tn All tests came negative except from chlamydia,gonorrhea and molluscum contagiosum. My doctor give antibiotics(dyxycycline etc) to me and aldara cream for molluscum contagiosum bumps around my genitals. What concerns me is the fact that the previous day of the test I had a last encounter with a csw and we did protected oral and protected vaginal sex.
Avatar m tn Any way you are lucky that u didnt penitrate her without condom so u dont have risk of HIV and simptoms doesnt seems like HIV related to me.So feel free.
Avatar n tn so ia came back in a month and seen a different docter, this doctor said what was on my groin was mulluscum but on my penis looked more like herpes, so she did a type specific blood test at 6 weeks for herpes 1 and 2 (elisa) and hiv, and all the other stds. Everything came back negative except hsv 1 cam back as equvical .93 hsv 2 was .18. she told me that the bumps might being caused by hsv1 and prescried me acylvoir and told me to get retested in 2 weeks.
Avatar n tn Is it true that if I had a cluster of raised bumps that itched that showed up overnight that didnt become fluid filled nor would they pop even with extreme pressure and didnt hurt after putting aldara on it(and believe me i over did it with aldara) and turned grayish white but after 4 times of aldara it did peel into an open sore. its not herpes? 3.
Avatar n tn 1)i was wondering how many men have genital warts but DONT have hiv? 2)can my warts have shown up and not gone away from something other than a weakend immune system? such as stress, cancer,etc? 3) i am very healthy,would my immune system have weakend that much that quick to allow the warts to show up and stay? i am going to get an hiv test done very soon,but in the mean time i'd like to have some clarity to the concerns. thank you very much! god bless!
Avatar m tn the rates of herpes in gay males are very high so it's worth the testing. also since having hsv2 increases your risk of hiv if should happen to have a hiv+ partner, knowing your hsv2 status periodically is always a good idea.
Avatar m tn Now the part about HIV, I read that people can take a MC infection as a sign that they are HIV positive. Also I read that if you are HIV positive, that MC is progressive, and does not clear up easily. I had a HIV test a while ago, but since then I have had some risky behaviour. Basically, what I am wondering is, if I were HIV positive then the MC wouldnt have cleared up so easily right?
Avatar n tn Hello Doctor, I am a 23 year old male who has broken out in a shingles rash beneath my left nipple. I was using Aldara cream to treat HPV and stopped about a month ago. While I was unfortunate enough to get HPV, I still consider myself low risk, that being I have had unprotected sex with women twice in the past year. Should these shingles be a warning sign of HIV?
Avatar n tn Seven months ago I went to Pattaya(notorious for it's nightlife and hookers)for a weekend with the boys. Got very drunk and ended up having sex with a hooker and the condom broke. Had anal and vaginal sex, unprotected for about 10 mins. Felt terribly guilty when I sobered up and even worse when I developed genital warts several weeks later and a constant hot/cold burning sensation in the genital area which I put down to extreme sress, guilt and Aldara which was percribed to treat the warts.
Avatar n tn I wouldn't use Aldara--if it's a single lesion, you're better off just having it treated, and if it's not, then the Aldara may irritate and confuse the issue. If there's any relationship at all with the blood pressure, most likely it's due to anxiety. I suggest you see a dermatologist or STD specialist, rather than somone who isn't certain and freezes the spot just to be sure (and thereby makes you anxious, perhaps unnecessarily.) Best. Dr.
Avatar n tn I just found out I had HPV yesterday and had my warts frozen and was given aldara to use in two days time. My question was, when would it be ok to masturbate again, and when would it be ok to have sex again?
Avatar n tn It has not spread too much but has not cleared either. She prescribed Aldara cream and, interestingly, Tagament. I also have a case of Perleche on the corner of my mouth. Both of these appeared a few days after a sexual encounter about 5 weeks ago, in which I had protected with condom sex with a female prostitute and I also performed unprotected oral sex on her.
Avatar n tn ) Anyway, not all penile bumps are warts; things other than warts may come and go, and may repond to Aldara; and based on your sexual history, warts are less likely than if you had been more sexually active with multiple partners. You are getting mixed messages about duration of infection and transmission partly because there aren't very good data, so that providers' and even experts' opinions vary.
Avatar n tn It is unfortunate that there aren't enough data for something as common as HPV. We know where HSV, HIV, and HCV can reside in the body and replicate but we are still unsure about HPV. In case you are counting, this is my second (and final) post for the next few months. I know there are others in need of advice. Thanks again for your help.
Avatar n tn I had standard STD tests after 2 weeks of contact, and HIV test after 3 months and 6 months. All came back negative. Yet, after a couple of months after the contact I have developed white spots on both sides of my tongue and also some discomfort at the tip of my penis.
Avatar m tn I then went to check for same thing (uretheral swab) and chlamydia came up Negative with me???(no HIV test) The doc gave her pills and she was re tested for chlamydia and was neg.(4 months ago we both developed HPV(warts)and have been given aldara to clear them up.
Avatar m tn I went for a doctor check up and they said it was genital warts and prescribed aldara. I used it and the warts are dissappearing. I was tested negative for chlamydia I told my wife about the incident that I had at the massage palour (we took a day off and spend the day talking about it)...and also told her that she is at risk. She is a loving wife and forgave me about it and we are both now very worried. I cried and weeped like a little boy and regreted what I did to her.
Avatar m tn So i went to a nurse at my school and she didnt see it but she said it sounds like warts i took an hiv test and it was negative. So i went to my doctor who specializes in internal medicine and has been my doctor for more than twenty years and he said that it is nothing the reason it looks like that is because i am uncircumcised the "wart" is not on my penis it is on the foreskin on the inside.
Avatar f tn So 3 weeks ago, I wnt to my gyn and she detect me some small warts.. I tsarted with aldara and next week I had more warts so she made me an Electrocautery and I had only one left to treat with aldara. One week after, I found a new one and im treating it too. I feel so depresed and I know that help the virus, Im starting to nderstand this virus and realize that its not the end of the world.. But I still have so many doubts.
Avatar n tn I get tested for all STDs except those ones cannot be tested (Herpes and HPV). Now, I have a few questions regarding about this encounter: 1. How big is the chance of getting Herpes, and/or HPV from this encounter? 2. I had a whole week of stomach discomfort and 1 day of fever (at the first day of the week of the stomach discomfort) 2 days after that encounter, but it all happened right after I had a dinner of raw seafood (e.g. oysters).
Avatar m tn Hi doctor- I was at my doctors the other day for a check up. I have cleared my GW's and was talking about the chance of reoccurance now that they are gone. My doctor informed me that the younger you are when you contract the virus the greater the chance your GW's will not come back due to your immune system being stronger to combat the virus. I contracted the virus at age 28 and it took me about 11 months to get clear. Is there any truth to this?
Avatar m tn He also suggested I supplement my diet with metamucil and that I should see him again in a month. I recently also had tests for HIV, syphilis, gonorrhea and chlamydia, all of which were negative. Is there anything that sticks out to you from what I've told you here? Is there anything you think I should tell or ask the doctor next time I see him? Again, thanks for your advice. I believe your suggesting to see the doctor was the catalyst that pushed me to get the medical attention I needed.
Avatar n tn I got them frozen off a month or so later and I have since undergone a dozen treatments and I've done several cycles of Aldara. I am still getting new warts and I am extremely frustrated and depressed about this. I know that the body can eventually "clear" the infection (even though the virus remains present), but I can't seem to arrive to this point, as a new wart will appear and the clock resets.