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535089 tn?1400677119 James Woodford, a toxicologist associated with Emory University labs hypothesized the pigment melanin which protects the skin from the sun, approximates the molecular structure of the THC metabolite to cross react on the marijuana urine test. Dark skinned Caucasians such as those from the subcontinent of India could also read positive on marijuana tests. The body eliminates some melanin in a dark person's urine sample. Passive marijuana inhalation.
Avatar n tn I mean, if the sucking on my throat had done that to my uvula, why not believe it happened to a similar structure in my throat in relative proximity? I will report back with anything i find out, as soon as i get home from ENT. Although I have no difinitive answer now, maybe this will give you some ammo to use should somebody read this before going to a doctor themselves. Hope this eases some peoples minds, or at least gives them a little confidence in their situation.
Avatar n tn I have just put a comment under 'Allergies, Chemical intolerance and Endometriosis' and just read this thread. My first reaction is to wonder how many of these posts are from women. Please read my post and see if anything in my situation is similar to yours.
Avatar f tn But they are also preserved with thimerosal, a mercury based preservative. Mercury is the second most neuro toxic chemical known to man, other than plutonium. Yes, I know they say they have removed it, but it's just not that simple. It's still in most children's flu shots, and is still used in the manufacturing process of all vaccines. They filter it out, but it remains at around 0.1%. Multiply that times 35 vaccines all given before a child is 2 years old, and that's a lot of mercury.
Avatar n tn I am having the same problem and i am very frustrated. I am now beginning to wonder if it is allergies. Im 26. i have been an athlete my whole life through college and am still very active in sports and running, not overweight, weight is not around my mid section, etc. Here are my symptoms: earlier this summer i was having difficulty breathing...only occured at night though. i couldnt lay down. i would have to sleep propped up on 2 or three pillows.
Avatar n tn I believe you may see how leptin, thyroid hormones and adrenal glands interract and how hCG may be a part of those interractions. Also FYI, certain parts of hCG have similar chemical likeness to thyroid stimulating hormone. Dude, you have lots to learn that is far beyond Google research and text knowledge. Keep up the the research.
Avatar n tn So the pyridoxine floats around and is essentially toxic because it is not in it's proper chemical form. Some suggest the safe level is 50mgs. a day, no more. Others suggest that up to 250 or even 500 mgs. a day are safe, especially if taken with other B's. I myself, do not believe that, that's just my own opinion after all these years. It apparently is rare to get a toxic effect from over 115mgs. a day or so, but there are a few case reports of under that amount being toxic.