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Avatar n tn Albuterol is a bronchodilator used to treat many of the same issues as Flovent, but it can also be used to treat chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Albuterol comes in a syrup, tablet, or as a suspension in an inhaler. Albuterol works by causing the passages to the lung to relax and open, which makes breathing easier.
Avatar m tn I was diagnosed with an exercise induced asthma and prescribed a 90 mcg albuterol inhaler. I didn't use it much as I was fine most of the time. But just recently I have been having to use my inhaler every few hours or so because if I don't I get really short breathed. I don't know what's going on and it's worrying me.
Avatar f tn I was having a hard time breathing 2 nights ago and decided to try my daughters albuterol inhaler. I used 5 puffs over a 24 hour period. I dont know why but I assumed it was harmless to use while pregnant. Now im looking online and see its a class C! Im nervous I may have done harm to baby. Anyone else use albuterol while pregnant first trimester?
677938 tn?1226344160 Hi. I Have Asthma && I Use An Albuterol Inhalation.And Everytime I Have An Asthma Attack I Use It And It Feels Like I Cant Catch My Breath..Whats Going On? Its Had Me In The Hospital Many Of Time ??
Avatar f tn Just wondering if anyone here uses an albuterol inhaler and are they safe to use during pregnancy? I use one every now and then but not on a daily basis. I'm only 5 weeks along. I used mine tonight because I felt like I absolutely had to.
Avatar f tn I have asthma and have been having a hard time breathing these past two days but really bad tonight.. I just used my albuterol and I'm so scared its going to hurt my baby. My Dr told me its better to breathe lol but I'm just being paranoid n worried.. anyone have asthma and used albuterol during pregnancy?
587778 tn?1261397118 Are you sure she had a reaction to albuterol? I can easily see the steroid as the culprit, but albuterol surprises me. Of course, if you overuse it you will get a fast heart beat, but in moderate amounts it is usually OK. I use it and I also take an antihistamine.
1754037 tn?1327886811 Everyone says they know someone who knows someone that something bad happened to :P. As my OB said if you can't breath your baby can't breath. I used albuterol inhale and singular to control my asthma both deemed safe. My daughter has no defects she is perfectly healthy 7.
757137 tn?1347196453 This is used as an alternative to Albuterol if the side effects are severe with Albuterol. This could also be used in conjunction with Albuterol, to relieve acute flare ups of Asthma. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar n tn We are currently using an albuterol inhaler 15 min before his matches, also a Flovent inhaler twice a day, and have recently started taking singulair. Thus far these have not worked. Please help with any suggestions you may have...we are desperate to help our son succeed in the sport he loves.
Avatar n tn Is there a significant difference between using an albuterol inhaler as opposed to a Combivent inhaler? I have a family member that receives an extra monthly Combivent inhaler but am not sure if it is safe to use long term instead of the albuterol I was prescribed.
1754037 tn?1327886811 Has anyone taken their albuterol inhaler thru out ur pregnancy??? I'm a bit worried if it is safe for my baby! I been taking it since it's the only thing I can take when I can't breath. I just need some re assurance that it is safe & wondering if any1 else pregnant & taking albuterol inhaler.
Avatar f tn I wrote in to this website when my son was 4 years old and started with transient motor tics, right after having two back-to-back illnesses (with a high temperature) and also after being treated with albuterol for severe asthma. His tics have not been as bad as they were the first time he started having them, but are still present at times. He is also growing out of asthma.
Avatar f tn Hi, Asthma cannot worsen angina but over use of inhaler albuterol can lead to low potassium levels in the blood, which in turn can cause palpitations, arrhythmias, irregular beats etc. So if you are experiencing frequent attacks of asthma, you should try to prevent triggering agents which cause asthma and also get evaluated by a pulmonologist for correction of dose of polemicist for preventing further attacks of asthma. Hope this helps. Best.
Avatar n tn Did you ever find out what was causing your shortness of breath and did you find a cure? I'm having similar issues that just started this past week. All started with not icicle sinus drainage. And then nausea I suspected get in drainage then shortness of breath off and on and to varying degrees, for abt a week (that I attributed to sinus drainage getting into my lungs! No wheezing though). I've had no cold virus even though my husband did.
1987536 tn?1337916244 Albuterol doesn't bother me as much as advair after reading bunches of articles :(
Avatar n tn albuterol inhalers ARE prescribed to be used before exercising in exercise induced asthma.
Avatar m tn My husband who is 61 has AFIB. He takes albuterol and advair when needed. Are any of these drugs dangers with his AFIB?
Avatar f tn My physician has prescribed both Advair 50/250 and Spiriva, along with Pro Air p4-6h prn and nebulizer treatment (Albuterol) q4-6h prn. I am still having problems breathing. Is it okay to take these all at the same time? Will there be any side effects?
Avatar n tn hi, my question is can we mix albuterol, ipratropium, pulmacort together and the order is give these medication together by nebulizer.
Avatar f tn I have never had this in my life. He sent me home with a breathing machine and albuterol. I also took steroids for 5 days. The last time i used the albuterol was on sat. I cant do it anymore. I have had palpitations that will not go away! They do not feel fast, they are slow, and almost like my heart misses quite a few beats. This is non stop. I dont know what to do. I am a smoker and also have panic attacks so u know..I am freakin out!
Avatar f tn Hi, Salbutamol is contrindicated in asthma. It is a long acting beta2 agonist that can be dangerous for asthmatics to take without an inhaled steroid. Also, they take too long to be effective which makes them useless as a resuce inhaler as you have been trying to use it. I would recommend that you request further testing from you doctor. The methylcoline (sp?) challenge is the standard and definitive test for asthma. You are give puffs a methylcoline to try to induce an asthma attack.
Avatar f tn I have asthma... I am 25.6 weeks. I began wheezing on Wednesday evening. I currently take albuterol inhaler and pulmicort... the doctor added prednisone due to the flare. I've rested and haven't felt better at all, I'm unable to sleep also. I don't know if it is safe to use the nebulizer or not? I plan to call the doctor back again tomorrow, but in the meantime have any of you used the nebulizer during your pregnancy...?
Avatar n tn Why was c-phen dm infant drops recalled?
435139 tn?1255460391 even walking from one room to another is a huge toll on me...I read that albuterol is a class C drug and has not been studied in pregnancy in animals is is linked to cleft palate defects and other defects too! Since I am in the 2ww I am not sure if I took my albuterol in my nebulizer if I'd be risking my potential babies health. I'll call my pharmacist or dr. in a couple hours but it is only 5 a.m. and I won't be able to call until 9...when they open.