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Avatar n tn My 7 year old daughter with ADHD (medicated with Daytrana 10mg) has been displaying somewhat strange behaviors for the past few months. First, she has been shoving stuffed animals down her pants in her sleep. Second, she has been having regular potty accidents and is unaware that she had an "accident" until someone points it out to her.
Avatar f tn My son has ADHD. We have been successfully treating it with medication for 6 yrs now. A therapist recently said that ADHD has been proven to actually be an allergy to chlorine. I have tried researching this online but have not found anything that supports this. I have read where drinking filtered water that has removed the chlorine is helpful but this is the closest I have found online that ADHD might actually be an allergy to chlorine.
Avatar n tn I am 22 years old and my boyfriend recently discovered a soft spot on the back of my I did some research, and for all of you who are worried here are some facts: A fontanelle (or fontanel) is an anatomical feature on an infant's skull. In cleidocranial dysostosis* the skull fontanelle may be enlarged, and may be slow to close or may never close.
Avatar n tn Well, its most common use is for anxiety - which is fairly common for people with ADHD. You can read more about it here - What I don't understand is why your doctor didn't explain this to you. Especially if you are prone to anxiety, the not knowing only makes it worse.
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Avatar m tn A very good question as it all depends on the user of the medication. If a person has ADHD, researchers believe that the problem lies in the catecholamine-rich fronto-subcortical system of the brain. (http://www.help4adhd.
Avatar f tn however large ones can cause hydrocephalus, behavior anomalies, seizures, headaches, ADHD, and even paralysis of one half of the body. http://en.wikipedia.
Avatar f tn What does the neurotransmitter GABA have to do with EDS or narcolepsy or ADHD (inattentive type) or bipolar II?
Avatar f tn I'm 32 years old and have struggled with both Adhd and weight problems. I went to see my doctor and he put me on phentermine 37.5mg once a day and topamax 23 mg in half doeses twice dailey. I also take adderall 20mg twice Dailey. I asked him if theses two meds who interact with one another and his response was no . I guess my question is how do I safely spread them out during the day. It seems I can't get it right because when I take either or I get very anxious .
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Avatar m tn Children who are or have been on ADHD drugs have an increased risk of committing suicide.Even the American Psychiatric Association admits that suicide is the major adverse reaction of withdrawal from these drugs. Clarke reports that “symptoms usually peak within two to four days after withdrawal of the drugs although depression and irritability may persist for months. Suicide risk can persist for years.
Avatar f tn Jag har med stor chans ADHD. Ingen diagnos satt, men psykologen sa det. Var på NPF.mottagningen och fick resultaten på testerna. Gick bra och gick därifrån glad. Manga har tjurat idag och sårade mig lite, men annars okej. Spydde på kvällen.
Avatar f tn Jag har med stor chans ADHD. Ingen diagnos satt, men psykologen sa det. Var på NPF.mottagningen och fick resultaten på testerna. Gick bra och gick därifrån glad. Manga har tjurat idag och sårade mig lite, men annars okej. Spydde på kvällen.
5856747 tn?1403348682 Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. ADHD. Prevalence. Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder or ADHD is today largely accepted as a bona fide psychiatric or neurobehavioral disorder affecting some 5-7% of children and adolescents. The prevalence will depend on the diagnostic criteria used. It was once thought to be three times commoner in boys than in girls though not all studies support that figure. About 50% of ADHD children will carry the condition into adulthood.
Avatar m tn I am gathering resource material for www,attentiondeficithyperactivedisorder.
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732468 tn?1238882236 wiki put on a pound since last week! wow.
Avatar f tn I have been with my husband for 10 yrs, married 7. Our 5 yr old son was diagnosed with ADHD a few years ago. We also found out that my husband also has ADHD. My mother in law never told my husband that he was diagnosed with it as a child till we found out about our son. He's been trying different meds, but nothing seems to be working. Lately we've been fighting a lot. He's been very selfish the last few years to the point where it's been pushing us apart.
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1756970 tn?1314376733 i was told to go on a low dose of a mood stabilizer but i am on so many meds i just hate it. i am on celexa and concerta for my adhd. i also am very pertinent of not gaining weight and increasing my appetite with any drugs and i know mood stabilizers do put weight on. help please!
Avatar n tn However, there are cases where some develop conditions such as attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), obsessive-compulsive disorders, depression and anxiety disorders. Aside from these, and to the best of my knowledge, no other significant brain damage occurs with this condition. You can consult your neurologist and ask him/her regarding this.
Avatar f tn my son is autistic and adhd. He is also very anxious. He has had brain seizures when he was very young that seem to have subsided. He is 11 now and since the age of five has complained when caught killing an animal or hurting other children that, "venom made me do it". He has dropped the "venom" but still sees something and it has a man's voice that tells him to do bad things. Is he possibly pre-schizophrenic also?
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Avatar f tn Focalin for ADHD?
1367899 tn?1278121440 My sister and I started a blog on Adderall to learn more about the medication along with alternative and complementary ADHD treatment options. Any feedback from users of Adderall or Adderall XR would be greatly appreciated. Topics to be added this week on How is Adderall XR different from Adderall? [Adderall vs. Adderall XR] What is Adderall? How to Make Adderall: [Adderall Background Information] What are the best Adderall and ADHD books?