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7087196 tn?1389309719 It seems like he is mainly being treated for Bipolar and not ADHD. Oh, and the fact that Ritalin did not help you really has very little to do with him. It is not unusual at all for kids with ADHD to become very frustrated, depressed, and to strike out. Especially, if it is undiagnosed and they are being treated like normal kids. Who is prescribing the meds? Is it a pediatrician or a psychiatrist ?
Avatar n tn i have done that too and it was way different. i am pro adderall for ADULTS. i would try a different kind for my child, but not adderall.
Avatar m tn This Wednesday, an article in the New York Times reported that between 2008 and 2012 the number of adults taking medications for ADHD has increased by 53%, and that in the case of young American adults, it has nearly doubled. While this is a staggering statistic, and points to younger generations becoming frequently reliant on stimulants, frankly, I’m not too surprised.
Avatar n tn Olga is a reputable professional who has been invited to speak to professionals and parents in our city and whose questionnaire is used by our autism department for parents to complete. Can you tell me if you are in the USA or UK so that I know what other information to give you.
602796 tn?1219877065 Yet I know his behavior is just the joy of life or the intensity of emotions. As for the reason of ADD/ADHD being diagnosed as often, I only have two thoughts: if this disorder is indeed on the rise, it may go hand in hand with the feeling of many adolescents and teenagers that life is overloaded with choices of all kinds, leaving them confused, seemingly bored and restless. Dietary factors may contribute to this with the large amounts of sugar that is often consumed.
Avatar f tn I am a recovering alcoholic who currently takes Adderall and who is also enrolled in cognitive therapy for my ADHD. I hope to one day retire the drugs completely as well. I did not begin taking Adderall until I was over two years sober however, but that two year period was hell as I was constantly battling against this dopamine deficiency in my brain (bad moods-irritability-resentment-fear).
Avatar f tn After living with ADHD for 7 years I told my BFF about it. She began telling it doesn't exist and everyone has it. She asked me if I was in meds I said no. I can't take meds because I'm also bipolar and it causes manic stuff. I didn't tell her about the bipolar. Is ADHD really something everyone has or did she just make that up?
219373 tn?1274925034 They use the gym and put out ropes, balance beams, trampoline, balls, bouncy castle etc. The club is for children on the spectrum and with ADHD and is also for their siblings. They can also bring guest friends along too. There are 3/4 adults to keep an eye on everyone and the parents meet in another room to have a coffee/chat etc. If there is nothing suitable in your area you could see if there were other parents in a similar situation and set something up yourselves. Anyway best wishes.
Avatar m tn you might consider talking with his pediatrician about his behavior, and ask if he can be screened / tested for ADHD or any other behavioral disorders; also ask about medications which could help in combination w/ therapy, unless you've already done so.
469720 tn?1388149949 Statistics show that up to 25% of insured children are on some medication (asthma, attention deficit and diabetes are the most common condition) Medication Usage 51% of all insured Americans (including children) take at least one prescription drug 20% of insured Americans take three or more Rx drugs 75% of older adults take one or more Rx drugs 25% of older adults take five or more meds on a regular basis (28% of women and 22% of men) The fact that many older Americans are on long term medica
362281 tn?1199774311 I can tell her something and she'll turn around and ask me the exact question I just answered. She has been known to ask for money from other adults after being told repeatedly that's not acceptable.
Avatar f tn Have you ever had him tested for ADD/ADHD? I first discovered my son had ADD at age 5 but I tried medication and didn't like how he reacted to it so I've tried home remedies and holistic ways to control his outburst and behavior aspects and have found that between school and home corporation things have gotten better. A lot of times children can be misdiagnosed for ADD/ADHD and they just are exceptional kids who just need to be micromanaged to keep them focused.
443100 tn?1210625462 Better known as the DSM-IV, the manual is published by the American Psychiatric Association and covers all mental health disorders for both children and adults. It also lists known causes of these disorders, statistics in terms of gender, age at onset, and prognosis as well as some research concerning the optimal treatment approaches.
Avatar n tn That's why I tend to be somewhat adverse to young children especially under 5 being put on certain meds that may be just barely safe for adults. It does help to do some research before leaping. I read that Here's something that lists side effects, etc:
Avatar f tn Hi Sano. My son also had some minor fine motor issues and it really does make them not want to write. check out some writing programs to help him along and it might improve things. Allymymarbles, the issue is that the teacher can see he struggles verses other kids his age. That is always worthy of helping a child out with.
780647 tn?1304024542 Michael Phelps, the guy who won all those olympic gold medals for swimming in last year's olympics.... he has ADHD. I was diagnosed with ADD back in college many years back. I never really did much about it because I hated the way medication made me feel. Also if you have a smaller child, you don't want to overmedicate a kid when you can use other techniques. Swimming is supposed to help ADHD and ADD. I didn't know that until my daughter's therapist told me that.
Avatar n tn I have an 8 year old who won't stop talking either. I googled this site after yet another note from his teacher today. My son makes A's & B's and reads on almost a 6th grade level. He is very smart and is also an only child of a single mother. I've had this problem now for almost 2 years. I agree that the schools need more ability to punish.
744777 tn?1235092863 My son who is 7 years has been diagnosed with ADHD by a Psychologist and Social Anxiety Disorder by a Psychiatrist. We've had these diagnosis for about a year now. He has also been diagnosed within the past 2 months with Autism (mild), Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder and ADHD-Mixed type by a Pediatric Neurologist. He is taking Zoloft 50mg and Vyvanse 30mg. When he was a baby he was slow to hit his milestones. He started talking around 8 months. Started walking around 18 months.
Avatar n tn I have a 15 year old step daughter who came to live with her father and i after her mother could no longer cope with her behaviour. She was diagnosed with ADHD at 7 for which she is medicated. After moving in with us i became concerned that her problems were not all related to her ADHD and after five months got a dual diagnosis of Aspergers also.
337969 tn?1208795849 At the end when it all fails...I blame myself for not being able to change the people's minds like I want in my head. For some reason I put a lot of burden on myself and I don't always understand why I do this... Once again I'm trying to catch myself when those things occur, but it is an ongoing battle... I can consciously understand I am being too hard on myself, but that emotion... continues on no matter how much I try to convince myself...
Avatar f tn This woman runs an institute in the Ukraine for children/adults with autism/aspergers. She has been invited a number of times to come and speak to professionals and parents in our area and her caregivers questionnaire is used by our autism department. If you find that article relevant to your son then you can read her book Sensory and Perceptual Differences in Autism and Aspergers. The questionnaire is at the back of the book.
Avatar n tn He has been diagnosed with adhd and I realize this is a hard thing for him to go through, but I also have adhd and have never taken anything for it. I have taught myself how to manage my behaviors so I know it's possible to function and live a normal life. I recently took my son off of the medication because he wasn't growing like a normal child. He was getting my 7 yr old son's hand me downs!
544302 tn?1217520684 I am desperate for some answers so I can help my son. I have had peolple suggest aspergers, add, adhd, nonverbal learning disorder, being a bratt, and may other things but no one seems to be getting a grip and helpin. I feel i am bein fobed off all the time and now we need help. Born march 16th 1996, had trouble breathing but soon started. Placenta would not detach and had to be removed surgically.
Avatar n tn If he then need some medication on top of that okay. Have a look at the DSM IV diagnostic criteria for ADHD and any other condition they mention in relation to your child. I would also recommend getting in touch with the National Autistic Society in your country and the Educational Advisors they have to make sure your child is getting the support he needs.
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