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Avatar n tn Adderall is the most commonly prescribed ADHD medicine for adults. I think most insurance companies cover it until a person is 25. Some will cover it for longer. I had to start paying out of pocket on my 26th birthday. Some versions of extend release Ritalin are also FDA approved for adults and there are also non stimulant alternatives.
2212714 tn?1342262344 That history was needless to say negative. Does anyone know a counselor for adults who will be effective in ADHD/Depression?. We live near New Port Richey Florida. Perhaps starting from square one with my son cooperating is what is needed. At this point he has no insurance, goes to college and works weekends. Loves computer science subjects. I think he is ready for help as he now recognizes his great difficulty in concentrating.
Avatar n tn I guess my question is would it benefit my son if we look into treatment for these problems or is he old enough that he can start to learn to control this himself? I'm worried because I'm not going to be there to help him forever.
Avatar m tn One final note, I see that you are asking for some clinical data on using DMX at low doses for add/adhd. One of the reasons why that information is not readily available is because the data was not sufficient to warrent using it for such. There are numerous drug trials that go on in this country in which the end result is not favorable to the drug. I think the tricky part with DMX is that fine line of dosing and its addictive nature.
Avatar n tn It is not too late to see a psychologist and get diagnosed with whatever it is so that a treatment plan can be put in place. There are many adults who wondered why things were so difficult for them only to find out that they have been suffering from ADHD. Just something to think about. My son has ADHD....he is very smart, but you wouldn't know it looking at his grades.
Avatar n tn I have heard green tea is good for adhd. I have a 9 year old with adhd and would love to hear stories of others who have used green tea for adhd. How much a day and when is best. I heard later in the day is the best time but I am concerned about it might affect his sleep. He is going for an appointment with a Dr. tomorrow who wants to put him on meds but we are a bit uncomfortable with this.
Avatar n tn It is absolutely possible for adults to be diagnosed and treated for ADD/ADHD. If this is a concern, I would recommend talking to a primary care physician or a neuropsychologist.
707438 tn?1240963240 I wonder what your doctor thinks happens to children who have ADD/ADHD. They like, magically cure sometime in teen years? I agree maybe you need to change docs. I'm sure I have it, and certainly had it all my childhood. If I were a child today I might be put on Ritalin to improve focus - although I never had the "hyperactivity", I can NOT sit through boring stuff. At 49, I still can't. It sounds like you are thinking maybe you have ADD, frustrated?
Avatar f tn Look at this list of differences between ADHD and bipolar and see which category your child fits in. This is often misdiagnosed and ADHD meds are harmful for a child in a manic state (even caffine). 1. Destructiveness may be seen in both disorders but differs in origin. Children who are ADHD often break things carelessly while playing (“non-angry destructiveness”), whereas the major destructiveness of children who are bipolar is not a result of carelessness but tends to occur in anger.
1453183 tn?1287852619 Beside the book I mentioned, a very detailed book is, Sandra Rief’s "How to Reach and Teach Children with ADD/ADHD". It will give you a ton of ideas for working with your son. It is a big book and covers a lot of very specific areas. If you are going to keep home schooling it will definitely help you. However, being realistic - you are avoiding the problem. Sooner or later he is probably going to have to re-inter the public schools.
Avatar f tn have a hyperactive 5 and a half yr. old boy. Hyper since birth.Changing diapers was difficult. I am used to this and it has gotten a bit easier to manage since then. Alot of his behavior seems like ADHD,the type that is hyper but "takes everything in". He never liked loud music,covers his ears. And also complained once of lights being too bright at Gymnastics class (which he DID NOT LIKE). He will interact with other children and isn't shy once he gets comfortable.
Avatar f tn From personal observations, I think it is harder for really smart kids to deal with ADHD. The sense of frustration that they feel is huge, and this can progress to destructive behavior. All of the things that you have listed - I have seen in ADHD kids. What you need to do is to start to research what ADHD is and how to deal with the consequences of it. Understanding ADHD really makes a big difference in how you deal with the child. I mentioned the following books in a post below.
Avatar f tn I have several questions regarding treatment options for adults with PDD and ADHD. My brother was diagnosed with PDD-NOS and ADHD when he was five years old. He did not receive pharmacologic interventions, but received intensive Occupational, Physical, and Speech Therapy. He is now 24 years old, and has done incredibly well. He currently attends college at the Art Institute of California in San Francisco.
7087196 tn?1389309719 It seems like he is mainly being treated for Bipolar and not ADHD. Oh, and the fact that Ritalin did not help you really has very little to do with him. It is not unusual at all for kids with ADHD to become very frustrated, depressed, and to strike out. Especially, if it is undiagnosed and they are being treated like normal kids. Who is prescribing the meds? Is it a pediatrician or a psychiatrist ?
Avatar m tn proper training both for the patient and for the patient's family, counseling on regular basis, play therapy (for children), Water therapy (for Autistic patients), music therapy and medications.
Avatar m tn Many times depression has been caused by ADHD. It is possible that the proper treatment of ADHD with medication (and therapy to help you understand how ADHD has affected your life) will allow the antidepressants to be slowly tapered off. Plus, the stim meds can be taken on an as needed basis and some have only about a 3 to 4 hour effect so can be taken just in the afternoon or morning (as needed). Anyway, hope this helps. Please post if you have any more questions.
1274559 tn?1284135818 It depends, in some cases taking medications as a treatment for ADHD is quite effective some research shows that it's fast acting and well tolerated. Non-stimulants can also be effective as a treatment for adult ADHD.
535822 tn?1443980380 The other issue of having a child diagnosed with ADHD is separate from whether they are eligible for benefits and also the concerns about medication side effects because ADHD can sometimes respond to cognitive behavioral therapy as well.
Avatar f tn I wanted it for work because i wasn't getting my work completed. Also for adults she wouldnt talk to my employer or my family she just relied on testing. For kids they send a symtom list to their parents and to teachers along with tests but for adults they dont so that is sort of based only on the testing. Testing can be flawed cant it? Its not 100 percent accurate.
Avatar m tn I'm kind of skeptical when it comes to the whole diagnosis of ADD and ADHD, especially in adults. It seems like doctors just try to have a drug and disease label for every little minor symptom or emotion that naturally occurs in life. But I do know they have to test you to diagnose you, so you may want to see a doctor. Another possibility could be depression, especially if you've had those feelings for more than 2 weeks.
Avatar m tn My question is, how do I go about setting up an online consultation with a psychiatrist, willing to diagnose me, prescribe the necessary medication and ship it to my current location (for I am not financially stable to travel to the US for treatment). I just want to get my life together. Am running out of time and no one will help me. Awaiting your informed reply.
Avatar f tn My 5 year old has been a evaluated by a psychologist from our county's IU early intervention department. He was diagnosed with ADHD or ADD. Her feeling was that he is a strong, stubborn personality who may have social emotional delays and he is very adult oriented, he doesn't realize that he is a kid. His behaviors are: non-compliance, very sensitive to peers approval of him and fitting in, very active,quick aggression when upset, need for control.
Avatar n tn He's fine when he is at home, quiet and well behaved but the minute he is around any other people,adults or children, he starts to talk loudly, touch everyone, he turns into high gear. In preschool this last year he was almost unmanagable. He was hitting, biting, and choking the other students and the teachers. When he was told it was time to move on to a new activity he would go nuts and start throwing things around the room. At daycare it's the same way.
Avatar f tn I am in the process of being evaluated for ADHD. I am 68. Are there special considerations for senior citizens with this diagnosis. I also take meds for depression. Starting back on effexor xr from welbutrin.
Avatar f tn She din't change his meds until the labs shows the potien in his kidneys. This week I'm looking for a new doctor for a second opinion. It breaks my heart to see my husband this way. Everyone who knows him is constantly asking what is going on with him. When a patient is being treated for bipolar should they appear to everyone around them to be on meds? My husband acts as if he's an elderly man.
Avatar n tn Dietary improvements may be the key to fostering long-term health and acceptable behavior. Parents of ADHD children and ADHD adults who wish to utilize omega-3 fatty acids as a method of modifying their behavior should use both flax and seafood sources of omega-3 fatty acids. Flax provides alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), the master omega-3 fatty acid from which other omega-3 fatty acids are synthesized.
Avatar f tn org/posts/ADD---ADHD/Being-judged-for-having-ADHD/show/1327105 You ask about resources for people like you. My first question would be - what kind of a doctor is your doctor? I have seen too many stories in my 3 or so years on this forum where the doctor didn't have a clue. Also (I guess), along with the first question - do you have the insurance to make a choice in doctors? We can give lots of online resources, but a good doc, is best!
Avatar n tn Hello, I have a 12 year old son that has been on 10mg Adderall lx for @ 8 weeks now. For the first six weeks or so his teachers we amazed at the difference it has made however, I just talked with his teacher and she said that the week before Thanksgiving and this last week that Logan has been blurting out more and not as focused. The thought of increasing his dosage scares me but at the same time I want him to have the success. I made a call into his doctor but would appreciate your input.
Avatar n tn // Its for adults with ADHD. I think you will find out you are not alone with the problems you face. Best wishes!