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Avatar m tn This Wednesday, an article in the New York Times reported that between 2008 and 2012 the number of adults taking medications for ADHD has increased by 53%, and that in the case of young American adults, it has nearly doubled. While this is a staggering statistic, and points to younger generations becoming frequently reliant on stimulants, frankly, I’m not too surprised.
4190741 tn?1370181432 In the 8-week open-label outpatient trial, 12 adults with severe and long-standing PTSD and depression showed a significant reduction in the anxiety symptoms of PTSD, as measured by the PTSD Patient Checklist as well as symptoms of depression, as measured by the Quick Inventory of Depressive Symptomatology . "We think that it works by sending signals in through the trigeminal nerve into the brain stem," reports lead author Ian A.
Avatar n tn Also, you might want to ask the school psychologist/counselor about possible symptoms of ADHD - a simple rating scale, such as the Vanderbilt Scales or the ADHD Rating Scale or the short-form Conners can be used to obtain a glimps of the symptoms.
Avatar f tn I strongly suspect that there is an awful lot of over diagnosis whereby every child that is a bit restless, bored, doesnt concentrate too well or doesnt fit in with what the adults around him/her would classify as acceptable now has a "disorder" and is prescribed strong Narcotics (some of which have the same components as cocaine!
459210 tn?1237385203 there are also some really good ADD/ADHD sites that have a checklist of common symptoms, I could not beleive it, I ticked every box. the interesting thing is that ADD is genetic and if you have it one of your parents do.
Avatar f tn he is not very interested in physical activities and prefers to be in his own company or on a one to one basis with adults although he does mix with peers.he finds making friends difficult and can ramble on about a subject of intrest for long periods or time.he doesn't consider people's unwillingness to be in a conversation,their opinions or emotions and will often interrupt people already engaged in a conversation or activity.he is diagnosed with hyper mobility and dyslexia.
Avatar n tn I have a child who was diagnosed with ADHD in the second grade and was on medication for a short period of time.He is now a senior in highschool on no medication and seems to be doing fine.My opionon is that medication is prescibed to frequently and often to children who do not have the disorder or really don't need it.These children are then labeled from that point on.
584252 tn?1218227286 When we went back to see the other doctor I had sone some research and I brought in a checklist for Sensory Processing Disorders bcause it said so much about my DS. Well, the docotr was very nice and glad that I brought the information, said that nothing about my child "screamed" autism, but that he could have some type of PDD based on the information that I provided.
Avatar m tn I am hoping for some help in finding what disorder this child has in order to help him more in the classroom. His homeroom teacher believes that it's ADHD, but I'm not so sure. I know it would be ideal take him to a professional, but his family refuses to do so and I am trying my best to help him and I think the best way would be to identify what his problems are. One of my main concerns is his extreme angry outbursts. Sometimes, he would get extremely angry and would ball up his fists.
Avatar n tn It is my belief, that all pediatricians should, when they see a child from their 1 year check up on be giving a simple checklist test to the parents in order to see if there are any emerging ASD tendencies. I am actually quite happy to hear that a school is taking this kind of interest. That said, I am also a mother who received this diagnosis 1 year and 4 months ago. I didn't see anything really except for a speech delay in my daughter.
Avatar f tn The reason being is that ADD/ADHD can mimic bipolar symptoms and vise versa. So, the situation you are in is quite normal for you and your son. If he does not take to these meds and she is not complient in working with the both of you I would recommend switching to a psychiatrist that will provide the services you need. I hope this helps a bit.
512869 tn?1211432256 1)Avoid Eye contact 2)unable to maintain or start a conversation 3)Intrest in Space ( MORE than any child I know) 4)only 2 friends at school 5)intrested in only a few things....
Avatar f tn If your child has been exposed to STREP recently, there may be a chance that your child's own strep-antibodies are attacking the ganglia in the brain, which results in these actions (it also can result in OCD and really, really bad thoughts.) The antibodies somehow mistake the ganglia for the strep infection. If you think your child has strep or has been exposed.... get a Titer count test. This is how the Drs.
Avatar n tn My son will be 4 years old in 3 months. He has been a very high-needs child since he was born. I also have a 9 year old and 10 month old who are just the opposite...very laid back kids. My husband and I are increasingly concerned with his behavior. He has always needed to have things 'just so' and has many compulsive behaviors, or he has a complete meltdown.
Avatar n tn My son too is developmentally very normal if not advanced and Ive gone through a checklist of autistic/aspergers/adhd symptoms.. none of which he qualifies for. Does your son still do this/has he learned how to manage it? I dont want to stop the behavior I just want him to be aware of it so maybe he can lessen it a bit in social situations, although it happens much less frequently now than it did when he was younger.
Avatar f tn making a lego model, but may be unable to pay attention to what they should do in class. ADHD can have some similar charteristics to that so that the child may find it difficult to pay attention and concentrate and may also find it difficult to sit still. Sometimes it just takes time for everyone to see and agree what the difficulties are. I presume all these concerns were brought up for a reason. My son can also over react emotionally to some things, but can cope at other times.
Avatar f tn the first one infact for a couple of months the alice in wonderland syndrome doesnt seem to much like my symptoms its very strange, everything speeds up BUT yet altough im fearful i dont react i stay calm throughout the whole of the episode and although its so out of the blue i dont know what it is for some reason i just seem to go with it. i hear noises and buzzing and i have to talk to myself to calm myself down but these thoughts are just everyday thoughts but i scream them!
Avatar n tn It seems like an aweful lot of us are out here suffering the same symptoms in silence. I do have to say that it is comforting (in a strange way!) to know that there are others out there, though, and that I am not dying or anything (I hope!~) Please comment if you know of anything that can be done about this besides asthma treatments and yoga. Been there and done that. thanks...