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Avatar n tn Adderall is the most commonly prescribed ADHD medicine for adults. I think most insurance companies cover it until a person is 25. Some will cover it for longer. I had to start paying out of pocket on my 26th birthday. Some versions of extend release Ritalin are also FDA approved for adults and there are also non stimulant alternatives.
521840 tn?1348840771 These same childhood symptoms take on different forms in adults with ADHD. For example, most adults with ADHD are not floridly hyperactive. Instead, an adult is more likely to report ‘inner restlessness’ or problems with impulsivity. Symptoms of ADHD impact important adult tasks such as remembering to pay the mortgage, paying attention while driving, or managing your children’s schedules.
Avatar m tn it's very unlikely that anyone would suddenly become ADHD in adulthood. the brain is shaped by genetics as well as life experiences from the minute you're born, so if a person is 18 years and has always been organized, thorough, efficient and able to concentrate well on any given task, by that time their brain is pretty much hard-wired to work in a way consistent with those traits.
Avatar f tn I have a defiant 7 year old girl with ADHD. She is rude, argues with adults, constantly getting in trouble at school....Nothing works, meds., punishment...nothing.....HELP!!!
1523918 tn?1291351156 I have been on a variety of ADD/ADHD meds since I was 7yrs old. I have gone off of them for summers a couple times but I have a hard time during school. Due to bouts of depression and because I am now 20 and not a child anymore, my doctor said that I should be on strattera. I was for 3 years but it's so expensive that I went off it a few months ago. Now I am so fidgety and I have trouble reading textbooks (paying attention, not unable to read) and forgetting to complete tasks.
1546912 tn?1293809481 A fruitless search for an Adult-specific ADHD forum and support community left me frustrated and cranky. Combing through general ADHD forums is -- ironically -- the worst thing for an ADHD adult who is eager to find success strategies. When I found the Mr. Tuckman's quote, I gave up the hunt and decided to put my energy into creating this forum. Please participate, enjoy, and contribute to what will be a God-send for other adults.
7087196 tn?1389306119 // Am surprised that Risperdal is indicated for ADHD. I can find nothing online that would agree with that. However, it certainly would work for anxiety which is a common disorder of ADHD. And I do read that it makes some of the other meds more effective. But, I still think it is being used mainly to treat the bipolar problem.
Avatar n tn -) Thank you! I chuckle only because, as a parent, I can clearly see that the ADHD is present. I have it to some extent. To what extreme it is, is yet TBD, and will be more noticeable as he delves into the more rigorous studies of primary school. I just feel that he can respond well to the chart system and am glad to get some great answers to the many questions that I have re: the meds. etc. I thank you again for your valuable insight. It is very much appreciated.
1472865 tn?1286905554 Does anyone really, understand in what ADD/ADHD really is? Well if you all are not sure in what it really means I would be happy, too help you all understand in what they both mean..Some people feel once they are dignosed with this (CHALLENGE) that their life comes to an end. But really isn't true... I have two boy's both with ADHD and other disabilities, and they are both doing well....
Avatar m tn And, yes, exercise can be very helpful. While a lot of the links are aimed at kids, it works just as well for adults. Not to mention that exercise is a great way to battle depression. The jury is still out on supplements. There is no question that eating healthy is important. A high protein breakfast is very important!
305180 tn?1279716747 It was meant to be an anti depressant med for adults and they found it helped with ADHD in children but causes worse side effects. Just FYI for you and anyone else who reads this. Thanks again for the input.
1274559 tn?1284132218 In my opinion being able to handle ADHD without meds really depends on the age of the child, the severity of the case, the school support system, and the commitment of the parents to understand and show their child how to function with ADHD/ADD. It may be that for a young child (maybe around 6), they might have to use meds until they are mature enough to use coping skills.
Avatar m tn Clarke reports that “symptoms usually peak within two to four days after withdrawal of the drugs although depression and irritability may persist for months. Suicide risk can persist for years. Studies have shown that approximately 15 percent of the children on ADHD drugs will threaten, attempt, or actually commit suicide by the age of 18.
Avatar n tn Ah, there is intelligent life here. Bravo to you for seeking non medicinal methods. Let's be honest with ourselves...can anyone really know whether a 3 or 4 year old has ADD or ADHD? I'm no professional, but, I think not. I mean, making such a diagnosis is like diagnosing a child for a heart problem because his heart beats faster than a normal adult. Hello!!...A child is not a normal adult! Their hearts aren't supposed to beat like a normal adults.
Avatar n tn I got approved for my my ADHD meds no chaning meds I'm varey happy and meds med problems
Avatar f tn I have several questions regarding treatment options for adults with PDD and ADHD. My brother was diagnosed with PDD-NOS and ADHD when he was five years old. He did not receive pharmacologic interventions, but received intensive Occupational, Physical, and Speech Therapy. He is now 24 years old, and has done incredibly well. He currently attends college at the Art Institute of California in San Francisco.
1850743 tn?1319370512 12 pills Overuse of ADHD and homeopathic meds
1850743 tn?1319370512 15 pills Overuse of ADHD and homeopathic meds
Avatar f tn College students take them for a boost when cramming for exams or pulling all-nighters. Others abuse stimulant meds for their weight-loss properties. If your child is taking stimulants, make sure he or she isn’t sharing the pills or selling them. 1. Adderall 2. Concerta 3. Ritalin 4. Vyvanse 5. Strattera (do not use this, there is a warning on the label for suicidal thoughts) 6. focalin 7. Dexedrine Their may be other but these are the most popular ones used.
Avatar m tn Oppps, they are still blocking that site for some weird reason, just put ************ before the ******* and you are good to go.
Avatar f tn I hope that you continue to try the no-medication route. Being placed on prescription stimulants for ADHD at 6 years old and being on them for years has left me with disabling, treatment-resistant depression. This is because of the way the meds overwork the dopamine system which is responsible for not only attention but the ability to feel pleasure as well.
Avatar f tn I personally would recommend a non medication approach first (therapy, etc) , and try to hold off on meds like ADs for a few years if possible. In the early 20's, those meds will work much more like thaey are supposed to. Just my opinion. No matter what, be sure he is being cared for by a child/adolescent psychiatrist, not an adult psych. There is a BIG difference. Best of luck, let us know how he is doing.
Avatar n tn I watched a Lifetime segment about a new device, called the Quotient ADHD System, which can objectively test for ADHD by measuring motion and attention parameters in children and adults. Has anyone heard of this device? Here is a link to the video http://bit.
Avatar m tn my 10 yr old daughter has had adhd for the past 6 yrs and is on focolin rx now 50mg in am and 10mg in afternoon. with her she has had trouble with memory loss for some time now and cant retain information from the past or at times 30 seconds after being told. she was giagnosed 3 yrs ago with seizure tendencies after fainting in my arms. her doc has not explored this further.