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Avatar m tn I am wanting so answers regarding ADD in adults. What are the major symptoms? Does it get more severe with age? My Focus in high school was very difficult. I could not focus in class at all. It is strange because I was voted the outstanding athlete of the year in my graduating high school class. Today many years later i am full of fear when it comes to learning..................
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1472865 tn?1286905554 Does anyone really, understand in what ADD/ADHD really is? Well if you all are not sure in what it really means I would be happy, too help you all understand in what they both mean..Some people feel once they are dignosed with this (CHALLENGE) that their life comes to an end. But really isn't true... I have two boy's both with ADHD and other disabilities, and they are both doing well....
Avatar m tn I guess that is the reason, and if you consider the spendings world wide on children adhd/add, it would be to expensive to help the 2-5% of the adult population being diagnosed. So I guess money and politics is partly to blame. Its quite incredible when studies show that in some countries have as many as 40% of prisoners are affected, and they still donĀ“t really take it serious by testing and medicating..... Wonder what the 40% of innmates cost emotionally and economical in modern society.....
Avatar f tn Essentially (to me) he is showing many classic ADHD and sleep apnea symptoms. The fortunate thing is that these can be treated by a good doctor who specializes in these areas. I am a bit more concerned with your statement that he,"he is not attenative to much of anything and does not care to help out with anything." That sounds like depression might be setting in. According to the book, "The ADD/ ADHD Answer book," by Susan Ashley, that can be pretty common.
Avatar n tn Weird, never heard that one before - and I have been on this site for 4 years. I think that a lot of the adults with ADD would be real surprised if it were true. As long as you have a prescription you are fine.
Avatar m tn With age, a decrease in observable symptoms of ADHD seems to occur. Adults with ADHD have a longer delay before refocusing when their attention is misdirected, and they have difficulty switching tasks. The hyperactivity and impulsivity of adult ADHD are often more subtle than those symptoms types in children.
Avatar f tn You asked," My question is why didn't they dignose me with ADD when they dignose me with bipolar." In the, "The ADD/ ADHD Answer book," by Susan Ashley (you might want to buy it), she says (p. 68), "one of the biggest challenges has been to differentiate children with manic symptoms of bipolar from those with ADHD." And the problem is that you don't usually want to use a stimulant medication on people with Bipolar.
1541754 tn?1294331420 ADHD researchers have known for a long time that lots of adults with ADHD are heavy (often VERY heavy, actually) smokers. The drug in cigarette smoke, Nicotine,is a stimulant drug kind of like Dexedrine. So smoking is a way for people with ADHD to self-medicate their symptoms. Like Dexedrine, the nicotine you inhale in tobacco smoke makes you feel better; for example more alert and focussed and "calm" - less anxious, restless and impulsive and so on.
Avatar m tn Your son is very close to that. Its about how adults (and college students) deal with ADD. It has many topics on dealing with ADD. You might want to check it out first. Its - Hope some of this helps.
7087196 tn?1389306119 // Am surprised that Risperdal is indicated for ADHD. I can find nothing online that would agree with that. However, it certainly would work for anxiety which is a common disorder of ADHD. And I do read that it makes some of the other meds more effective. But, I still think it is being used mainly to treat the bipolar problem.
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Avatar m tn There is a very strong link between depression and ADD or ADHD. In kids, its 10 to 30% ("The ADD/ ADHD Answer book," by Susan Ashley. ), My own opinion from reading posts here from undiagnosed adults is that it is much higher. My opinion is that if your therapist wants to help you, the therapist would do some research on AD/HD. Knowing what is the cause of depression is the fastest way to deal with it. If you are not supposed to diagnose, then who is?
Avatar m tn ok well i was told the other day that there was a connection between addiction and addictive behavior in peopl who have add/adhd i was curious as to hopw many of u addicts are add/adhd either cuz i may thnk u are or because u have been diagnoised by a dr stating that u are.
1523918 tn?1291351156 // and then check out his resources, there are many ideas there that will help you. And by the way, even if you go back to some kind of medication - all research has shown that that is only partially effective with out learning behavioral modifications. That is why you need information. Hope this helps.
Avatar m tn A growing body of work exists about the short- and long-term effects of stimulant treatment on cardiovascular parameters in children, adolescents, and adults with ADHD who are receiving stimulants. These data, limited to healthy subjects without known preexisting cardiac anomalies, consistently demonstrate small, statistically significant, but not clinically meaningful increases in blood pressure and pulse as well as minimal changes during electrocardiography.
Avatar m tn Susan Ashley, in her book, "The ADD and ADHD Answer Book", states that 25 to 30% of children with AD/HD experience anxiety. So it would follow that it would also be present in adults with ADHD. Pretty good web site here on adult ADD - http://****.com/#/welcome/ The 120 mgs strattera does sound a bit high. Most sites I googled say that, "the dose may be increased to a maximum of 100 mg in patients who have not achieved an optimal response.
1380252 tn?1279892799 Moreover, the relaxing of the diagnostic criteria for AD(H)D, and concomitantly, that of diagnostic creep, have resulted in a 4000 per cent increase in those children (adults?) diagnosed with ADD and ADHD, since the mid-1970s! In essence, children are more likely to be diagnosed in school. Adults, especially those individuals who were labeled in childhood, usually seek out a diagnosis when confronted with those cares and concerns of a "grown-up world".
Avatar m tn // and see if any of these fit. I am not aware of SID sites for adults but specialmom could help with that.