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Avatar n tn generally speaking--pediatricians for kids and psychiatrists for adults. some family practice or internal med doctors will diagnose and/or treat adults but some may tend to stay away because of the subjective nature of the diagnosis and the kinds of meds used to manage symptoms. they don't want to mess around with drug seekers.
Avatar f tn i would like anybody who has a 9 year old son or daughter to tell me what are the symptoms of ADHD before i take my nephew to a pdoc...........
1472865 tn?1286909154 I just want people to also understand that children and adults with ADD/ADHD aren't different by any of all means....
Avatar m tn I am a 19 year old who has had a long list of odd symptoms for as long as I can remember. I have never really thought about ADD/ADHD however as I didn't realize some of the issues were associated with the disorder. I would like to get peoples thoughts as to whether or not this list of symptoms seems to fit the bill for ADHD, or if perhaps it is something else. I clearly plan to see a doctor soon but would still like to gather as much information and ideas as possible.
Avatar m tn I am wanting so answers regarding ADD in adults. What are the major symptoms? Does it get more severe with age? My Focus in high school was very difficult. I could not focus in class at all. It is strange because I was voted the outstanding athlete of the year in my graduating high school class. Today many years later i am full of fear when it comes to learning..................
Avatar f tn Is there a sound method for diagnosing Asperger's in adults? Is there a particular center in the USA that specializes? Is there any literature that discusses the pros and cons of being diagnosed?
Avatar f tn My overall question: Are young adults with ADHD also immature compared to their peers? I have read about kids being a few years behind in maturity, but not really about young adults or even older adults. I am 23 and was diagnosed with ADHD at 19 after going to a large university away from home and not being able to handle the freedom of time, class demands, partying, etc. I have graduated now after changing my major a zillion times and still have no idea what I want to do.
Avatar n tn It is absolutely possible for adults to be diagnosed and treated for ADD/ADHD. If this is a concern, I would recommend talking to a primary care physician or a neuropsychologist.
Avatar f tn Stimulant safety concerns Beyond the potential side effects, there are a number of safety concerns associated with the stimulant medications for ADD / ADHD. Effect on the developing brain — The long-term impact of ADD / ADHD medication on the youthful, developing brain is not yet known. Some researchers are concerned that the use of drugs such as Ritalin in children and teens might interfere with normal brain development.
Avatar f tn Children with ADHD usually do not exhibit psychotic symptoms or reveal a loss of contact with reality, whereas children with bipolar disorder may exhibit gross distortions in the perception of reality or in the interpretation of emotional events. Bipolar symptoms in kids differs for symptoms of adults. These are basic common symptoms: During a time of mania, children and teens may: Feel irritable and throw violent temper tantrums. Seem extremely happy and have high energy levels.
707438 tn?1240963240 I wonder what your doctor thinks happens to children who have ADD/ADHD. They like, magically cure sometime in teen years? I agree maybe you need to change docs. I'm sure I have it, and certainly had it all my childhood. If I were a child today I might be put on Ritalin to improve focus - although I never had the "hyperactivity", I can NOT sit through boring stuff. At 49, I still can't. It sounds like you are thinking maybe you have ADD, frustrated?
Avatar f tn Hi, answered your post about your daughter and figured I should do the same for you. My first thought is that you certainly have some of the symptoms of ADHD or ADD. And, of course, if you have it (or your husband) - it dramatically increases the chances that your daughter could also have it. You are probably fairly intelligent or it would have/should have been picked up in school. Although girls, especially girls with ADD, don't get noticed as easily as all of those bouncy boys.
Avatar f tn // Since you mentioned, "if the discipline fits the crime." which is a really, really important concept. Here is a really good link on that.
Avatar n tn In a general sense, such systematic programs include a precise process for giving directions, combined with a contingency incentive system which calls for a set of household rules/guidelines governing behavior, precise rewards and punishments for compliance or non-compliance respectively. A plan for time out is, in my opinion, a sine qua non of such a program.
Avatar m tn It certainly is worth your time to check out SIDS. You also asked about ADHD and here is a pretty good site (with symptoms) for that. Both this site and the one mentioned by specialmom have lists that can be printed out. Perhaps if you fiance looked at these it would be helpful? I should also add that a least part of what he is doing is kind of normal for 5 year old boys.
1453183 tn?1287852619 Beside the book I mentioned, a very detailed book is, Sandra Rief’s "How to Reach and Teach Children with ADD/ADHD". It will give you a ton of ideas for working with your son. It is a big book and covers a lot of very specific areas. If you are going to keep home schooling it will definitely help you. However, being realistic - you are avoiding the problem. Sooner or later he is probably going to have to re-inter the public schools.
Avatar f tn have a hyperactive 5 and a half yr. old boy. Hyper since birth.Changing diapers was difficult. I am used to this and it has gotten a bit easier to manage since then. Alot of his behavior seems like ADHD,the type that is hyper but "takes everything in". He never liked loud music,covers his ears. And also complained once of lights being too bright at Gymnastics class (which he DID NOT LIKE). He will interact with other children and isn't shy once he gets comfortable.
Avatar f tn I have several questions regarding treatment options for adults with PDD and ADHD. My brother was diagnosed with PDD-NOS and ADHD when he was five years old. He did not receive pharmacologic interventions, but received intensive Occupational, Physical, and Speech Therapy. He is now 24 years old, and has done incredibly well. He currently attends college at the Art Institute of California in San Francisco.
Avatar m tn One final note, I see that you are asking for some clinical data on using DMX at low doses for add/adhd. One of the reasons why that information is not readily available is because the data was not sufficient to warrent using it for such. There are numerous drug trials that go on in this country in which the end result is not favorable to the drug. I think the tricky part with DMX is that fine line of dosing and its addictive nature.
Avatar n tn From my personal experience (I was diagnosed at the age of 9 of having bipolar and ADHD), bipolar symptoms in kids can vary from bipolar in adults. Nine was a young age, especially back then (I'm 22 now), to diagnose a child with bipolar, and I would think that would still be somewhat true today... Because originally, I was diagnosed with an adjustment disorder, until my psychiatrist finally settled on me having ADHD and bipolar.
Avatar f tn If that doesn't work, then you might have to go for OCD medication if you want her to continue taking the ADHD medication. Paxil works really good for OCD. I had a really bad case complete with obsessions of germs and chemicals to the extreme. About the ADHD medication all I can remember when i took it is that it gave me headaches. But I can see your reasoning, its given to her so she can focus and then she takes it to an extreme and becomes fixated on something like her fingers.
7087196 tn?1389309719 It seems like he is mainly being treated for Bipolar and not ADHD. Oh, and the fact that Ritalin did not help you really has very little to do with him. It is not unusual at all for kids with ADHD to become very frustrated, depressed, and to strike out. Especially, if it is undiagnosed and they are being treated like normal kids. Who is prescribing the meds? Is it a pediatrician or a psychiatrist ?
Avatar f tn Yes it is possible to Misdiagnose ADHD and the person really has Seizures. And the drugs they use for ADHD and ADD can cause Seizures among other things. I am not a Doctor but my son has Seizures and he was on two Different Drugs ADDERALL and Then we tried Concerta until I found out he was Having Seizures,and one of the Doctors said to me that it could be from the drugs . I took my son off of the Concerta .And my son will never take those drugs again. And my son still has Seizures every day.
Avatar f tn I agree with Jenkaye 100% with her suggestions for cutting back on video games. I wonder however if gators32 was wondering how someone with ADHD could concentrate on a video game. And the answer is that the stimulation is great enough that they will get locked into the game and actually can have a hard time quitting. So, yes, a child with ADHD can concentrate enough to play video games.
Avatar m tn org/posts/ADD---ADHD/Now-on-Adderall--what-to-expect/show/1467132 The symptoms of ADHD are very standard and can be found in many places on the web. Identifying ADD is much more difficult. You will find a very good site for adults at this location - - which covers both aspects of AD. Hope this helps. Best wishes.
Avatar f tn landau kleffner syndrome Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome I am sure there are a lot of children and adults that are not being treated for the right things. I wouldn't put him on any of the drugs they use for adhd a lot of those have bad side effects.And they are what people use, as street drugs to get a high and very hard to come down from. try Vitamins b6 and omega 3-6-6 and see if that helps .
Avatar f tn Strattera does have some advantageous over the traditional stim medicines, but it will take 2 to 4 weeks until the maximum benefits will be felt. I included a link to a page that covers all those meds so you can compare the differences.