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Avatar n tn I have also read a book on ADHD and they both have 15-16 out of 20 of the symptoms along with the sensory problems too.They have no respect for theyre own things as well as others. Heres a few things that I marked in the book.
Avatar n tn It is perhaps a neuropsychiatric entity with mixed underlying biological causes ( and thereby respond to a variety of medications ). Overdiagnosis of ADHD is possible , as its symptoms are mimicked by other psychological entities , one of them is depression . One study has shown that probably only a very small portion of children diagnosed are truly pure ADHD. Ritalin and other psychostimulants are still the first line of treatment .
Avatar f tn First I really thing you need to read up on ADHD. You need to realize that a kid who has it is not crazy!. Click on ADHD written in blue above the green post a question for a pretty good description. I can give you several sites with more info if you wish. I also can suggest some very good books. Second, your doctor is doing you a favor. He is being honest. Too many times I have seen stories of a pediatrician trying to treat ADHD and screwing it up.
Avatar f tn Good question on the large increase of ADHD. Part of the increase is probably due to coverage of ADHD under the Individual Disability Education Act of 1990 (ADHD was not included in the list of covered services until 1991). This made a huge difference for parents who were struggling to get help for their kids.
Avatar m tn ADHD Is Not PC The DSM: 4 Mindless Benefits & 1 Mindful Benefit Find a Therapist Search for a mental health professional near you. Find Local: Acupuncturists Chiropractors Massage Therapists Dentists and more! DSM 5 has neither been able to self correct nor willing to heed the advice of outsiders. It has instead created a mostly closed shop- circling the wagons and deaf to the repeated and widespread warnings that it would lead to massive misdiagnosis.