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Avatar n tn My son has been severe enough to be diagnosed as having adhd/odd at 3 years old. We have tried behavior therapy, drug therapy, and still no change. His aggression continues to grow and there seems to be no help for him. He is a wonderful child and i dont want him labeled "THAT KID". His therapists have started suggesting maybe there is something more than adhd/odd. What else can we try to give my baby hope?
Avatar n tn I have only recently learned of the ODD. My daughter has been diagnosed with "mild" ADHD. Her pychologist also told us that she is extremely bright. She is doing well academically in kindergarten; her teacher said she is above average in most areas of learning. Our problem is her behavior. She not only falls into four symptoms of ODD, but exhibits all six of the criteria.
Avatar n tn He and his half sister who I also adopted received counseling early after they were removed from their biological mother who was a drug addict and prositute. During the problems in Kindergarten is when I sought medical help and he was diagnosed with ADHD/ODD. A couple different medicines were tried for the ADHD but then he could not sleep and he still displayed aggressive behavior.
1442812 tn?1284681928 until my sons first appointment with a psyc doc to see if he is adhd and/or odd. Please someone help me to stop crying due to his mean demeaner and blaming me for everything he does wrong. How do I stop his loud outbursts always going over what I say, and his wanting to have "payback" as he puts it. I am afraid of going to sleep with how bad he wants to get payback on us, our family..
Avatar f tn My son is 5yrs old and has adhd and odd. He is on Ritalin as well as Abilify. The Ritalin helps him be calm but he is constantly throwing temper tantrums at school. They are so bad I have to pick him up early almost everyday. Is there something else that I could do to help this issue?
13008581 tn?1432436410 Actually, the meds for ADHD should make a difference. But you have to hit the right dosage. Docs start out low and go slow with the meds waiting for parental feedback, so definitely stay in touch with your doctor. If you have not seen a change, it may be that you are not yet using the right dose or the right med. And, of course, there is a lot more that can be done for a child with ODD. Here are two very good links on working with a child with ODD. http://www.additudemag.
Avatar f tn My nine yr old son has adhd and odd....opposional defiant disorder. He is on 4 differant medicatind, reperidone,guaficine,danphetimine salt combo and fluoxotine. He has to take thes SEVERAL times a day. It doesn't seem to help. He is extremly disrespectful, rude ,yellls at me my b.f. will not do any thing he is asked to do unless you ask him 500 times. And yes his dad also is not there. Bbxx I read your comments so you might be able to help.
Avatar m tn I have a 12 year old grandson diagnosed with ADHD/ODD/Bipolar. He was first prescribed concerta. He did very well for about two weeks and then started to act very violent aggressive and angry. The doctor doubled the dose and the anger and aggression etc. became worse. That was when the doctor diagnosed Bipolar and took him off stimulant and put him on Resperidone / mood stabilizer. He has been on resperidone for 11/2 week showing only ADHD and ODD symptoms.
Avatar n tn when should tell the child about adhd & odd, it been 3 months that child been told have adhd & odd, father wont agree with the dr recommending. want know when should i tell my child have adhd & odd? i know for years that child have it but father never beleive me then he finally admit he have adhd too and that he knew his child would have it before he met me.. what i am suppose to do? as single parent. a should i tell my child have adhd & odd?
Avatar f tn After a series of tests on her part and questionnaires on our part, he diagnosed her with ADHD (inattentive type with no H factor) and Oppositional Defiant Disorder. He recommended meds for ADHD and family therapy for the ODD. Our pediatrician does not take this diag lightly, so they are testing her again as like a 2nd opinion. We do that on Sept 16th. I am just so overwhelmed right now.
Avatar f tn That does seem like a lot to be giving such a young child. My daughter is ADHD & ODD. I fought with her original pediatrician for yrs that something wasn't right & after being told I was a bad parent looking for a cop-out I switched to her current pediatrician. He has diagnosed her with ADHD & ODD & after years of no medications at my request has since started her on Ritalin & Risperdol both low doses.
Avatar f tn I don't have ADHD but my brother did. I do have OCD. I have one child with ADHD ODD ADD & possible mood disorder. My suggestion is not to worry about it now.
Avatar n tn wen i was a small child, i was diagnosed with add/adhd/odd but with doctors attentoin im a completely normal person and im about to start uni. im now 18, have managed a resturant ect.
Avatar n tn 15 yr old daughter was diag with adhd 2nd grade - although was family "joke" adhd long before. 1st on adderall with explosive behavior - had to try before could take straterra, insurance. Strattera was fine for sev yrs - although only limited imp - just enough to tolerate her. Problems with social interaction and her mouth - she's constantly argumentative and I believe ODD. After menstruation began, strattera appeared worthless.
Avatar n tn My five year old son has some similar issues. He has been kicked out of two daycare facilities, and now his hours are cut at his current one. We've had "diagnoses" of ADHD, ODD, and sensory defensiveness-the last one was by an OT friend. I don't want him on ritalin, but nothing else had worked yet.Any suggestions?
5066424 tn?1363139169 Teachers are not required to nor do they take the time to learn how to teach or deal with an ADD/ADHD/ODD child. It is really quit upsetting as a parent to know that we send our child with a mental problem to school who are taught by teachers who are not skilled to teach said child. Right now, my son, with the help of 6 years of psychiatric counseling is at the point where he is reading about his condition so that he understands it & can control his behaviors more.
Avatar n tn my son is 7 years old and diagnosed with ADHD, ODD and your story matches mine. My son was kicked out of daycares and now kicked out of 1st grade and currently going to a behavioral outpatient treatment center. He has been taking Tenex for 2 weeks now for adhd and the Doctor has decided to start him on Risperadol for the agression, anger, defiant behaviors,and arguing. I hope it works.
Avatar n tn My son has Bipolar, ADHD, and ODD. They say they are comorbid. Risperdol I would think would be used for ADHD, not ODD. ODD has no medication treatment that I have found thus far. ODD requires lots and lots and lots of patience, always having to stay one step ahead, and making sure your NO's are NO, and YES is YES. It is very hard sometimes. But it gets easier. as to the comment from treazzure007 It is really a shame that you stereotype that way.
Avatar n tn My 4 year old son was recently diagnosed with ODD back in August. They prescribed him with a low dose of Rilalin. I only give it to him once a day. He is in preschool and for a while he was doing good I thought the medication was working, now I don' t think it is working to well. do you think that he should have his dosage increased or the frequency the medicine is being administered. I have also worried that the medication might be making his behaivor worse.
Avatar n tn Our 3 1/2 year old son has been diagnosed with ADHD, ODD, & Asperger's syndrome. Symptoms have been typical ADHD symptoms with aggressiveness,outright defiance and rage. Ritalin has unsuccessful in controlling any symptoms. Adderall was very successful in controlling a majority of symptoms but had the unfortunate side effect of insomnia. Luvox was prescribed to assist with sleep and minor anxiety symptoms. He had a horrible reaction to the Luvox. It caused further insomnia.
Avatar n tn She refuses to do her school work and is failing all classes I had her in a 30 day residential facility to help w/ her anger but they asked to leave after her medication was changed and it had not been the correct dose so she verbally abused all of the staff.I am wondering a few things 1. Does ODD normally appear in kids w/ adhd? 2. Is there any trial I don't know about 3.
Avatar n tn Diagnosis: ADHD/ODD, Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar II, Learning Disability  Separation Anxiety, Deep depression – up and down (swings), eyelash pulling and pulling out hair without anti-depressant, it took 150mg of Zoloft to finally stop the habits and put a smile on his face.  Does not feel pain like other children – can run across rock beach with no shoes and feels nothing - no pain. Loves animals can get stung by bees and does not care.
Avatar n tn help me my 12 year old son has adhd odd and bipolar. he is making our house crazy we have 3 other children who don't have these problems, but he really pushes us all to the edge everyday he always talks back never does anything he is told. I just dont understand his teachers call me all the time about him just sitting there looking around and doing nothing. our biggest problem is his talking back we punish him and it doesn't seem to phase him at all.
414608 tn?1221757868 We went to a new psychiatrist, she read the therapists notes and agreed that he may have ADHD/ODD but also maybe early onset bipolar(which i don't agree yet because of his age) and my 5 year old has been prescribed Resperidol 0.25ml twice a day. This has really helped with the mood swings, defiant behavior, sleep, and appetite. His behavior got better, but his focus was not at all.
Avatar n tn old daughter that the doctors are telling her that she has ADHD/ODD/Bipolar. they have her on Abilify but it only works for a little bit then they have to change her medications. yes the child was tramatized as a young child. she walked in and found her father dead. but we don't think that has little if anything to do with it. is there any medication out there that will combat all three problems with little or no side effects or other problems? please help the mother is at wits end.
Avatar n tn He has had a tough year at school and we have tried alot of different medicines but they seem to help his ADHD but makes his ODD worst. He is currently taking Metadate cd 20 mg and he still has defiant and agressive problems. We have tried alot of the stimulates and they all seems to have the same effects. Should we move on to Risperdal or abilify? Or maybe try clondine? Can you help?
Avatar f tn I have 2 sons both with ADHD the youngest also has ODD my question is how likely is it that my younger son has some form of Autism instead of ADHD & ODD? How would i go about gettin him tested for it also?
982214 tn?1471458381 I have a 9 year old son who has been diagnosed with severe ADHD and ODD. We have had 9 years of chaos, 3.5 years from the age of 3-6.5 with the "best" child psychologist in our area at a wonderful $150.00/hr, 3 years of meds first being aderall which caused unbearable ticks, now 45mg concertta and 35mg strattara which still causes ticks but not that bad. He is alright when the meds are working but first thing in the morning and after 5 when they stop working all hell breaks loose.