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Avatar f tn from the tiny bit you told us I see ADD not ADHD- and am not sure what Concerta does - but I am sure you read up on it- in general all teachers should try their best to teach to the child- the way that child learns- but the teacher to hit all 3 styles of learning should do them all anyways- that is to say If I were teaching a child to write the letter 'a' I would guide their hand on the board with my hand- say " start- pulling backwards I would say "around to the left then Up
Avatar m tn Hello, Before considering which medications might help, you will want to find out if you meet diagnostic criteria for ADHD or a specific learning disability. Keep in mind that the symptoms you report could be happening for many reasons, ADHD being only one possibility. A psychologist, neuropsychologist or doctor of education can do a psychological evaluation (series of tests) that will determine a diagnosis.
Avatar m tn i am a 36 year old man with learning disability.I wonder whether there is any medication for people with cognition problems.
973741 tn?1342342773 You can have EFD and not adhd since the EFD can be a learning disorder not due to adhd. I hope these help. Since knowing the difference does amount in treatment differences. First link might be the best. Second is more on ways to treat. Ok, this is interesting. took one last look.
Avatar f tn Hello All, this is my 1st time doing this, I don't even know if I'm asking in the right topic. Here it goes. I have a 14yr boy freshman, only child. This weekend he asked me for help. He said mom I feel their is something wrong w/me. I feel I'm not learning right. I have noticed a 7th-8th now 9grade it's been a struggle, grades c's-d's. What do I do next, where do I get him tested and what do I get him tested for?
Avatar f tn Much to our surprise we found out we're having a baby girl! My hubby is somewhat terrified because he's not been around very many little girls. .. lol. I better start learning how to braid hair and get used to girly stuff.
Avatar m tn First, any company that does not give their prices and wants you to call in for that - bothers me. That speaks of an expensive product and a hard sell. But whatever. I also don't like their promise (with no research sited), of a " If you are looking for a permanent, drug-free solution to your child's ADHD, Learning Technics offers a revolutionary and proven program with an astounding 93% success rate." I have never seen any research that shows a permanent solution.
Avatar f tn It seems my son who is 12 and has been diagnosed ADHD a long time ago. Has great difficulty retaining information. His spelling is below that of a fourth grader, his writing is just as bad. He goes to KUMON to get help in math but had to start at a 3rd grade level. My husband and I go over spelling with him over and over and it seems like his brain turns on and off when it wants to and he just doesn't get it.
Avatar m tn Among adults in particular, ADHD is highly likely to co-occur with anxiety and learning problems. The distractability of ADHD makes it even harder to turn your attention away from intrusive thoughts and urges (such as the urge to pick your scalp). You are not alone in having both conditions. I think you can get the most symptom relief from selecting a psychiatrist and psychologist who work together (or who are willing to work as a team) for you .
Avatar n tn My daughter is 6 and has been DX with severe ADHD. She was born with a 2 vessel cord and only weighed 6lbs and 3oz, which was small for me. She has been delayed in speech and has some learning disabilities. Does anyone know if the cause could be from her 2 vessel cord?
Avatar f tn I know he has something else in addition to the ADHD, some kind of learning disability. I want to have him tested in ALL areas so I specifically know how to help him. He just can't seem to grasp the materials taught, his expressive language is not of his peers. Reading comprehension is sooo difficult for him, he has to read it several times and much animation from me for him to understand it. Then writing a short answer is impossible for him to complete on his own.
Avatar f tn My son was diagnosed with adhd 2 years ago but still struggles with school he was held back in grade one because he hadn't learned anything the first time he did grade one he didn't even recognize his own name in printing. I am trying to find out more about learning disabilities because I think he might have one.
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1329481 tn?1275141813 ADHD is a life long condition. It doesn't just come & go. I have ADHD & I do not take medications. At some point, you have to learn to live with it & techniques in place to cope with it. It'll be with you til the day you die, & you can't rely on pills. Good luck.
Avatar f tn Is this normal behavior for an ADHD child? Is there any way to break this cycle? It just breaks our heart to watch him do this to himself we don't understand why he doesn't just do the task. Thank you.
Avatar n tn So, really if he is smart and doing all these great things with learning and does not have issue with learning maybe it is something else entirely. One thing is that you will definitely need to keep an eye on is that Strattera cause suicidal thoughts in children that is why they have a warning on the bottle or box. This drug is extremely dangerous. Now, I have ADHD and so does my 11 year old son.
1543592 tn?1293386614 new to the site... experience anxiety and depression often... also diagnosed ADHD *** well so I am not sure if they are related? ... anyways.. I have just been getting this odd feeling lately that I am just going to die.. I am not suicidal in ANY form but It's constantly in the back of my head.. does this happen to any else?
268698 tn?1222553884 m new to this forum, Just went to the school today to meet with my sons teachers and school psycologist, I was told my son is great student but he has a learning disability. He is 10 yrs old going on 11 this august and he is in fifth grade, some advice please. I have a 8 yr old daughter who is very smart. What do I do to help my son more with this learning disabilty that he has. Need some advice from parents who are going through the same thing.
Avatar n tn He has a learning disability and because of that he is on an active IEP. Since being removed from ADHD medication he can't be still in class, is very impulsive, mean, total disregard for others feelings, basically angry and defiant to all adults and peers. I took him to a doctor who deals with pediatric behavior and development. He was given mental status test. The doctor said my son never had ADHD that because of his learning disability he was acting out.
Avatar f tn Talk to a multidisciplinary team of specialists... get second on these conditions and learning disabilities...
Avatar f tn My 9 year old son was diagnosed with ADHD last year (and CAPD) and learning disabilibites, however bright and alert he is in conversation, writing and reading were not easy for him. He has been going to a special school for learning differences and it has made a huge improvement. We decided that we did not want to medicate him for his attention disorder, we eat healthy, have a good lifestyle etc.