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Avatar f tn from the tiny bit you told us I see ADD not ADHD- and am not sure what Concerta does - but I am sure you read up on it- in general all teachers should try their best to teach to the child- the way that child learns- but the teacher to hit all 3 styles of learning should do them all anyways- that is to say If I were teaching a child to write the letter 'a' I would guide their hand on the board with my hand- say " start- pulling backwards I would say "around to the left then Up and ret
377493 tn?1356505749 Boys do learn differently than girls - and girls learn differently than boys. Good teachers can teach to both of their learning styles. So unless, you have no other choice - I would avoid an all boys school like the plague. But so much of this really comes down to the school and the teacher. You may find a great teacher one year and the next year it could be a whole different ball game. So you always want to be proactive and plan ahead. Don't leave things to chance.
Avatar n tn I just read a very interesting article in time magazine on how schools are now built to cater to girls and their learning styles--isn;t that a shame that we are labeling our boys so early that they need medicine or criticized for not sitting still. I think a lot of boys learn from being involved in discovery--not just looking in a book or at the blackboard. Give your little guy a little more time to understand about waiting your turn and being quiet in certain situations.
Avatar f tn Is this normal behavior for an ADHD child? Is there any way to break this cycle? It just breaks our heart to watch him do this to himself we don't understand why he doesn't just do the task. Thank you.
Avatar f tn Some kids can do this on their own while others are just different with their learning styles but doesn't necessarily mean there's anything 'wrong' with them. Good luck with your son and strongly consider checking the pros and cons of medication if they declare his challenge is ADD.
Avatar n tn looks like whatever you're doing is working, for now, anyway. Just keep watching his behaviors / learning styles and adjusting over the years. Maybe your perceptions about AS are shaped by the media which is kinda mixed. When you watch the movie PS, I love you, Harry Connick Jr plays the role a man with Aspergers and he seems very funny and maybe a little awkward, but he functions very wel, socially.
506438 tn?1210649293 A good book I would recommend is Sensory and Perceptual Differences in Autism and Aspergers by Olga Bogdashina. She also talks about learning styles which can be different in autism and aspergers. They also tend to take word meanings literally and would have difficulty understanding sarcasm or understanding when someone was being nasty to them by the tone of their voice.
Avatar f tn I can see from the length of your post how frustrated you are. There is no doubt that 6 year old boys can be a force of nature. I was always in awe of my kindergarten/first grade teachers for their ability to work with the little guys. And, a bit more information really is needed for accurate help. But, I can understand given the length of your post, why you didn't get everything in. While I agree with Mark about his comments on discipline.
Avatar n tn we finally scheduled an evaluation with a specialist. It turns out that he has adhd and so many of those factors make him irritable. He has no regard for personal space and not much concept of others feelings. After beginning medication, he is 100% better. We are all doing the best we can. Don't be hard on yourself. Seek a professional opinion.
Avatar n tn Yes, by all means have her evaluated for both Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Learning Disability. The symptoms you describe could be explainable by ADHD alone, but it is unlikely. Sometimes a learning disability goes undiagnosed until the curriculum becomes a bit more complicated, as it does in the fourth grade.
Avatar f tn She wants to know everything NOW, and learning the basics is so mundane to her that she just gets angry. I know she's very smart, but her frustration holds her back from learning at times. Things got bad enough at school with the impulsiveness & behavior issues that the teacher recommended a Connors Evaluation. She filled out a form and our daughter was observed by the school pyschologist for a day. We weren't asked to complete any part of the eval.
Avatar n tn My 9 year old son has ADHD. My husband and I try very hard to disapline our son. We have been through parenting classes and ADHD classes, and nothing seems to work. Lately, my son's attitude stinks. When he misbehaves, we used to put him in the corner (a minute per age), that worked when he was younger, but now it is getting worse.
219373 tn?1274925034 So what are we doing about it ..... Well first is using visual things to help support learning. During learning activities words and numbers have to be on 'real' items and not just words or concepts that you hold in your head. For example, if it is numeracy and they may be using real (not imaginary) bananas and he would use them to represent the number ie. 2 bananas are two actual bananas. We are also using different senses to try and support learning. Eg.
Avatar f tn Also, I can tell you that things were once considered by teachers and educators to be the norm have come and gone. Take learning styles for instance. Six years old is old enough to begin to understand wrong from right, and every child is different. Finally, if this school was really so adept at dealing with this situation, why did he not write with some of the school's suggested courses of action? Why did the school not make a statement about similar experiences with other kids of divorcees?
Avatar m tn I will agree on something with you though---- children do have different learning styles and public school caters to the masses. My child needs to move to learn---- sitting in a desk with no movement makes it impossible for him to learn or focas. His school expects that of kids. His fad diagnosis helps his teacher understand that a little movement in the day for him will result in much better learning. All kids could benefit from this---- but some kids can't cope without it.
521840 tn?1348844371 If you wish to ask a question, please do so in the Parenting or Learning Disabilities Forums.
337969 tn?1208795849 You will find this book invaluable in understanding her behaviours and also her learning styles.
Avatar n tn One thing I started really paying attention to with my kids after the ECE schooling was their learning styles. I have one who is definitely a kinestetic learner, he is very hands on. Actually, both possess some of that learning style. Having only boys, I have no means to compare, but my boys need that activity to burn off their energy. I watch when they partake in some higher energy activities, as too close to bedtime spells trouble for sleeping enough.
Avatar f tn And the check list in her book, named above, is completed by parents and used by professionals to understand what the sensory issues are. This book also gives insight into the different learning styles specific to autism. She was the first person I saw who I thought 'well if that is what autism is then my son has got it'. But her book was almost like stepping into another world/culture and having it translated for you.
Avatar f tn Then from the other side are the autistics themselves telling us how they experience things and what their learning styles are and their strengths and weaknesses and that builds the other half of the bridge. Now between those two half pieces of a bridge is a bit of a gap and autistic people jump that bridge every waking moment of their life as they try to understand and be understood in the world we live in.
Avatar f tn We did this with our daughter and took her to the University and they did a great job of different specialists looking at her learning styles, her thought process. We came out of there wioth a lot of good info about her. When you go to thise kinda meetings, I ALWAYS SAY: BRING SOMEONE WITH YOU. These first time m-team meetings are VERY EMOTIONAL for parents. You could and should ask what other options did they consider this is called a "differential diagnosis.
Avatar n tn The medication recommended is the same or similar to ADHD/ADD. Our psychiatrist recommends FIRM limits and FIRM consequences. If you are an attorney I think it would be wise for you to take a look at the time you spend with your child. My father was an attorney and he was not home during the week much. My mother filled in and we did family things every weekend. (Swim, camping, water skiing) Quality time and support from a parent is priceless.
Avatar n tn Mainly with getting him to focus and stay on task. He was evaluated and they siad no ADHD/ADD. They said he ws having a hard time dealing with the abuse. We started counseling again. after so many months, we'd stop (usually due to lack or time/money to do it plus if the counselor would think he was 'doing better' and didn't need to be seen as much "unless there's another behaivor insident'.
Avatar n tn So we took him for regularly for a few months and had him evaluated and we also to took him to a second doc for a second opnion and they both agreed he had ADHD and OCD. We hestitated on putting him on medication, but over the summer while he was being evaluated his behavior turned dangerous.
676912 tn?1332816151 I was worried I would screw him up because I was told he might be ADHD or have autism so I was affraid to punish because I was scared he wouldn't understand why he was being punished. But it starts with discipline not punishment.(I learned that from the book.) They are two different things and when discipline is done properly you won't have to use punishment at all.
Avatar n tn I have been on Efexor since Nov2002 on 150mg initially and then 75mg + 2 Ritalin in the morning for depression and adult ADHD. When you tried to answer the question of why you are on them then maybe you had stabilied and were good on them. A bit like me, ran out of my script and thought let's see how I go not being on them even though I felt ok on them. My husband reckoned I lacked motivation on them. I certainly didn't expect withdrawals like this and I hope I am nearly over them.
Avatar f tn There is a reason why she is that way. My ex and I had similar parenting styles and we were very consistent with her. We never yelled, we never spanked. We were just firm and always addressed the situations as a parental unit. Now I met a great woman and we were together for 2 years, until I left about two months ago. The main reason, not to say the only reason? Her son. A 5 year old spoiled brat.
Avatar n tn Much the same early childhood family religious experience here. And my brother had absolutely the most severe adhd imaginable. It was hellish. So we all ate this diet completely devoid of any preservatives, dyes, unprocessed food, no sugar, etc. Not that the diet hurt us I'm sure, but neither did it do jack for my brother. He failed miserably at school and socially but due to my parents beliefs they refused to seek treatment.