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Avatar m tn You might also not be eating enough sources of HDL, but you can just increase your fish oil or krill oil or hemp seed oil or flax seed oil -- there are other sources of omega 3 oils, though only fish that eat seaweed have a good level of DHA.
Avatar m tn Actually, two things: If you're not allergic to krill oil, it is touted to be the superior form of animal based omega three oil. Second, all people should ideally use krill oil or fish oil everyday indefinitely. If you're able to take the krill oil, use that one. I've learned that fish oil can be rancid without one actually knowing this, whereas, krill oil doesn't have this tendency so much.
Avatar m tn The appropriate dose of krill oil depends on several factors such as the user's age, health, and several other conditions. At this time there is not enough scientific information to determine an appropriate range of doses for krill oil. Keep in mind that natural products are not always necessarily safe and dosages can be important. Be sure to follow relevant directions on product labels and consult your pharmacist or physician or other healthcare professional before using.
Avatar f tn What is your opinion on krill oil lowering cholesterol and lipids. Is there one krill oil that stands out?
Avatar n tn are there any precautions to take involving taking krill oil while taking coumaden? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/980114'>krill oil o.k to take?</a>.
Avatar f tn I also take the mega red krill oil what does it do for the heart , not sure I just heard it was good been on it for a year, have wondered if I am blowing money or is it good to take
Avatar m tn I react to caffeine less than I do krill oil. I can, however, take regular fish oil without problems. Everyone's body chemistry is so different that I've decided I just have to listen to my own body and try and figure out what it is trying to tell me.
20449547 tn?1498153448 I have always taken Krill oil to support my diabetes and help bring up my good cholesterol. I am worried that krill oil is not good for my baby and that I should switch to fish oil... but read that cod liver oil is a no-no. Does any one have any insight into what is a good supplement?
1331115 tn?1536362140 I would like to share some info I have found on the benefits of taking Krill Oil for a natuaral pain reliever. It also has many other health benefits as well. I have been taking it for a couple of weeks now and have found that it actually works similar to NSAIDS without the bad side effects.
Avatar f tn All of us should be taking some form of fish oil or red krill oil daily for the rest of our lives anyway, not just people on this forum. The health benefits are endless. Google if your unsure.
Avatar m tn s Wort, Melatonin, Krill Oil, Gotu Kola, Pre-Natal supplements (no pregnant and only take a third of recommended dose), vitamin D, vitamin B complex, Glucosamine Chondroiten? The brands are Vitamin Code for the B Complex, D, and Prenatal Vitamins, Viva Labs for the Krill Oil, Nature's Way for Gotu Kola, Source Naturals for St. John's Wort and Glucosamine Chondroiten, and Maxi Mel-O-Chew for the Melatonin. Are these good brands? Are there better brands?
Avatar m tn // the grain free dry food you are feeding still has lots of preservatives and chemicals, if you can possibly switch to a grain free canned food...but do the transition slowly so not to cause a GI upset. I will send you a great site, this Vet knows tons abt cat nutrition. On the right hand side of her article you can click on several links... -transitioning dry food addicts to canned food also -commercial cat food.
Avatar n tn NOW Neptune Krill Oil (75 mg EPA and 45 mg DHA per softgel, 2 per day) Found only 79.1% of claimed EPA and 76.7% of claimed DHA Also found only 78.4% of claimed total omega-3 fatty acids Spoilage (TOTOX value = 57.4) Children: The Simpsons Berry Squirts (55 mg EPA and 35 mg DHA per softgel, 2 per day) Found only 88.
1319721 tn?1276040968 btw, the krill oil that I'm taking contain 50 IU of vitamin A
1095404 tn?1333992839 my mom told me today that krill oil is actually better for u than fish oil b/c it doesnt contain as much mercury. so if u could find krill oil w/ dha or take dha w/ it.. i might look for that.
Avatar n tn I don't think it's too much. Be careful with fish oil. It is prone to being rancid even before it leaves the store, even if it's before expiration date. Krill oil is not so prone to this.
Avatar f tn Also without reading the warning label i bought omega-3 krill oil 300mg dietery supplement, i wanted to start taking this because it says it's better than just regular fish oil, but the label says that if your allergic to shellfish you should notify your physician and be tested prior to taking it. I don't have insurance to go to the doc just to get tested for this, should i just not take them at all or maybe try one and see if there's a reaction?
476246 tn?1418870914 I don't see why not. I've never heard that fish oil interferes with riba absorption or is otherwise contraindicated. Just make sure you get enough fat, I doubt if a few fish oil pills would be enough if that's all your taking. A chunk of cheese sounds perfect though.
518994 tn?1212242047 The highest, most concentrated source of Omega 3 fatty acids are marine lipids (from fish) or Krill, and Flax Seed oil for dogs (cats are obligate carnivores and cannot metabolize flax seed oil as well as marine sources). Olive oil is a good source but not as concentrated. A Fox Terrier would require 500mg Omega-3 Fatty acids daily, preferably in divided doses. The Omega-3 fatty acid product can be manufactured for humans or pets. As Dr.
Avatar f tn 00, in comparison to Lovastatin, which is still at $10.00 for 90 days. I am also taking ultra strength Krill mega oil and plant sterol. Is Lovastatin as effective?
Avatar f tn i have recently started taking glucosamine and red krill oil tablets and after five days noticed that i have a very dry mouth and dry throat. I do not have any teeth problems and i am not catching a flu or a cold.