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Avatar n tn i know you are looking for answers/a reason for your feelings and such. they even have checklists, a quiz if you will to see if you may have add. if it looks as if you do, print out the sheet and show your dr. you can certainly get on some meds to help.
579258 tn?1250652943 I'd take lean ground turkey and add some steak seasoning (salt, pepper, garlic) and some fennel seeds, then make small meat balls. By making them small, you can eat more of them, and they bake up quickly. The fennel seeds really made it taste sausage-esque. I think I got this idea from a R. Ray episode, and it works with ground chicken, too.
Avatar f tn Has any one else noticed the boy or girl quiz add with the two babies? The way it is set up the little boy looks like he is holding the girls shirt and raring back to punch her.
Avatar f tn I feel like a little kid with ADD. I took a little quiz online that said I might be ADD, but I never had problems like this until the last year or so, so I doubt I am. Can bipolar disorder cause ADD-like symptoms? Or could it be caused by the medications I am on? I take lamictal and abilify. I want to take an algebra class to finish my degree in the fall, but I am afraid I won't be able to pass because I can't concentrate.
973741 tn?1342346373 We will not know the inner workings of your mind and relationship from this quiz . . . I promise. It is all in good fun. So, read the question and imagine the scene in your mind, and then put the FIRST thing that you visualize. Don't think too hard-------- just put down what you think of first. 1. You are walking in the woods. Who are you walking with? 2. You see an animal. What kind of animal is it? 3. What interaction takes place between you and the animal? 4.
303824 tn?1294875001 Well I have ADD and I've found Green Tea Helpful. Usually they treat ADD with a stimulant and Green Tea seems to have the right amount of caffine. I would make sure that you try age appropriate remedies though. I've also heard Omega-3, and B vitamins help. I haven't had much success with those personally. Maybe you could try aroma-therapy. Try burning some essential oil in the background while he is trying to do his homework. Does he have homework? Lavender works well.
Avatar f tn The first shrinky-dink actually tossed it back across his desk to me and proceeded to give me a 6-question ADD quiz sheet that I had actually saw online myself. Is this crazy or what?!?!? I feel that these 'professionals' are misinterpreting what I mean when I respond YES to their questions .... Do you have anxiety? ... Do you have racing thoughts?. Sure I have anxiety ...
551343 tn?1506834118 I thought one thread to add links to information that might be of interest to us rather then trawl through pages (hopefully it will be pages if we get lots of members). LUMBER PUNCTURE (SPINAL TAP) This is a useful link for finding out about the results of a LP/ST. Map of the Spinal column:
1313843 tn?1275025037 Symptoms are as normal after 13hrs. I hate the rate your pain from scale 1 to 10 quiz, usually it is around 8-9 and right now it is 10 on scale, but if i normally can explain, take a glass of hot water and pour on your toes, while hammering your feet with a few nails and have your thighs and calf muscle wrapped with ice. Add wringgling your calf muscle while it is nub cause of ice and take a few pins and needles and hit it all at once in the back of your hand and on finger tips.
Avatar f tn How accurate is the gender prediction quiz? Cuz it said that I was having a boy, but the Chinese calendar predicted that I was having a girl. Which one do I trust more?
1277307 tn?1272979186 But first we had our quiz before the discussion. The only thing i liked this day was when we make the reports because it was so cute, you can add something on your report like clip arts and pictures unlike making the tables and queries that was so dificult and boring. And good thing also was that i have learned something again.
1512520 tn?1290261730 I actually sat through FIVE movies over the span of three days which is pretty unheard of for me as I someone who suffers from severe anxiety I always need to be moving around. Although if I were sitting through a lecture and had to then answer pop quiz after so that may be the difference....the quality or the level of concentration...the drug induced state you are in...
Avatar m tn i didn't swallow any but i have ADD it seems to run in my family but learning disabilities are a symptom of lead poisoning
Avatar f tn Im 21. I did a quiz somewhere on the internet ( ) for Autism spectrum traits in adults and came out with the following results.....
969557 tn?1314374214 I had borrowed a playstation with singstar and buzz, so we had a singing contest and quiz too. One of the girls, who I thought I had told about my TX but obviously hadn't, told me she too would start TX in October. She is doing 6 months. I had no idea, but I am really glad I found out. The one thing I have missed the most during TX is someone to talk to that actually understands (didn't find MH untill a month ago), so I am really glad I can offer that to her. Told her about MH also...
Avatar n tn I suggest that you continue to pursue conventional medical diagnosis and treatment but also consider a stress/emotional side of the problem. Try the quiz from the Skin Deep site below to do that: Quick Quiz Rather than dividing illness into "emotional" or "psychosomatic" and "physical, " I think of emotions as a factor in all skin problems.
645800 tn?1466864555 here is what i put , just copying and pasting here. I hate the rate your pain from scale 1 to 10 quiz, usually it is around 8-9 and right now it is 10 on scale, but if i normally can explain, take a glass of hot water and pour on your toes, while hammering your feet with a few nails and have your thighs and calf muscle wrapped with ice. Add wringgling your calf muscle while it is nub cause of ice and take a few pins and needles and hit it all at once in the back of your hand and on finger tips.
Avatar n tn Thank you very much for your suggestions. I took an on line quiz and it doesnt seem to be a great fit for sensitive child. I am going to check the book out though. Interestingly he does not do this at preschool, apparently he is virtually angelic. I should also mention he is a triplet and the least pushy of the three, and is overshadowed quite a bit by his brothers.
484180 tn?1209160023 When she was 8 a teacher casually mentioned to me that she may be ADD. I was uneducated about ADD at the time, and just thought although very intelligent, she was a daydreamer. Throughout the years, she has struggled at school and at home with difficult and simple tasks. She is now being evaluated by her doctor and at school. The two teachers at school, to my suprise, dont feel the same way I do.
Avatar f tn I did some research on some stuff that has been going on with me since I was a child and I strongly think I could be add/adhd. I know that I am no doctor and cannot diagnose myself but every time I bring up testing me for this my psychiatrist just kind of shrugs it off saying that it could be something else and while I do respect that she is more educated in this than me I also do not see the harm in a test.
Avatar f tn Have teachers actually seen this happening or is it being reported second hand? Has the school tried to stop it - they are required to do so. I add this because the most effective way to change any behavior is immediate reinforcement. That is one reason why your attempts have not worked very well is because they are not immediate. It is also important to know if there has been just one child involved or many. If there are many kids who are complaining about being hit, etc.
Avatar n tn Memorizing was easy, and sometimes fun to me back then, and I used to memorize things perfectly by reading it twice, and asking another person to ask/quiz me once. Now in 9th grade... it got fuzzy and odd. Even if I read things over thirty times or more, when I go try to memorize the second one, I forget the first one. Even so if I managed to memorize the first one, I forget the first one right after the quiz.
Avatar m tn I think the only way you are going to know for sure whether you should be concerned is if you quiz him on the picture and go from there based on his responses.
Avatar m tn Thanks for posting. He gave me an add quiz and I passed with flying colors. Yes I am attending support meetings. I mean I'm sure every recovering addict or alike has add lmao. I'd rather be a bit disorganized and unfocused than have my spirit stabbed by a speed pill. But I can feel my addiction trying to rationalize and justify taking it. But I don't have to act on that thank god. I mean if I had narcolepsy or a real medical situation going on I would take it but fact is I don't.
Avatar m tn 7. Provides incentive to continue treatment. I'll also add that another reason, not mentioned, is that early virologic monitoring affords doctors who are inclined to tweak the treatment drugs when response is less than desired.
Avatar n tn Hi My name is Marty, and I have been dating my girlfriend for over 2 years now. Over the past 6 months, she has been showing signs of depression. I read the depression quiz at, and she shows almost all of the symptoms. The reason why I have visited the site is because we have been fighting like crazy lately. I always seem to think that something is wrong with me, and that it's something that I'm doing that's hurting our relationship.
Avatar f tn To add, it seems that many of the people who answer these posts seem amazed and frustrated at the anxiety of those that do post. This is understandable due to the number they have to deal with I am sure. However, the websites that I mention make it seem like you have to lock yourself in a cave to always remain HIV free... e.g. the CDC :"Open-mouth kissing is considered a very low-risk activity for the transmission of HIV.
Avatar f tn I would say a good place to start is here on this site. They have good information about things like major depressive disorder. None of us here are doctors and can only tell you what we know from our own experiance. What you are describing sounds like depression. There are some symptoms of depression that a doctor would look at to determine if that is what is happening for you. As for bipolar, there are also symptoms of mania which is an excelerated state.
Avatar m tn 18-25; quiz 26-7, 79-80, 2010 Jan-Feb. AbstractThe vast majority of health care professionals are unaware of the negative impact of upper airway obstruction (mouth breathing) on normal facial growth and physiologic health. Children whose mouth breathing is untreated may develop long, narrow faces, narrow mouths, high palatal vaults, dental malocclusion, gummy smiles, and many other unattractive facial features, such as skeletal Class II or Class III facial profiles.
Avatar m tn My vision has never been made a big deal of by my eye doctor and when I was trying to quiz him his response was that he couldn’t really say and hopefully I’ll have good vision for years to come. I guess my questions are - does it sound like pathological myopia? This has never been mentioned to me by my eye doctors. Do I have a good chance at having decent vision for most of my life?