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Avatar n tn if she is experiencing symptoms of any sort of disability, included ADD... and those symptoms are getting in the way of her functioning ability (sometimes theses things don't get in the way of people functioning ability)... then it might be good if she had support and help. A visit to her family doctor might be a place to start. Or, a visit to a counselor or psychologist. If she was still IN school...
Avatar f tn I took a little quiz online that said I might be ADD, but I never had problems like this until the last year or so, so I doubt I am. Can bipolar disorder cause ADD-like symptoms? Or could it be caused by the medications I am on? I take lamictal and abilify. I want to take an algebra class to finish my degree in the fall, but I am afraid I won't be able to pass because I can't concentrate. Should I tell the school I'm bipolar and see if they can help me somehow?
Avatar f tn My son who is 8 was taking concerta 36 mg but was having side effects such as sleep and eating problems, now we have him on Addreall xr and he is doing fantastic in school sleeping no problem but will not eat all day he dosen't even want breakfast in the morning, as a parent I know he needs the med for school but I am afraid of what no eating will do to his little body, is there any other drugs out there that has little or no symptoms, I feel at my witts end!
Avatar n tn s developmental history, examining the family history, examining the recent school performance and school history, collecting standardized data via commonly-used behavior checklists (e.g., ADHD Rating Scale-IV, Basic Assessment System for Children, Child Behavior Checklist, Conners Behavior Checklist) which are completed by both parents and teachers, and scrutinizing the child's performance on any intelligence testing (e.g., WISC) that might be available.
Avatar n tn The symptoms you've written about certainly point towards ADD. I have it and I wasn't diagnosed until I was 17 years old (going into my senior year of high school). People used to think that kids with ADD somehow outgrow it or it just disappears, but I know that is not the case. What usually happens is that you learn to adapt in situations and deal with your limitations the best you can as you get older, but it's still always a struggle, unless you do something about it.
Avatar n tn 7 yr old pee in the sink at school and poop also lyin and poopin in the sink he is 7yrs old just started t do this hes in grade 1 french emerson split family
1628088 tn?1299532090 My 13 year old nephew seems to have ADD according to his school. I have always noticed that something was going on with him because of his attitude and way of being. He gets distracted easily and if you tell him something it's like he's not even paying attention and he is doing really bad at school. I know that he will need to go with a health professional as soon as possible.
Avatar f tn added in order to track additional menses symptoms....possibly entering into peri-menopause....
Avatar n tn I'm 19 now and was diagnosed with Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy (JME) this past March. I dont kow how many of you are familiar with it or not so I'll give a quick desription. This is a form of epilepsy that develops during puberty. Tonic Clonic(Grand mal) seizures arent common unless it goes untreated for long periods of time (Ive had 2-went untreated for 9 yrs). I have myoclonic and absense seizures. Myoclonic: small jerk like movements.
327385 tn?1378360731 my 9yr old daughter has some problems i think she has add/adhd. she was seen by an add/adhd spealist last year. the doctor tinks she has it but wanted her teacher to fill out the forms. her teacher was complaining alot about her behavior.she has trouble listening-finishing tasks-wanting to lay in floor-alot of talking. but when i asked her teacher to help with the forms she tells me she doesent have those problems?
Avatar n tn Two other ideas. One is that with her intelligence she gets bored fairly quickly and the words in her head is simply the way she is dealing with the boredom. And she may get so involved in daydreaming or finds the work so boring that she just isn't finishing it. If she is reading on the 5th grade level, there is no way that, "words bother her and call her stupid." But she may be missing out on the instructions? The other is, of course, the possibility of ADD.
Avatar n tn and her hair has to be just so. i was called to the school as she happens to be very distracted at school she has to be told every five mins to get on with her work ,i feel she might have ADD could this be possible. pease help.
Avatar n tn To date, we have no IEP at school and not had an issue in elementary school at all and few at home. I believe if he had been misdiagnosed with adhd/add ------------ this would not be the case. I just bring that up because your post makes me wonder. Tell me how old he is and I will try to give some suggestions on the aggressive and volatile behavior.
Avatar f tn My 9yr old daughter seems to exhibit a lot of behaviors that members on this forum are talking about. However they have not yet assessed her as having ADHD/ADD or Oppositional Defiant Disorder. She is in the 4th grade and I get calls home daily about her disrespectful behaviour at school. Academically she is doing great it is just the behaviour that is bringing her down. She is only like this at school too.
Avatar f tn (1) If you have already thought your child might have ADD, you will undoubtedly find a doctor who will diagnose him with that ailment. It is a very popular and faddish diagnosis, which is not to say that a proportion of those being treated do not have problems. (2) If he is under seven or eight years of age, don't even consider it.
Avatar f tn My 7 yr grandson has been diagnosed with ADD. He is taking Stratera. He has been for about 1yr. His dose is 25 mg a day. It helps with some things. His main problem is his mouth(back talking), irritates to point she cries his sister, just plain defies you some days, and cries at the drop of a hat(sometimes for no reason and others when not getting his way). His mom is almost to her breaking point with his behavior. They live with us. His mom and dad are divorced.
Avatar m tn I spoke to a mentor about this issue and he doesnt take it seriously, he tells me that these are not unusual symptoms. I have made severall ADD tests online, the result was that there is a high possibility that I have ADD. Now my question to you is , are this symptoms of me having ADD, and if yes what should I do ? Should I take this serious ??
Avatar n tn Certainly you exhibit some of the symptoms of ADD. You are also of an age that did not focus on girls in public schools who had ADD. All the attention tended to go to those hyper little boys. So its entirely possible that you were overlooked, specially if you had the intelligence to "get by". A site that you might be interested in checking out is - Its for adults with ADHD, but a lot of it applies. Take a while to go through it.
Avatar f tn s foot, no burning/itching, etc. Without knowing any of this, would she be diagnosed with ADD? How much of the ADD symptoms would go away with changing her diet? Teacher recommends testing for learning disabilities. Would malnutrition be detected in any of these tests?
Avatar n tn I have made extensive research concerning adult ADD and ADD in general and I do believe that in my first 6 or 7 years of school I did not exhibit any of the symptoms of ADD. I do believe, however, that these symptoms started manifesting a short time after this period of my life. I am looking for adequate psychoterapeutic techniques(behavioral or otherwise) to resolve my procrastination issues. Medication is completely out of the question.
Avatar f tn i feel like i have add or adhd... but no one will listen... i feel like im going insane... how can i know? how can i feel better about school and learning?
946268 tn?1246686539 my 4 year old son doesnt speak well,although understandable but he doesnt use words connections,he doesnt do his school tasks ar if he does he doesnt finish it,he's always opposing and usually doesnt trust anybody.
Avatar f tn He is 6 years old and will be 7 in September. He goes to public school and will be in first grade next school year. 1. He picks his fingernails. All of his nails are down to the quick. His cuticles look awful. They will even sometimes bleed. We haven't been able to clip his nails in months. 2. He simply must say what he wants to say all the time. He does not acknowledge that somebody else is talking. We will ask, "Did you hear me and Mommy talking?