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Avatar n tn Dear Ms. Voisine, Symptoms of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (the correct name for the condition) cluster in three areas: inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity. Some children display symptoms in all three clusters, some children in two of the three clusters, and some children display symptoms in only one of the clusters. So, the range of possible symptoms can vary greatly.
Avatar n tn The symptoms you've written about certainly point towards ADD. I have it and I wasn't diagnosed until I was 17 years old (going into my senior year of high school). People used to think that kids with ADD somehow outgrow it or it just disappears, but I know that is not the case. What usually happens is that you learn to adapt in situations and deal with your limitations the best you can as you get older, but it's still always a struggle, unless you do something about it.
Avatar n tn Two other ideas. One is that with her intelligence she gets bored fairly quickly and the words in her head is simply the way she is dealing with the boredom. And she may get so involved in daydreaming or finds the work so boring that she just isn't finishing it. If she is reading on the 5th grade level, there is no way that, "words bother her and call her stupid." But she may be missing out on the instructions? The other is, of course, the possibility of ADD.
Avatar m tn My kids call it "zoning out". I've been doing that most of my life...since I can first remember anyway. I was 28 when they finally gave it a name...before that it was called " just needs a spanking", "needs a lickin", " needs the electric cord", etc. My report cards were filled with "She needs more sticktoitivness" and other such malarkey.
Avatar n tn Certainly you exhibit some of the symptoms of ADD. You are also of an age that did not focus on girls in public schools who had ADD. All the attention tended to go to those hyper little boys. So its entirely possible that you were overlooked, specially if you had the intelligence to "get by". A site that you might be interested in checking out is - Its for adults with ADHD, but a lot of it applies. Take a while to go through it.
Avatar f tn I took a little quiz online that said I might be ADD, but I never had problems like this until the last year or so, so I doubt I am. Can bipolar disorder cause ADD-like symptoms? Or could it be caused by the medications I am on? I take lamictal and abilify. I want to take an algebra class to finish my degree in the fall, but I am afraid I won't be able to pass because I can't concentrate. Should I tell the school I'm bipolar and see if they can help me somehow?
327385 tn?1378364331 my 9yr old daughter has some problems i think she has add/adhd. she was seen by an add/adhd spealist last year. the doctor tinks she has it but wanted her teacher to fill out the forms. her teacher was complaining alot about her behavior.she has trouble listening-finishing tasks-wanting to lay in floor-alot of talking. but when i asked her teacher to help with the forms she tells me she doesent have those problems?
Avatar n tn I'm not exactly sure of how to say this. Refuses to make friends. Has no friends at school. Sticks by himself, stands in school corners alone and has been noticed by staff talking to himself, and even will use the bathroom to do so when crowded. Talks to himself as if he is with someone else, asks questions and then answers them. School staff recently brought it to my attention. I have noticed him in his room speaking almost constantly.
Avatar f tn My son who is 8 was taking concerta 36 mg but was having side effects such as sleep and eating problems, now we have him on Addreall xr and he is doing fantastic in school sleeping no problem but will not eat all day he dosen't even want breakfast in the morning, as a parent I know he needs the med for school but I am afraid of what no eating will do to his little body, is there any other drugs out there that has little or no symptoms, I feel at my witts end!
Avatar n tn The process includes interviewing the parent(s) and child, examining the child's developmental history, examining the family history, examining the recent school performance and school history, collecting standardized data via commonly-used behavior checklists (e.g.
Avatar n tn She never was diagnosed in school because she was able to mask it. It seems that when she got into college, the symptoms surfaced more. It took her 5 years to get an Associate's Degree. She always told us that she was attending classes to finish her degree but flunked out. She has a lot of trouble paying her bills. In fact, she doesn't even open them. She says she going to do this or that, but doesn't do it. I've noticed she has been doing a lot of nail biting and shaking her foot.
Avatar n tn To date, we have no IEP at school and not had an issue in elementary school at all and few at home. I believe if he had been misdiagnosed with adhd/add ------------ this would not be the case. I just bring that up because your post makes me wonder. Tell me how old he is and I will try to give some suggestions on the aggressive and volatile behavior.
Avatar f tn (1) If you have already thought your child might have ADD, you will undoubtedly find a doctor who will diagnose him with that ailment. It is a very popular and faddish diagnosis, which is not to say that a proportion of those being treated do not have problems. (2) If he is under seven or eight years of age, don't even consider it.
490665 tn?1210337612 was wondering if adult add goes un detected for quite a while, its just i suffer with anxiety and have been told its a side effect of add or adhd, i have always been quite hyperactive as a person and as a young person was very unruly and troublesom and did not quite understand why i was like that and why i was doin things wrong, i always have compulsions to get in trouble and still do, i also suffer with a bad temper but i dont mean to have these outbursts they just happen!!
Avatar m tn I spoke to a mentor about this issue and he doesnt take it seriously, he tells me that these are not unusual symptoms. I have made severall ADD tests online, the result was that there is a high possibility that I have ADD. Now my question to you is , are this symptoms of me having ADD, and if yes what should I do ? Should I take this serious ??
Avatar n tn I have made extensive research concerning adult ADD and ADD in general and I do believe that in my first 6 or 7 years of school I did not exhibit any of the symptoms of ADD. I do believe, however, that these symptoms started manifesting a short time after this period of my life. I am looking for adequate psychoterapeutic techniques(behavioral or otherwise) to resolve my procrastination issues. Medication is completely out of the question.
Avatar f tn You can go to your family doctor to ask about these symptoms and to inquire if you might have adult ADD. I went to my family doctor to get diagnosed.
1453183 tn?1287852619 My son has been diagnosed with having ADD/ADHD and was put on Atterall and then a year ago the doctors took him off the medication and his schooling has suffered because of it. My question is would home schooling him help him or hurt him in anyway? And What else can I do to teach my child how to help control his symptoms?
186166 tn?1385262982 i was just wondering if any of you were ever told this and if so if you took stimulants for it when you were younger. one of the prime symptoms of ADD is impulsiveness and never thinking about the consequences of your actions. i am just curious...that's all. any thoughts?
Avatar f tn You are clearly depressed and i don't know about ADD. Usually to be diagnosed with ADD as an adult you would tell tales of all kinds of difficulty as a child. It sounds like this is a problem that has been brewing in your adult years and hitting a peak (I hope). It does not go unnoticed that your mother is "the same way" and you are now caring for her. Good luck.
Avatar f tn My 5 year old had an adrenalectomy when she was 3 due to being diagnosed with neuroblastoma. She is now in kindergarten and showing signs of ADD. She is not hyperactive at school although at home she can be. She is not disruptive. She just daydreams. When her teacher give instructions, they just don't seem to register. I am wondering if the fact she only has one adrenal gland is causing some other phenomenom to happen in her body that would cause this behavior.
Avatar f tn // How to cope with it starts out by finding exactly what it is. I have a lot of links that deal with ways to cope if it is ADD (sure sounds like it is). Let me know what else you are especially interested in. You might also talk with your school counselor.
Avatar n tn first that a lot of change can happen in two years time, so I fully agree that you should take him back to the pediatrician to see if there is a medical condition (whether it's ADD/ADHD or something else) that's contributing to his problems at school. I would also add in there that it might be a good idea to work with a school pscyhologist as well...not only would they be able to help discern if he has ADD/ADHD, but they can also do IQ tests and such...
Avatar n tn My son was diagnosed with add/odd last November and has recently been diagnosed as depressed and prescribed prozac, he is 10yrs old. He also is LD. I too was LD and attended special education in school, and I have been on prozac for about four years. I think I know where he got it from! I have many of the symptoms, over the eleven. My question is at what point should I seek treatment? I guess to others I might look like I function quite well but really I am a mess.
Avatar f tn But when I finished high school, things got harder..  I joined the med-school, and now I'm in my 5th year.. I love medicine, but I have got no will at all to study, my daily routine is a mess, I always fail to follow a plan, I'm always bored, I don't listen in classes, sometimes I don't even attend because I know it's boring and that I won't be able to focus..
Avatar n tn Maybe its a combination of the ADHD and a mild Traumatic Brain Injury from the accident. A TBI is really the only way ADHD can occur later in life.
Avatar n tn ADHD is almost always passed down by parents, which can make it hard for them to deal with it. You might consider talking to your school counselor. Your school is really the one (besides your parents) that can get things started. Good luck!