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303824 tn?1294875001 For school work: 1. Children with ADD hate school. They will do anything to avoid doing homework because it is hard, they don't get it, and it takes a long time (people with ADD tend to take about twice as long to do the same work as someone without it) a. Keep in constant contact with the teachers. i.e.
Avatar f tn // Wellbutrin is used to treat depression, not ADD. If ADD is the source of your depression, than you would definitely want to find a specific treatment for that. Kind of wonder what kind of a doc you are seeing. You might also want to check out this site. Its for adults with ADD and pretty well runs through all kinds of adult ADD stuff. Its kinda of helter-skelter, but the writer is ADD, and it tends to fit his personality I think.
676912 tn?1332816151 My son is 19 months old and has been putting together two to three word sentences since he was about 12-13 months old. He says more than 30 words (haven't counted in a while) and now says "what are you doing", a four word sentence. It's not completely clear it's more of a "wha uh you doin". Just curious as to what others' children are saying at their current age. He uses phrases correctly, like thank you, and tells the dogs to "knock off" when they're being loud.
Avatar m tn If this only happened once and if you did not swallow the lead - I really doubt it. A doctor could do a blood test and let you know for sure. The link I posted will tell you more than you want to know about lead poisoning. I would concentrate more on dealing with your ADD. This is a good article dealing with the benefits of exercise. - http://www.medscape.
Avatar m tn This has never been mentioned to me by my eye doctors. Do I have a good chance at having decent vision for most of my life?
484180 tn?1209160023 I feel that the questionaires the teachers filled out were more for grade school aged children rather than high school aged children. My daughter tends to appear shy around adults she doesn't know well, I feel these teachers are not able to accurately answer these questions since they have not been able to spend an adequate amount of time with her.
Avatar m tn this lack of sleep can adversely affect their growth and academic performance. Many of these children are misdiagnosed with attention deficit disorder (ADD) and hyperactivity. It is important for the entire health care community (including general and pediatric dentists) to screen and diagnose for mouth breathing in adults and in children as young as 5 years of age.
Avatar m tn It's not uncommon for children that age to draw genitals, especially the same sex, as he is well acquainted with what HIS parts look like. That being said, you're right to be concerned about his environment. It doesn't sound at all suitable or stable. Whether there is more going on that just him witnessing very poor behavior in adults is something I'd say to look into a bit more, but try not to jump to conclusions. Where is the child's father in all of this? Is that your son?
Avatar f tn Ouch, 16 years. Hopefully, it was not all for nothing - there had to have been some good times in there! But to the kid. I am also the CL on the ADHD forum. When I see posts about kids that have given up - many times (not always) its because they have ADHD, ADD, or another learning disability. In other words, he may be giving up because he has had years of failure and is fed up with it. I have seen many, many kids like that. This is just one link that might help - http://www.
Avatar m tn I think the previous poster has answered all the questions in the most accurate way. As for the size of penis and vagina - it is individual for different people. Guys can have different sizes as well as women have different sizes, so it depends also on individual characteristics of the partners.
Avatar n tn ) I read a book once something about the high needs or spirited child or something like that which made an interesting comment that has been confirmed for me by other parents who have faced similar issues. Apperantly children with these kinds of sensitivities can end up being the most rewarding children (not that our others are not, by ANY means!) because they seem to develop quite a sensitivity to others thoughts, feelings etc.
Avatar f tn Most schools are not allowed to suggest something like ADHD or ADD because then they are liable for treatment, etc. Be very happy that he has supportive teachers. The LD is very serious and does need to be concentrated on. The question is what is causing it. If it is being caused by ADHD, its like a dog chasing his tail - you will never catch up with it. With a lot of after school tutoring, summer help, and very understanding teachers - he could hang in there.
Avatar f tn I current absolutely adore my current job, which I have done for about 17 or 18 years, and will continue to do it as long as I can, but I want to branch out and possibly go back to school for some other things. I am just curious as to what everyone does for a living. If you would like to, please share your occupation. Also, it would be great to know your degree/level of education and how many years you have been doing your job and/or suggestions pertaining to your field.
263804 tn?1451104357 I pray you get the specialist you need for your son, and I hope it's very soon. I believe many on the forum would agree, it's not greedy, nor selfish, to pray for these things for yourself and for loved ones, and be sure to add the words, "quickly!
Avatar f tn You are better off with just the kids, than with some horndog hanging around for free nooky. Add to it that he sounds like a molester, and I would get him out tonight and he should thank his lucky stars you did not go to the police. Talk to your lawyer about your concerns regarding your ex, and see if he or she can give you some advice as to what it would take to terminate the overnight visits.
Avatar m tn I am sorry to hear of your relapse. It is time for you to ask for help and I mean in the "real" world. You need to find out what is causing you to use in the first place and learn your triggers, etc. Relapse prevention is a must. What worked for me was counseling and NA/AA meetings which I still attend today. You will find yourself involved with a group of people who have been where you are and are like you are who can share their experience, strength and hope.
Avatar f tn i am still searching for children pdoc and till then this forum is the only help i can get.
Avatar f tn Lol I might have to get those headsets for me to wear to help block out 3 young children! Hahah. I love them dearly but sometimes the noise can get to me.
Avatar f tn He seemed concerned when I mentioned the potential for her to have it then took the quiz. Of course the stupid quiz stopped working halfway through but at least he's trying. One of the many reasons I love him.
Avatar f tn If something is bothering her, she will not approach any adult for help. If I send her to school with something to give her teacher, she won't do it. He grades are suffering because she won't answer questions by her teacher. She is very outspoken when she is just working with her peers. She speaks in all her adult relatives. What can I do to help her speak with adults.
Avatar f tn Many breeds including those are stereo typed because they are usually purchased to be guard dogs.=( I've had two boxers who were intelligent, great with children and small dogs. I just recently got a white shepherd husky mix pup who is probably one of the most intelligent dogs I've seen however, he can be very stubborn. As for a Standard Poodle they are highly intelligent, and have been known to be very easy to train.
5174041 tn?1364954731 I don't blame you for not liking that answer. I wouldn't like it either. Is there a possibility that he's jealous of his younger siblings? Is his father involved in his life at all? I ask only because children tend to "act out" when a parent is no longer in their life 24/7 (I should know, my parents divorced when I was 4 years old and I never really had a relationship with my father, now that I'm 23, I still don't).
Avatar m tn An occupational therapist evaluates for sensory integration disorder and then does therapy for it. My son is like a different kid after being diagnosed and beginning occupational therapy. He is doing fantastic now at 6 years old. They can do amazing things with children these days. So please google this and see what you think. The other thought I had was anxiety, severe anxiety. This would be a psychiatric diagnosis and treatment would be necessary. Something to also think about.
458072 tn?1291418786 Count all the ones that you remember not the ones you were told about. Ratings at the bottom. 1. Blackjack chewing gum 2.Wax Coke-shaped bottles with colored sugar water 3. Candy cigarettes 4. Soda pop machines that dispensed glass bottles 5. Coffee shops or diners with tableside juke boxes 6. Home milk delivery in glass bottles with cardboard stoppers 7. Party lines on the telephone 8. Newsreels before the movie 9. P.F. Flyers 10. Butch wax 11.
149081 tn?1242401432 In light of the recent havoc caused by the weather on Pennsylvania's Highways where some people were confined to their automobiles for 16 or more hours without food and water- I wonder what an we safely keep in our cars/trucks in case of an emergency situation such as this?
Avatar f tn Che, The treatment is very hard on the person and I'm sure even harder for family members to watch. It will all be over soon enough and hopefully she will clear the virus. This disease can be fatal in some cases but it sounds like your mum is on top of things and doing everything right to be cured. This site will give you loads of information on hep c. Good Luck to you!
Avatar n tn I second everything Plateletgal just said! Just wanted to add that I was Dx'd with EBV & Mono 18 years ago, I had them both for 3 years. Extreme sleepiness & fatigue were the most prevalent symp's. I then developed FMS/CFS after that (Like Plateletgal said) and I also wish I got treatment from a Naturopath. But yes, you can recover from it, and probably will since medicine (especially alternative medicine) has come a long way!
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1678656 tn?1369237418 That's a poor option when you have children to care for and frequent headaches. I'd look for someone who can help you find the triggers for your migraine pain and work toward prevention. The highest dose of gabapentin won't help your arm if this pain is from spasticity instead of paresthesias. A physical therapist familiar with MS might be better at evaluating the problem and suggesting a combo of drugs and physical treatments that will help now and keep you moving over time.
Avatar f tn Then he set me off to his physician assistance (PA) for my follow-up and I vow not to see her again and have asked for my follow-up in July appointment to be with the doc from now on.Don't get me wrong, I work in the medical field and I'm a fan of NPs and PAs.