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Avatar n tn there is such a thing as "adult add" go ahead and research it and see if you fall under that catagory. i know you are looking for answers/a reason for your feelings and such. they even have checklists, a quiz if you will to see if you may have add. if it looks as if you do, print out the sheet and show your dr. you can certainly get on some meds to help.
Avatar f tn Its for adults with ADD and pretty well runs through all kinds of adult ADD stuff. Its kinda of helter-skelter, but the writer is ADD, and it tends to fit his personality I think. http://jeffsaddmind.
303824 tn?1294875001 Well I have ADD and I've found Green Tea Helpful. Usually they treat ADD with a stimulant and Green Tea seems to have the right amount of caffine. I would make sure that you try age appropriate remedies though. I've also heard Omega-3, and B vitamins help. I haven't had much success with those personally. Maybe you could try aroma-therapy. Try burning some essential oil in the background while he is trying to do his homework. Does he have homework? Lavender works well.
Avatar m tn If this only happened once and if you did not swallow the lead - I really doubt it. A doctor could do a blood test and let you know for sure. The link I posted will tell you more than you want to know about lead poisoning. I would concentrate more on dealing with your ADD. This is a good article dealing with the benefits of exercise. - http://www.medscape.
Avatar f tn I did some research on some stuff that has been going on with me since I was a child and I strongly think I could be add/adhd. I know that I am no doctor and cannot diagnose myself but every time I bring up testing me for this my psychiatrist just kind of shrugs it off saying that it could be something else and while I do respect that she is more educated in this than me I also do not see the harm in a test.
Avatar m tn Thanks for posting. He gave me an add quiz and I passed with flying colors. Yes I am attending support meetings. I mean I'm sure every recovering addict or alike has add lmao. I'd rather be a bit disorganized and unfocused than have my spirit stabbed by a speed pill. But I can feel my addiction trying to rationalize and justify taking it. But I don't have to act on that thank god. I mean if I had narcolepsy or a real medical situation going on I would take it but fact is I don't.
Avatar m tn I also was told to take an online test and I scored high on an Aspie quiz(44/50). I only want honest answers here. I forgot to add that I also get very anxious in new situations and I don't like meeting new people. I try to maintain eye contact but it's really hard. I also never know what to say when it's my turn to speak. I was also bullied in school. I feel like I'm stupid a majority of the time. I also can't handle too much information at one time.
Avatar f tn I understand your concerns - no one wants to hear they have a hole in their heart, and your symptoms add to the difficult feelings. I'm sorry you are going through this. The good news is this can sometimes be quite benign. I'd suggest you ask your doctor's office for a copy of your records or ask the office for your exact medical diagnosis. Your cardiologist likely did a cardiac echo which diagnoses what type of hole you have in your heart.
Avatar f tn If something is bothering her, she will not approach any adult for help. If I send her to school with something to give her teacher, she won't do it. He grades are suffering because she won't answer questions by her teacher. She is very outspoken when she is just working with her peers. She speaks in all her adult relatives. What can I do to help her speak with adults.
Avatar f tn Like I have to want to. But I think that's how everyone is. Art continues to be my love as an adult, and my natural talent. I've been told by many art teachers that I have an "eye" for it and usually never run into problems with drawing certain subjects or with certain mediums like others. I also have an interest in psychology, though mostly learning about the personality disorders and personality types. I have multiple books on these subjects.
Avatar f tn ) --------------------- Just to add... what Sandman2 said is quite true! Once you've had experience with ADD, you can tell the difference. You just know. Things don't add up.... they seem very intelligent one moment, and mentally challenged the next. Or their test scores don't match what they show when it comes to knowledge. I would get very impatient with tedious things such as tests. Even last year, before I was diagnosed, we'd have an open book quiz.
Avatar f tn They may be great for depression at first but eventually, due to tolerance, they will end up causing a greater deal of depression in the long run. Most can't just stick to a small amount everyday. With tolerance you end up taking more and more to get that same feeling. Over time that feeling we got from the pills that us as addicts loved goes away. We end up taking them just to keep from getting sick from withdrawals.
676912 tn?1332816151 Oop I need to add before someone gets offended: I'm not saying daycare is a bad idea (although I won't choose it for my kids) problem with my nephew is not that he's at daycare, it's that his parents consider daycare a substitute for their own interactions with him, and when he's not at daycare he's with a babysitter. his dad takes him for a couple hours one day a week to play at a park and other than that he's with other people.
5174041 tn?1364954731 When we have family gatherings he usually disappears with his 17 cousins to play so adult family members aren't around him much if at all. My husband thinks it'lll pass and I should just ignore it. I don't know how to do that when most of his bad behavior is triggered at me. Then when i am constantly getting after him b/c he pushes the baby or hits his little 2 year old brother or punches his 3 year old sister in the stomach..always for nothing.
Avatar m tn I also was told to take an online test and I scored high on an Aspie quiz(44/50). I only want honest answers here. I forgot to add that I also get very anxious in new situations and I don't like meeting new people. I try to maintain eye contact but it's really hard. I also never know what to say when it's my turn to speak. I was also bullied in school. I feel like I'm stupid a majority of the time. I also can't handle too much information at one time.
Avatar f tn The average full replacement dose of levothyroxine sodium is approximately 1.7 mcg/kg/day (e.g., 100-125 mcg/day for a 70 kg adult). Older patients may require less than 1 mcg/kg/day. Levothyroxine sodium doses greater than 200 mcg/day are seldom required. An inadequate response to daily doses ≥ 300 mcg/day is rare and may indicate poor compliance, malabsorption, and/or drug interactions.
Avatar m tn at times for example that clapping behind his head when he was not looking (he was watching tv at the time) where he totally ignored is sort of puzzled me.... Your above comment (as well as your first posting) reminds me of our nephew. A couple of years ago he was diagnosed with PDD-NOS (pervasive developmental disorder - not otherwise specified). This is a very high functioning form of autism.
Avatar f tn Thanks for your feedback. I'm very grateful and it means a lot to me. It helps to know that we are not alone. Our goal is to help each other overcome this frustrating nightmare that you have experienced with your daughters. Every bit of information or insight helps so much. I'm currently going through more extensive work-up and genetic testing with a neuro-endocrinologist. It took 8 months to get an appointment. My right side has be come more weaker than the left.
Avatar f tn (a) too lazy: (b)didn't feel like scaring you; (c) who need studies when it's more fun to make things up; (c) didn't want to tax your floaters and make them sink: (d)I'm just feeling too good today to look for any studies.
Avatar n tn Thanks for your link on CFIDS. I have CFIDS and for many years, thought my symptoms were due to severe allergies ! I remember they gave me allergy shots and they made me so ill the following day. My allergist insisted that I continue with the shots, but I refused to. Years later, physicians' told me that I did the right thing. I have since learned that sublingual therapy and homeopathy are the best treatments for allergies (my opinion.. of course).
402205 tn?1230484605 Any Type Obama= Adult and Embryonic Stem Cell Research Biden = Adult and Embryonic Stem Cell Research The Democrats have tried to push through funding for Embryonic Stem Cell Research. It passed in The House and Senate...........Bush vetoed it.
125112 tn?1217277462 Up until recently the DCM (Director of civilian marksmanship) would mail (yes, mail) a semi-automatic 8 shot WW2 M1 Garand at cost to any adult male demonstrating evidence of proficiency and provide ammunition and spare parts for that rifle at cost. Most of the stock have run out, but there are ocasional new releases.
Avatar f tn I feel like crying I am so relieved that someone understands. I have had this issue since high school but it has gotten significantly worse as an adult. I will not have even come close to my physical limit regadring exercise when my legs begin to itch so savagely I cannot take it anymore. To know that professional athletes etc on this site have experienced the same thing is sad but helpful in that I know I am not crazy and it is not because I am a lazy person.
Avatar m tn But i still suffer from that deformity yet my SEES has improved since my ICP (intracranial pressure) decreased, so i add that for completeness of information. I stress again that even if we do all have increased brain pressure, i lived happily for 22yrs before diagnosis, and have been healthy for a decade since my op. It's not ideal but it's not earth-shattering. Don't worry! I am saying all this in order to rule it out.
Avatar n tn Chances are if you tell your family that you are depressed and really explain it to them tell them and tell them how it's affecting you and try and make them understand if you do that chances are they will get you help and they won't think your doing it for attention and if they do think your doing it for attention and they do not get you help which I don't think they will but if they do find anybody else to tell and ask for help like maybe a teacher a close friend another close adult in your
Avatar n tn Googling my symptoms brought me here and I am so glad to at least have found people with the same issue!! My itching and irritation coincided with a very heavy period (changing tampons every 2 hours, which is unusual for me) and a 30 minute sex romp in a hottub/spa with my husband. I chalked it up to irritation but weeks later it's unbearable. I've come up clean for STDs, yeast, trichomoniasis and anything bacterial.
Avatar n tn I too was prescribed leviquin as an antibiotic for of all things case of adult onset of the mumps. Brief history here. Mumps 5 years ago was all but unknown in this country and I was one of only 2 cases known to have it at the time. I asked my doctor based on what I had experienced for 2-3 days prior to seeing him -doc! What do I have the mumps?
Avatar n tn I think there is something to add to that. Because my boyfriend gives me a reason to want him all of the time. I am not suggesting that you men are bad in relationships, sex, looks or anything else. What I mean to say is that women need a certain connection with her man. That connection is understanding. They want you to truly listen and understand them, not just say you do. Most women I know can tell the difference in the way her man treats her whether he understands her or not.