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Avatar m tn Anyone ever travled to Mexico for HSV-2 Suppressive Therapy Medication? I've been thinking about going to one of the border towns to buy some medication specifically Acyclovir. I'm working full time and am covered through my insurance for prescription meds and Dr's visits, but later on in the future will need to cut my full time job to possibly part time or less as I will be starting nursing school and willl not have the time to work as much with my time for school.
Avatar n tn Not sure I am posting in the correct area. I have had a painful swelling in the upper right side of my labia minora. It is very swollen and painful. I have done a search, but the only thing I find is for a Bartholin gland cyst and my husband doesn't think it looks the same as my swelling is on the same part only on the upper portion of the labia minora. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.
Avatar n tn I am wondering why I feel a vibration in my left leg. When it first started I thought it was my cell phone ringing but my phone was not in my pocket. I feel the vibration all day long and it has a pattern to it. It is a weired feeling and I can not figure out what causes this and why it will not go away. Can you tell me why I feel this?
Avatar f tn Last time I went to Mexico I had an outbreak after about 4 days of being in the sun and drinking moderately... I will be going again for the Holidays and would like to avoid that scenario! I get oral outbreaks about twice a year without taking any sort of suppressive medication. I don't want to take acyclovir regularly but would love some advice on how to take it for this 10 day vacation/ doseage etc. THANKS IN ADVANCE!
Avatar f tn I was reading however that having no symptoms for hsv and having such low results it was advices to get retested although having genital warts I thought that was one manifestation of the hsv virus so I got retested for all std at planned parenthood and my test results came back as negative for hsv 2 I asked the nurse what kind of test and the number of my results and she told me that the test was igg (which was also the one from Mexico) and that the number was .
Avatar f tn However, the doctor in Mexico prescribed acyclovir 200 mg 4x a day. I had been reading that when hsv 2 is so low there is a chance that it could be false positive so I waited till October 25, 2012 to get retested for all std but I went to planned parenthood and the nurse told me the test I had been given was an igg and that my test results were negative with a result of .
Avatar m tn So far I've had three breakouts and each time it's been in different areas on my penis. Is this normal? Also, for some reason acyclovir doesn't suppres my breakouts. I've tried looking for clinical trials in hopes to permanently suppres the virus. Any suggestions on how to suppres my outbreaks while also taking acyclovir? I have been so depressed because I have so many outbreaks. I feel my life is over.
Avatar f tn I was going to try Valtrex but insurance would not cover it back home. I am in Mexico, so I pay for all my medicine. Is acyclovir a daily suppressive therapy? The pharmacy here just gave me what I asked for and I have not had a prescription for a long time from back in USA. I usually go home every summer and have blood work and tests run. I chose this MedHelp because I don't know how to get in touch with my primary USA physician without being put on hold and transferred all over the place...
Avatar n tn Approximately 10 weeks ago I engaged in oral sex, both giving and receiving with a street transvestite in Mexico. At 6 weeks tested clean for HIV, syphilis, gonorrhea, and Chlamydia. I feel I am good in these areas. Approximately two weeks . Outbreak in mouth. I first got a number of lesions internally and about two weeks later had slight blistering on my lower lip and below it on the skin. No lesions erupted. My penis glans became swollen at the top.
Avatar m tn it doesn't prevent infection and if you did get infected, it isn't the proper dose to even prevent you from having obvious cold sores/genital lesions. the rates of hsv1 infection in mexico are high. Odds are you already have it yourself even if you can't recall ever having had an obvious cold sore. That said, this didn't sound like a cold sore she had anyways. unless you get any obvious oral or genital symptoms, no need for any follow up.
Avatar f tn Gets positive swab for HSV 2. 11/27/2011 - I'm in Mexico on vacation, so able to easily buy acyclovir and start taking it. Burning urination gone in two days. 12/08/2011 - (19 days post exposure) Get first type specific Igg antibody test - result is .07 for type 1 and .48 for type 2 (test is run through SED Medical Laboratories.
Avatar f tn I started reading and doing some research and i found out that eye examination was not that reliable and run to a lab and had a blood test, here in nothern Mexico there is no such thing as the swab test. In the blood test i got an 2.00 Ul/ml on my IgG test for hsv-1 and a 0.37 Ul/ml on IgG test for hsv-2 . With these lab results i went to a dermatologist and she told me i had a genital hsv-1 infection. My boyfriend has the oral herpes but has never been to a doctor, nor has had a lab test.
Avatar n tn I have contiunually had multiple and varied, in the dozens of skin lesions with major occurrences on buttocks and upper legs, but on arms and a few on neck and fingers as if spread to there, but unnoticeably on face or back.
Avatar n tn I have had several vaginal infections and yeast infections for 6 months now, ever since my honeymoon to Mexico City. I first started feeling pain during intercourse, it was a horrible burning sensation and made sex almost unbearable. I also felt pain after intercourse when my husband would ejaculate inside me. It was the same burning sensation. I went to the doctor to get it checked out and I was told I had probably gotten a bacterial infection on my trip to Mexico City.
Avatar n tn , if you recall, i posted a few weeks back about an iffy blood test that i took in mexico (which you told me wasnt an accurate one). I followed up with a Western Blot in Canada a few weeks ago (over 1 year past exposure) and it came back negative for HSV2!! Thanks again for all the help!!
Avatar n tn HHH, Thank you very much for your quick response, and sorry again for my error in posting a question. Quick followup if I may. I live in Mexico, so I was hoping in your expertise you knew about a test or lab I can find here just to be sure, because as you can see, my healthcare providers are not experienced at all in herpes and I have wasted as you say thousands of dollars uselessly. Also, maybe you know an expert in Mexico I can go to?
Avatar f tn she started having symptoms on 11/25 (nothing before) and went to the clinic. Gets positive swab for HSV 2. 11/27/11 - I'm in Mexico on vacation, so able to easily buy acyclovir and start taking it. Burning urination gone in two days. Now have flu like symptoms, muscles aches, swollen lymph nodes. Keep taking acyclovir until Christmas when I run out 12/08/11-(3 weeks post exposure) Herpeselect Igg antibody test (.07 - type 1 .
Avatar f tn Hello, I just got diagnosed with genital herpes a little over a week ago. I was in so much pain that i actually went into the e.r. worst experience of my life. I never ever thought i would have herpes, im 24 f, and i have only been with one partner, and i have been with him for almost 5 years. He never knew that he had it, but must have gotten it from a previous partner, because he swears that he has never and would never cheat on me. Not everyone has symptoms i believe. at least i hope!
Avatar m tn under the weather that was on a thursday, by sat I noticed a white substance in my pee hole, I do not have unprotected sex so it had to be from oral sex I immdiately assumed chlamidia, it was not oozing out of my penis I had to kind of milk it to see it, it never turned a diff color, and I had a bit of stinging when urinating that daynot burning or pain just stinging, right away I was treated, I was in mexico at the time so I don't know the names of the meds exacrly but they were antivirals I w
Avatar m tn ) at a strip club in mexico (cancun). the stripper/prostitute gave me oral and vaginal sex both with a condom. I kept going limp and I believe penetration was limited. I did not ejaculate so i went into the bathroom masturbated with the condom for a bit took it off and finished with my hand. About 1.5 days later I started getting this burning/itching sensation on the tip of my penis/foreskin.
Avatar n tn I am currently outside the US (in Mexico) and have been offered either ‘Western Blot’ or”Torch profile-IgG” to diagnose either HSV1 and/or HSV2. Am a straight woman, 35, zero pregnancies, sexually active at 20yrs old, always had protected sex except for three other men apart from partners “A” & “B”, but some condoms failed in the past years. Facts are as follows: October 2006: Stopped relationship with partner “A” after 1 year of unprotected sex. He was HIV negative. Late Dec.
Avatar f tn I'm a 59 year old female in poor health since visiting central Mexico 11 months ago. I live with a spit cup because my mouth is constantly producing large amounts of gluey, sticky, thick, bubbly, whitish to yellowish stuff instead of normal saliva. NP said it was a sinus infection, but sinus meds made it worse. GP said it was fungus, but Fluconazole just made my hair fall out and my lips peel off daily. Saliva test for candida was negative.
Avatar n tn I guess maybe I should correct my earlier post and clarify that I guess I just see myself as being useless due to decisions and occurences that have gone on in my life. Unfortunately, my husband doesnt know the results of my hsv test. For one, he is from mexico and his understanding of the fact that if I had hsv2 all these years without really realizing it, is non-existant. It is like I kind of have to deal with all this on my own.
Avatar f tn I live in Mexico in a sub tropical climate. From what I’ve read this climate seems to be really bad for BRP. I’ve written down the names of all the different treatments that were mentioned. I’m not sure if all the treatments are available here, but I finally know what I have and feel hopeful that I can get some relief. I want to thank everyone for sharing their stories.
Avatar m tn Hello I had sexual relations protected with a massage girl in California. Shortly after 3 days I started experiencing symptoms, need to urinate and redness in meatus of penis along with redness and irritation in eyes. By the end of that week I had tingling all over boxer short area The following week I had trouble walking due to the pain and tingling, this eventually turned into burning in the urethra and scrotum lasting two to three additional weeks. No noticeable blisters ever formed.
Avatar n tn Yrs. ago, I also went through this terrible problem & ETD is just the worst thing to dx/treat/fix. My case was unilateral w/ ear but bilateral w/ nasal prssr-hdprssr. I also went through several ENT's/Neurotologists scans & tests. Cause can be 1 or multi-problems. It's a rule out game. Hm-journal, like a sm- calendar bk is great since it's dated & can go back to see date of matching events/symptoms. Use abreviations. The ET's are in the back of the throat & connect to middle-ear.
Avatar n tn I also have had Pneumonia once before that took a while to clear and now seem to have some sort of sinus/mucus problem and occasionally experience a slight shortness of breath, again these may not be related and some may be down to the fact i am not in the best shape I could be in but I do not drink or smoke etc. I do think the bottom line is seeing my Doctor in the vain hope whoever I see will show some kind of interest and point me in the right direction so a diagnosis can be reached.
Avatar n tn After having my first daughter, we bought a house in mexico. My skin would get really dry, cracked rashy, going from the cold of the state of washington to the warm and humidity of mexico. I got a rash under my watch one trip down there and was diagnosed with eczema, I got on a cream and the rash no longer appears, my wrist just really wrinkly and it seems to be when the weather changes, or when I'm stressed.