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hi, i had a tooth implant done about a week ago and having some throbbing in that area is this normal?
However, I also began to have a strange throbbing sensation--I can't tell if it's located in #8 or in one of the implant sites. The throbbing is not constant. It is most often (but not always)aggravated by hot liquids/food and when I lie down. When I had a 2nd post op appt. yesterday, it was determined I need another surgery to keep the implant of #7 from breaking through the gum. I can see the tip of the implant; it looks like a tiny white pimple.
I felt that this must be the tooth behind, and a cavity I knew it had. In addition to throbbing pain, cold/hot, sweet food, pressure, exersize (like if run, jump/aerobics), cause the intense spikes of pain. At my March 24th appointment to install the crown, I made them treat the tooth behind as they inserted the crown. The placement of the crown was intense, it felt as it was being shoved into the mouth and that it did not fit. They also did more lazer resurfacing of my tooth.
Antibiotics cleared up the infection but my dentist decided the tooth should be removed. It was a bottom tooth, second from the last one at the back. It has been healing up very well and generally I have no pain. However, I've noticed that when I exercise (I go to Zumba) I sometimes get a throbbing from where the tooth used to be and wondered if this is normal?
Hello Dr., Three weeks ago I had same day extraction/implant/temp. crown.on tooth #12. No infection (old crown fell off and remaining tooth was very soft), adequate bone. Oral Surgeon did a CT Scan prior to procedure and put me on post surgical preventative antibiotics and follow up exam everything looks good. I, however, have been having problems with some mild pressure and throbbing sensations in the implant area when I exercise /run.
Continued to have inexplicable pain - throbbing, aching - had the implant removed 5 months later. Now, it's been 6 months since the implant was removed - still having periodic pain that nobody can explain - all x-rays look good, had a bone scan which appears fine. Third dentist wants to redo the implant - this time a shorter, wider one. But, I'm afraid to do it since the pain is still there.
Anyway later that day(after the implant), the pain came back with a vengeance. Throbbing. Excruciating! I went back the following morning to be evaluated. The doctor took an x-ray and examined the site but said it looks fine and that the pain was normal and that everyone has a different experience w/ implants. Though everywhere I looked it seemed it's not normal. Also I am not sure if I have a cold now or allergy but I had started getting this runny nose the day after the implant.
My xrays come back good no signs of problems. How is it after 6 years I still have pain in the same tooth? I still have part of my tooth under the crown Could it be that my tooth that remains is still cracked? I am having a pulsating throbbing toothache that will not go away.. I need help, advice, suggestions.
Hello. I had an implant a little over a week ago on tooth #3 (upper right molar). The tooth was extracted 6 months ago because of severe infection - nothing we did could get rid of it. Everything calmed down after the extraction, but I never felt like the infection completely cleared out - teeth and gums around it were still sensitive. During the implant process (with a bone graft), the periodontist could never get the tooth numb all the way, so the process itself was quite painful.
A cone beam ct scan revealed an inflammatory process in the sinus above the implant and apical periodontal inflammation on the tooth behind the implant which was also giving me night fevers. I have since had the root canal retreated on the tooth that was being blamed for my mouth discomfort.
My two front teeth were affected from a fall on concrete 6-20-07. It felt as though the left tooth had a severed nerve, because it was loose, but it didn't hurt, like the nerve was cut or something. the dentist temp filled the right, which was a small chip, and bonded the left front tooth to the tooth next door to give it a chance to "tighten up".
I find it difficult not chewing on my the inside of mouth when eating. At night, I have a throbbing pain to the tooth next to the implant. I called the dentist in hopes of getting in and was told there was nothing he could do and to give it more time. I keep reading about dentists using CT scans to avoid nerve damage, but I know my dentist doesn't have, or use, CT scans. Should I give it more time, as my dentist wants me to? I've paid $6,500 and hate to think of losing it.
it chipped after only 2 weeks and severe pain returned... I saw another dentist... he did the bite test and said I have a cracked / fractured tooth he doesn't think it went to deep and that a crown will fix it.... okay the temporary crown still made me sensitive to hot & cold, and hurt biting down but when I went in for the permanant crown I was told I didn't need a root canal and the permanant crown would end my pain... okay... disaster..
I had my tooth removed Tuesday afternoon. I also had a bone graft implant. I can't live without pain killers. Today is Friday and I am feeling a lot of pain after the bone graft. The throbbing is driving me nuts. How long is this suppose to last? I can't take it anymore!
Since that time, my boss (general dentist) placed a Nobel Biocare implant, which failed two weeks after placement. The post trauma area (tooth #12) is still in much pain (throbbing) and the gingiva has failed to heal. #11 Has extremely receded buccal and lingual gingiva, and the pain radiates throughout the entire quadrant from #12 back. What in gods name could be going on? The implant was taken out two months ago, and sometimes the pain is unbearable. Could it be osseonecrosis?
I had one placed a couple of weeks ago. I am still having a bit of throbbing in the tooth beside the implant. The dentist says everything looks really good and since I did have bone grafting as well this is normal healing. So, then I start reading things about all the problems and things that can wrong and I am so freaked out right now I just want to tell him to take it out. I KNOW that sounds extreme but i have anxiety issues as well. It all has to do with control.
But I'm still feeling very weak and sweaty with horrible headaches and constant tooth/jaw pain. Is it possible to get a fever/headache from a tooth infection? Or is the fever just an isolated viral infection? Do I need to be checked by my doctor or dentist?
i havent eaten properly because even if i eat from one side my upper jaw touches the infected tooth and throbbing pain starts rite there for 10 secs. Now please tell me whats the solution should i extract it now .please tell me quick i am in deep worry .and does it hurt when it is extracted and whats the side effects of extraction ..waiting desperately for ur reply thanx..and my effected tooth is in the lower right second last tooth..
I had my first dental implant surgery three weeks ago. The area where the tooth was pulled and post implanted feels okay except for some minor aching from time to time and slight numb feeling where the gum tissue was cut. I am not chewing on that side at all and had not been for several months before the surgery due to discomfort at that site. My problem is that there is pain, not throbbing or acute, on the side of the jaw when I open my mouth up wide.
Continued to have inexplicable pain - throbbing, aching - had the implant removed 5 months later. Now, it's been 6 months since the implant was removed - still having periodic pain that nobody can explain - all x-rays look good, had a bone scan which appears fine. Third dentist wants to redo the implant - this time a shorter, wider one. But, I'm afraid to do it since the pain is still there.
In this case, the tooth might need to be removed and a bridge, implant or partial denture would be needed if you do not want to go tooth less and not want to deal with the domino effect of problems that arise from that.
On November 27, 2007 I underwent dental implant procedure. I was told that the procedure should take between 45min and an hour and a half. When i woke up from the procedure my ride informed me that i had been under for a little over 5 hrs. The doctor explained that the procedure had taken a little longer than expected due to my not having sufficient bone for the implant and her having to do a bone graft. But she informed me that she had been successful in placing the implant.
The dentist had to give me 7 shots to get me numb. I still have extreme throbbing on the right side of my mouth. I take a pain pill b4 bed and I am usually good until about 1:00p.m. the next afternoon and then it starts really hurting again. Is it normal to have this much pain a week and a half after?
Most of the pain went away but I too have the throbbing you were talking about. I touched the tooth today and its sensative and loose..... it wasn't loose before!!! I'd really hate to think I got all that work done and spent all that money for the lengtheing and root canal and crown... not to mention the horrible pain, just for it to be loose and possibly have to pull it? I mean, is there a way to "fix" a loose tooth?
I thought it was too extreme, so I got another opinion from another perio, meanwhile my tooth is throbbing! The 2nd Perio said that 18 is okay to get a crown, but suggested to get an implant on 19 so that 20, which is a good tooth, will not have to be shaved down to fit a crown for a bridge. Confused yet? I am. Still, no one was able to help the extrem pain. Next I saw an endodontist and he also recommends it be extracted.
So You have a person that goes in to have a crown put on, shortly after the tooth starts throbbing and they need a root canal, then after the root canal the tooth becomes infected again becasue there is still tissue in the canal that can't be removed without a surgical proceedure. By the time the person is done they have spent about 3-4 thousand on one dam tooth. Then the next issue would be after spending all that money the tooth fractures and it has to be pulled.
Said options would be retreatment or an implant. A day or two latter the tooth has quit hurting, no sensitivity or pain at all. If there was an issue (abscess) wouldn't that have been observed by the xray. I concerned that someone may want to do considerable work for something that may not be an issue at all. How can I verify. Thanks your your comments in advance.
He finally told me I should go to an endodontist to see if he could help. By that time, I had spent so much time and money on one tooth I could have had an implant twice over. With two RCT attempts having failed, I was told to loose the tooth, which is what I finally had to do after a year of failing treatments. Once it was gone, so was the pain. Seems my tooth root took a right angle and there still was nerve there. Scottma is right on!
The tooth in question is second molar on my right side, right in front of where a wisdom tooth has begun to poke through. The dentist said that if I have the tooth extracted, it will give more room for the wisdom tooth to come through and hopefully avoid any potential problems in that department (though he was clear that it would not slide into that position so there would still be a gap).
During the procedure I could rub my tongue over that tooth and feel the tooth had been drilled down to within 1/8 to 1/4 inch of my gums. Why would the dentist have removed the good side that could help support the crown? After he drilled and shaped my tooth, then they did the mold for the crown. How would they know what my original tooth was like after whittling it away? I had never had a crown procedure done like this before.
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