My breast milk is clear

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when i was on antibiotic and steroid my milk dried out i was so happy not for long milk is back:( will I ever loose it
i had a miscarriage 3 weeks ago ive got tender breast n clear liquid wen i squeeze my nipples is it possible 2 be pregnant this soon
For almost a year, I have had a problem with my breast, I have to milk my breasts little spurts of milk come out of them, or else they start to get get tender and hurt,like pressure hurt. Its not clear, its thick spurts of milk. I have tried re-searching the cause but can only do so much without medicare.Could you please help me with this problem.Or if possible tell why my breasts are doing this please. I need to know what to do i am worried about this problem but cant afford a doctor.
I dont know of its milk or not. In the mornings when i wake up my shirt is stain on one side morr than the other. Its my first i need help ?
and today i gave it too him but its very watery. is that normal for breast milk. he usually has milk run out of the corner of his mouth a little bit and its very white but when i gave him the bottle that had been in the fridge it was more clear and watery. i feel like its not as good as if i just feed him from my breast.
I have noticed when I squeeze my nipples a sticky clear-ish liquid comes out. Both sides. I don't know if this is normal or what but Im asking advice. I think its been happening since a little while before I started on the pills. Please leave your advice or clinical knowledge to my situation, Sam.
Real milk doesn't usually come in until a few days after birth. If its colostrum you are thinking of it varies. With my first pregnancy I didn't leak prior to baby. With my second it was like a week or two before delivery and with my recent pregnancy I was 23 weeks pregnant but with this last pregnancy my breasts didn't get any larger until after delivery.
My breast leak a little bit(but just once ), but it was a bit clear with a creamy colored, does it mean its not fully developed
I'm 34 weeks also n no leaking this is my fourth child my milk doesn't come in until about 2-3 days after birth so don't worry it will come
I taken two test and they came back negative ,but everything is fallen in to place ,like i sleep a lot , soreness in my breast, hips hurt veins is really visble in my breast, my face is lighter and much fuller now.
Breast milk contains HIV, is there any risk of transmission if a baby were to throw up that milk onto you?
I have a milky and clear substance coming out of both breast and my period came on 11 days early what could this mean
I have been for almost a month. Could this be affecting me producing breast milk? Is this a sign of pregnancy? Can I talk to my mom about this with out her thinking I have been having sex? Please, I really need some help and badly! Any advice would be highly appreciated.
• this is my second pregnancy •I pumped for my son for 3months •doctor believes I'm between 14-16 weeks (wont be exact until I get my alta sound on wends)
I am a 61 year old women and I noticed clear liquid coming from my right breast and I had a hysterectomy with ovaries removed.
Annie ps -- In our breastfeeding class, they made sure to tell us that when your milk comes in for the first time, you feel a little like you have the flu the night before. Maybe what is happening (besides a clogged duct) is that your milk load is increasing!
I also got the same probs. Today my breast is aching and when I reach home I breast feed my daughter and after that I saw a green patch on my breast pad after I squeeze the milk that comes out is green color I'm so scared. Got any news? Did u go check up? What did they tel you?
If the tests show fibrocystic changes as the underlying cause, no further treatment is necessary. Breast cancer Nipple discharge is rarely a sign of breast cancer, but it's possible that discharge may indicate cancer is present within a duct (intraductal breast cancer) or outside the duct (invasive breast cancer). See your doctor promptly for evaluation if your discharge is bloody, spontaneous and occurs in only one breast.
With my first pregnancy I never leaked or anything showing my breasts were going to produce milk. I had my son and had him start sucking and he got the clear stuff and my milk came about 2 days later. Same with this pregnancy 36+5 and no sign of milk just flappy boobies LOL.
Not to get all chemistry here, but too much water in the body can cause the cells to burst. Breast milk is considered a clear fluid, so even when a child is ill breast milk can be safely given to keep them well hydrated. When my son was teething, I would freeze cubes of breast milk and put in his teether. It was a fun treat for him. Never water. Formula fed babies do not need water either!!!!
I noticed a couple weeks ago when I squeeze my nipples, or press a certain spot on my breasts that a white liquid and sometimes a clear liquid with it comes out of my nipple. But, not just like, a little bit, but quite a bit. I'm definitely not pregnant since I got my period since experiencing the leaking, and I am still a virgin. I was recently diagnosed with depression (about two months ago), and have been taking a pill called Wellbutrin. Could my anti-depressant be causing this?
You say loud and clear that you plan to start again after baby is born. If you are smoking, it is not good to nurse. Don't plan to start again. Plan to stay quit. SIDS, ear infections, asthma, etc, etc...can result if you smoke with a baby. Not to mention, the risks to yourself. You've quit this long, keep it up. It's best for you and baby lifelong.
( and my DD is 4 mos. I want to keep breastfeeding her for as long as possible so I'll try lots of advice that was given here. Thanks for asking the question :))) Good luck and let us know how it turns out.
Im only 15 weeks and about thirty minutes ago i was playing with a nipple and clear stuff came out... I did the same thing to my other nipple and the same thing happened... I thought milk didn't come out till i was close too having the baby... But what is this then.?.
I am only 21 weeks pregnant and I am already seeing breast milk. Is it normal? I asked one person and they said you weren't suposed to until your 8th month. Anyone got any ideas? Please get back to me asap!
I've had a whitish clear discharge from the breast, and jabbing pain near the lump. My question is....Could I have a clogged or infected milk duct? The lump is hard, and my OB said it is approximately 5mm. Should I be concerned? Once the sonogram is taken, they also advised me to see a surgeon for a consult. Any information would be appreciated. Thank You.
Hot showers or warm compresses and massaging your breast that is blocked is what I was told when I had a blocked duct.
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