My breast milk clear

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Avatar f tn You're welcome :) breast milk is pretty amazing, if he ever gets goopy eyes rub some booby milk on that and it will help clear it up.
Avatar f tn Is there a a specific time that your breast start to leak breast milk or does it happen at different times depending on the woman? If so when did y'all start noticing your breast leaking?
Avatar f tn I think its different for every mommy like im 24weeks and my friend is also and shes already gotten her breast milk .. mine hasnt came yet .
7143736 tn?1396242800 Hey ladies so this is a weird question but I've been wondering, why is breast milk yellow? I'm 37 weeks tomorrow and I started "leaking" kinda back when I was 22 weeks and it was just clear but now lately if I squeeze them I get the clear stuff still but it always has a yellow color to it as well.
Avatar f tn FTM! freaking out! i have a clear liquid coming out of my left breast but not my right. im 25 weeks & 3 days along. what is it!?!?!?!?
Avatar f tn My milk came in about 5 days after baby was born
Avatar f tn I'm 19 weeks along. And I've noticed a clear liquid coming out of my breast.. it caught me totally off guard.
Avatar f tn Hello mothers to be I am 16 weeks and I woke up with breast pain and I went to the bathroom and applied a bit of pressure to relieve the pain I was having and this clear liquid started coming out of my nipples has anyone had this happened also?
Avatar f tn When do you start to produce breast milk. Just right now I was putting my clothes in the dryer & I thought my clothes wet my shirt but it wasn't it was my boobs leaking. I'm 27 weeks.
Avatar f tn Have you given birth yet? If not it will be kind of clear, but cloudy and sticky. That's colostrum not breast milk yet. Milk won't flow till after you have baby and you want to save as much colostrum as you can because its super healthy for your new born.
Avatar n tn My boyfriend was massage my breast and outta no where a clear liquid starts coming out , what is that?
Avatar f tn I started to leak around 20 weeks. Maybe you're leaking just haven't noticed it. At first I had clear drops now I leak a lot where my bra is wet.
Avatar f tn If you squeeze, you probably see some clear liquid come out. But breast milk will fully arrive within hours after giving birth. And it will continue to come depending on the amount you use.
Avatar f tn Im only 15 weeks and about thirty minutes ago i was playing with a nipple and clear stuff came out... I did the same thing to my other nipple and the same thing happened... I thought milk didn't come out till i was close too having the baby... But what is this then.?.
Avatar f tn I'm 38 weeks turning 39 next week on Monday and also getting induce someday next week. I haven't gotten any breast milk come out yet, why?? I really really want to breast feed my little one && I'm scared milk won't come out is there anything I can help myself with to produce it ? Anything I need to eat or do ?
986603 tn?1248972899 Im only 14 years old and I have started birth conrtol about a week ago. Me and my boyfriend have had sex a few times. twice with condoms and twice without. The last time was actually today and we had no condoms. I am very stupid for doing this I know but now I have concerns. I have noticed when I squeeze my nipples a sticky clear-ish liquid comes out. Both sides. I don't know if this is normal or what but Im asking advice.
Avatar f tn Colostrum can be clear before birth. It varies from clear to a milky yellow color.
4402433 tn?1354180698 My boobs have been leaking for like a month I'm now 35+2 its usually clear but for the past week or so there has been some yellow stuff come out too....
Avatar f tn How long did it take your breast milk to come in I'm 30 weeks and still not leaking is that ok I really would like to breast feed after birth
Avatar f tn Yeah^ and that will look clear...sometimes yellowish and white. Also sticky!
8906457 tn?1406849110 My breast didn't leak until my milk fully came in, which was after I gave birth to our son last week.
11777386 tn?1426289802 s I am going on 23 weeks Monday I went to the restroom and was checking my Brest there is a clear white liquid leaking from my breast is that just my milk starting or what I need help mommy's I'm a ftm so it's all new
Avatar f tn At 27 weeks is this normal? Is it breast milk? Second pregnancy and this has never happened before!