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Avatar_f_tn HI and welcome to the so happy to here you kicked methadone and even happier to here you did it so quickly and from what it sound like it wasn't completely awful for you to do....I came off a 6 1/2yr habit at 150ml and it was a real grind to get off it took me 8 1/2 months to do and to say the least it was very difficult...
217599_tn?1202854552 the dopey feeling is deffinately the methadone. it stole my personality and thinking, along with my teeth and bones. the sooner you can get off the better, but get a dr's help for sure.
662972_tn?1270169901 I know have 34 days under my belt, and still feel the Methadone in my bones on occasion. I have broken both feet in my twenties, along with crushing my right hand, and destroyed my left leg and knee in my thirty's. My knee and Norco led me to the hard Narcotic meds, as well as a gentle nudge from pain management and my willingness to think pills were my only answer.
Avatar_f_tn hi baker i also agree with gnarly, 70mg is a high dose to jump off and i wouldnt reccommend it, i have recently come off methadone and i tapered down to 4mg the withdrawls were terrible and peaked at around day 3 and 4 before they started to settle down, so if it is at all possible you should bring yourself down first..
Avatar_n_tn It is a little early yet, and not that many folks are around. My experience with Methadone was very short-term, and it was many moons ago, so I cannot share much personal experience. However, I do know several folks on this forum who have had experience with it. If you can hang around, or check back, I am certain you will receive advise and suggestions from those more knowledgable than I am. I answered your post just to let you know that you are not being ignored.
Avatar_m_tn He has just taken a break from his girlfriend (she wants him off methadone and has been very supportive) and of course with being on Methadone their sex life is not as it used to be. My husband has suffered from depression since he was 19 and takes his anti-depressants and functions really well. I know my son is depressed and maybe that is why he always wants to get high to get that happy feeling. I hope that Rehab will help but it is only for 16 days.
374262_tn?1215201805 Now, my back and bones ache. I feel like death. 2 days without that. Good thing is I don't withdraw because I throw up so much that I guess I rid myself of it that way. I don't know how people can take it. I think I have a serious reaction from it. My throat nearly closes up and I can't breath by the 3rd day. It is evil. I have decided. I don't think this is going to be easy but I will do it. I will. I tell myself I will but the pain I live with makes it so hard. I asked the doc.
Avatar_n_tn I spent many years on and off methadone and can tell you better start getting off. It much harder after a couple or so years go by, believe me.
Avatar_f_tn After 4years of using oxy and heroin and a additional 4years at the methadone clinic I have finally bit the bullet, got myself down to 5mg from 80mg and im now into 48hrs since my last dose. Just hopeing some people reading this have experience on how long the half life will be until I experience full withdrawl and about how long will it take to feel some relief. Tips for what I can do to relax through this hell.
1794183_tn?1315497388 Does Methadone get into your bones and stay in your system for the rest of your life??? I just heard this from someone but i have never heard that before? Hope someone knows the answer because it kinda freaked me out!!!
Avatar_f_tn ) I have been prescribed Valium for my depression and insomnia BUT my question is that If I choose to taper down from the methadone and try to get myself OFF of all opiates of any kind - will taking the Valium help me with this as well as withdrawals? I want my life back and there has got to be another NON opiate medication to help with my pain so that I can stop depending on Methadone. Any help or advice?
Avatar_m_tn How long does it take and what to expect after you get down to 5 mg of methadone and stop how long will it take to detox that when will you start feeling better
374225_tn?1269902862 Yes your story is very familiar. Methadone is inexpensive and it works. As January stated it robs your bones of Calcium, therefore you must replace that loss before it shows in your teeth and bone density. Rex if it isn't broken, don't fix it. Are you meaning that you can't afford the methadone?? If so talk to your physician. There are many drug companies that will take your income into account and your drugs are free. Usually they will send you a 3 month supply through your physician.
Avatar_n_tn I was having pains in my legs, and body as though something was pushing its way out of the middle of my bones, and unbearable intense pins and needles. They got too much when these tablets ran out, and as you are only allowed to take them for a certain ammount of time, i was not given anymore and cracked like a fool and started smoking gear again. I knew i messed up bad pretty quick, and was really pissed. I ended back on methadone, and have got down to 30omls now.
Avatar_n_tn My friend has been on clonipins for 10 yrs and was going to a methadone clinic about 3 yrs ago and both we're legal and her Dr. knew so I'm not 100% sure if it's ok, but I do know she was taking both by presciption...You could also try contacting a pharmacy and they may know or call poison control and ask them they may only tell you if you've already taken it.
Avatar_n_tn he did at least 7 80's a day....He then deceided to go to the methadone clinic and he was up to 120mg..he relapsed and he pissed dirty and they kicked him out of the clinic...he knew he missed up so he transfered to the Indiana Clinic and from there he was stable on 80mg for about 2 months. He couldnt afford to drive up there every day, so he decided to quit cold turkey.....Hes on his 4th day today and hanst been throwing up, or had the runs.
598922_tn?1219870988 Methadone is pure hell to quit - and I have quit a lot of things. Most clinics will only let you drop 5mg per month or so - and when you get down toward 10-15 you drop about a mg a is a long process. And even after the dose gets to 1mg there will be a problem to just quit it. A possible venue would be to make a plan to use sub for a couple weeks and ditch the methadone entirely. There just isnt an answer for long term and chronic pain. I have looked for everything.
Avatar_m_tn Hello and welcome. What dose did you start tapering from?
Avatar_n_tn thi is cuz methodone seeps into your muscles and bones and bond so tightly to the opiate receptors in your brain. methodone in my opinion and expirience is the king of all withdrawls...
Avatar_m_tn I have take methadone for about 25 years. First in a program to get off herion and now illegally to get by. The amount I take varies depending on how much money I can get and who I can get to sell me pills. I have had enough and need to get off. I have tried calling programs but there are none in my area that will accept my insurance.they will only accept medicaid participants. I do not have a dr. or a daily dosage that I take. How do I get help to get off?
Avatar_f_tn It's been 4 months since I was cut off methadone and I still can't sleep no more than 2-3 hours at night and my legs and back ache constantly. If i'm not still having methadone withdrawals, what's wrong with me?
12017167_tn?1422895604 Then in june 2013 i got pregnante and i told my daughter y if i dont take those meds i jump and feel weird worse thing he did was refer me to a methadone i was an it for a year and a half and they tappered me down starting the 2nd week of january 2015 they did 5mi every 3 days ones they got to 35 they went to 25 then 15 then 10 then 5 in one week and i feel horrible and im a mom of to i want my life back..
Avatar_f_tn I definitely think the odds are with you on this one. Actually, I think LAOs like sub and methadone would work best as a very short term solution. Like weaver, I can only guess here, but I truly think you're in a lot better place than those of us that have been on this junk for years. Perhaps, as cheesy as it sounds, this might have been a blessing in disguise.
Avatar_f_tn The hot flashes and achy bones and mood swings are my least fav. Would any one know how long I should expect this to last. If any thing I can do to ease those symptoms? I forgot to mention I was taking 5 -5mgs twice a day. So in all 50mg. I veel sobad that I have done this to my self. Anyway any one with information I would appreciate it.
Avatar_f_tn He's been through the methadone detox and is very, very knowledgeable. There are supplements and other things that will help with the withdrawals and also you'll get a lot of support. There may be someone on this forum that will have suggestions for the pain aspect of things but for the withdrawal part of it you'll get a lot of help on the substance abuse forum. Best of luck and keep posting. You're in a very difficult position.
Avatar_f_tn Soon as i decided to move back to Connecticut yup I instantly saw friends i used to use with and bought a bag of dope and yes started spending my money on that stuff again so i instantly new in order to save money and to live the right way and not use opiates i needed methadone treatment fast...
Avatar_n_tn he's always tired and constantly feeling like ****. He has been talking about comming off of methadone for some time now and is very annoyed that his doctor wont let him. yesturday my hubby has informed me that he stopped taking him methadone 3 days ago and has poured his carries down the drain. He plans on quitting cold turkey. Aware of all the side effects, my husband is very stubborn and is tired of the liquid handcuffs. So far so good...
Avatar_f_tn Hi if I where you I would just jump and get it over with anything 5 or below is good thew withdrawal last about 10 days with methadone the recovery has a lot to do with age how high a dose your started from and maintained and how many years you where on it....
4407520_tn?1363015465 You did a decent taper, so hopefully it won't be too bad. Methadone stores in fat and bones, so it releases slowly and that's possibly why you're not feeling it yet. If you start taking Calcium/Magnesium/Zinc, 4 in the morning and 4 in the evening, it will help with the arms coiling up like snakes. That feeling is horrible, but will pass. Congrats on getting your life back, you won't regret it. Keep posting for support and advice.