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the hard contact lens reduces the wrinkles by filling in the area between the contacts and the wrinkles with tears but it only helps when the contacts are on your eyes. there are ways to reduce the wrinkles, at times smoothing them out with the laser, if they are severe enough. You need an evaluation by an experienced LASIK surgeon. try to get a recommendation from an eye md (ophthalmologist) in your area who doesn't perfrom LASIK.
I am 66 yrs and nearly one year ago had face cosmetic ablative surgery performed. Of course I still have some wrinkles that bother me some on forehead, mouth, etc. They recommended(surgeon) that I have laser resurfacing and Obagi cosmetics afterward. I have put it off due to being afraid of laser. What would you recommend as best and second best method of skin treatment for someone my age. Thanks for any input you can give me.
It sounds like you may need some new glasses and this should help quite a bit. Ocassionaly there can be some clouding or hazing of the posterior capsule that requires a yag laser capsulotomy. I have also seen some patients with some wrinkles or stria in the posterior capsule in the first few weeks after surgery that cause the diaganol lights you mentioned. The get better about 90% of the time on their own and need a yag laser about 10% of the time.
I'm almost 28 days post cataract surgery on my right eye. My understanding was I would get a monofocal IOL for distance and LRI to correct for mild astigmatism. I have no issues with post op infection or inflamation. Using drops as directed. 1) At this point I don't have what I consider distance vision. I would call it intermediate vision. I focus best at arms length to about a distance of 6 feet. At a distance of about five (5) feet, I could read the 25 ft line on the Snellen chart.
I has immediate surgery (within 24 hours) and a laser surgery 2 weeks later to fuse the retina. The chance of sucess was 70% I was told. The procedure was sucessful, although I still distortion with the vision I can now read wothout a magnifying glass. Theye is improving gradually. End of Nov. I had a detachemt in the rt eye. The same procedure was performed, but another detachment occurred 4 days later. A scleral buckle vitrectomy was performed.
I'm considering having surgery to correct my deviated septum and am wondering whether this is might be a bad idea in light of having MS. I would think that the trauma might possibly induce a relapse? Has anyone here had this kind of procedure and if so, did it worsen your MS symptoms, temporarily or permanently? I could definitely live with the deviated septum, but it has gotten worse over the years and I often feel plugged up on one side.
I am 42 years old, I have some brown spots in my face, i am getting laser ( 3 times so far ) to correct them. but i've seen the spots are getting darker now. Is this normal?,how many times should i get the laser and for how long before i see good results ?.
In late Dec 05 and mid-Jan 06 I had successful cataract surgery and have the Restor lenses. Thursday I have some "tweaking" done with PRK. I'm mostly concerned with the recovery part. What can I expect? Thanks!
But he did say that they can try and make it look less noticeable through laser theropy done with wrinkles and skin smoothening, it'll be in the 2-3 grand range. While I appreciate the honesty I'm still deeply disappointed with the diagnosis so I'd just like to get your opinion, besides the laser theropy he mentioned is there anything else I can do or am I stuck like this for life? (Copy/Paste)
When the first patch came off (left eye) my vision was much worse than before the surgery. The Dr assured me that it was just normal post-op distortion and to keep up my eye drops (antibiotics, anti-inflamatories) and not to worry about following through on the second eye. After the second surgery (right eye), I have a slight double vision in the right eye and the left eye continues to have triple vision.
Hi, I had acne fron the age of 12,it slowly started disappearing at some point but left my entire face with scars and wrinkles.I tried various treatments and medications,even laser surgery- Nothing worked. Iam 28yrs old unmarried and developing lots of wrinkles on my face and looking like a 40 yr old.
I tried laser and that doesn't work either. How does a laser make fibroblasts divide and secrete collagen/elastin (it damages your fibroblasts, making them older)? I am reading up on hyaluronic acid injections (restylene). Basically there is a company named Isolagen which will grow up your skin cells and inject them into wrinkles. Maybe one day they will do that for your stretch marks.
Although my vision is excellent, except for the abberations, no opacificatiion, I am now scheduled for capsulotomy, both eyes, on Feb 13th to remove the wrinkles. Wife also had catract surgery in October. One eye developed PCO. She's scheduled same day for yag capsulotomy. The fun just keeps getting better. Thank you for your input. It is comforting to be able to get second opions.
com/news/health/2007-01-27-floaters_x.htm I had lag laser surgery by Dr. karickhoff in 2004 and it changed my life ! The "floaters" disintegrated. They are all gone, however, I still see "clouds" and what I call " wrinkles" When you have PVD, think of it like bubble gum bubble deflating. The weiss ring is the edge of the hole ( outside rim) of where the eyeball attached to the back, and is now detached.
As a general guide the treatment options range from local applications, superficial procedures such as microdermabrasion to lasers and cosmetic surgery. To treat chicken pox scars skin specialists first reduce underlying fibrous adhesions and later either perform a dermal filler or stimulate new collagen growth with Non Ablative Laser Rejuvenation. It will be difficult to recommend a particular treatment to you but there are many options and medicinal products available.
It just didn't feel like something I felt comfortable with the idea of having someone inject me with a known toxin just to get rid of wrinkles. To me, in that instance, the risk was not worth losing a few wrinkles over. Now, I'll inject the toxins of TX because they actually might have a purpose in helping fight this disease. Anyhow, I'm sure that if you've watched the news or read any magazines or newspapers that you've heard about these Botox parties that people will have in their homes.
Try the IPL laser for getting the red out and evening the tone. Pixel laser for flattening scars and wrinkles. Good luck! It will get better. Luckily no ones perfect!
Following cataract surgery I have developed swollen retina. I fail the Amsler grid! Treatments such as eye injections of steroids have not been very effective. Is this a usual consequence of the cataract surgery? And are there other treatments for swollen retina?
Glaucoma has no real research under way that would benefit those of us with a present problem; only drops, laser surgery and shunts are available. Dry ARMD in the same trouble/no solution area. Solutions appear to exist for ARMD and glaucoma in Australia, Europe and Canada, but the FDA and MD's don't recognize them, preferring to go thru 6 or more years of trial to complete studies. Protect the public? Maybe.
THe progression of glaucoma treatment is generally drops, laser, surgery. That high IOP the first two are normally not enough. Glaucoma is not the same high success rate surgery that cataract surgery is and multiple re-ops are part of the practice. If you're not comfortable where you age tet a second opinion even if you hae to drive 500 miles.
Also, what other options do I have? Is there laser treatment or some other type of cosmetic surgery? I'm prepared to try just about anything at this stage to repair my skin. Thank you for your time. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
http***************** http***************** the best resource You'll find on what is going on with us. I had the laser surgery by Dr. karickhoff in 2004 and it changed my life ! The "floaters" completely disintegrated. They are all gone, however, I still see "clouds" and what I call " wrinkles" . When you have PVD, think of it like a bubble gum bubble deflating. If you take the bublble away from your mouth, there is a hole where you blew in the air.
I heard people talking about how laser surgery can help remove them, and I was wondering how much it costs. I don't think Ican go through life trying to hide my body under long pants and shirts, but I am to embarrassed to tell my mom and father.
These scabs turned into red dots, then dark spots. There was also the sudden appearance of wrinkles at the corners of my mouth. I kept hoping that this would get better but within four months of the treatment, the dark spots worsened into what looks like a mustache on my upper lip. By the fifth month, the entire area suddenly became cracked and wrinkled. It is also dry and itchy. There is also what looks like one white freckle as well.
I had cataract surgery and developed wrinkles in both capsules causing me to have triple vision in my left eye and double in my right eye. I also have astigmatism in both eyes since the surgery. I then had follow up YAG laser treatment. I still have ghosting in my right eye and double vision in the left. The eye surgeon said that other than glasses there is nothing more I can do. The glasses help some, but I am still dizzy, nauseated, and have balance problems.
Hi, IOL surgery is an exercise in compromise - you will not get the vision you had when you were young. You will loose the ability to focus/accomodate to some extent and will probably need reading glasses. There is a lot of debate around multifocals causing halos/other vision problems. Some people believe that monofocals are the safest option. Read this excellent post, it should answer a lot of questions. http://www.medhelp.
She has super deep grooves in her face. See this link for example. I'm not even joking. This is EXACTLY what her wrinkles look like. NO KIDDING! And you should see her neck. I swear it looks like a 1,000 yr old turkey gobbler (I can joke because she says it about herself all the time and sadly it really does look that way). I am not exaggerating at all to scare you.
How can I think about normal job and career, if need surgery every year? Also, I question myself very often if private hospital surgery would be any better, but because I'm student I couldn't afford it now. Sometimes I dream about new technology innovations, how great it would be, if they could simply change my eye and put just a brand new one with zooming and snap-shotting and video taking features.
In fact, the only piece of remotely helpful information you offered was about laser surgery, but you didn't even take the time to explain anything about it. You're lucky I am a strong person that has come to terms with myself, because comments like yours could cause someone to stop searching for answers and lock themselves into an unhealthy sheltered life. So please, don't get complacement, and remember that the people your replying to are real people coming to you for real help.
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