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This might be it contractions all day started out at 7 minutes this morning now 3 to 4 min. Waiting it out at home for another hour as per the dr and then going to Labor and delivery. Will update and let you know if its false labor or the real deal! Oh checked at the dr this morning about 3cm! They said I don't need steriods as she is just shy of full term.
I'm 31 weeks along and my contractions (real or not who knows) are an hour and a half apart, mostly irritating more than anything. My question is have any mom's had the hour and a half ones turn into hour, then continue on down to full blown labor? Doctor said it was a huge possibility but didn't think baby would make an early arrival which was my number one concern. Luckily I'm not on bed rest, yet...
With my first son I felt a little pressure come and go in my lower stomach after it wouldn't stop I went to the doctor (I was only at week 32) and found out I was having contractions 3 minutes apart had my son 11 hours later. With my second son they felt like small period cramps at first then about an hour later I was in tears from the pain had him 1 hour later at 35 weeks.
I've been told to call my midwife when I'm having contractions that last one minute, are 4 minutes apart(finish to start) for one hour.
5-1-1. Five minutes apart, last for a minute each, and go for at least one hour. Good luck!
If it stops, it's not the real thing.
Okay im due January 20th ill be 37 weeks tuesday and the night before i had 4 contractions that i counted before i went to sleeo then i had 3 mord today, however they were an hour apart, all the braxton hicks contractions ive had were never that many should i be worried?
Once they're a minute long or longer, coming at least every five minutes for an hour or more, you should be good to head to the hospital.
I do have some BH sometimes but its not more than one an hour (at least that I notice.) I do however get abdominal cramps but they last for like 30 minutes or an hour, straight They don't come and go it's just a constant cramp so maybe not the same as what you are talking about. Those ab cramps do wake me up though. (31 wks here.
They say to follow the 511 rule. Contractions five minutes apart, lasting one minute, for an hour. Idk if you'd want to wait that long since you're only 34 weeks. Try walking, changing position, warm shower if it hasnt gone away then you might want to go to the hospital.
Mine were never 10 minutes apart they started at like 4 minutes apart and I went from 4 cm to 7 in an hour!
no harm going to hospital to check how far dilated you are and they can also see if it is contractions or not, but they say its not labour until contractions are like few mins apart, but if theres pressure then that could be real you are 39weeks, okay to have a baby now... just go check it out... no water break?
My doc doesnt seem to concerned about it. He told me at first no more then 4 an hour. Then at my appt he changed it to, no closer then 10 mins. apart that last up to an hour... what do you all think about this.
I have an appt in about an hour with my dr. I called Tuesday and they said if it got to be heavier or changed to red to go in right away.
then i got my 5th one about 15 minutes after the 4th one which would put me at 5 contractions last 20 seconds each in about a 55-60 minute period. i remained in bed and drank my water and had about 3-4 more of the sharp stabbing pains in my vagina but no more contractions. after an hour of laying in bed and no contractions i decided to get up and start doing things (dishes, laundry...etc.) while bouncing back and fourth to the computer ..the usual. that brings me to now...
really they say you're only truly in labor when you have your contractions, i think it's 5? minutes apart.. so really i'd wait until they are about 10 minutes or less apart to really worry about it too much.. and if they persist just time them from the start of the first, to the start of the next and maybe just write it down/keep note and just keep an eye on it.
But it sounds as if you might be having BH instead of contractions which don't do anything. I get regular contractions about 3-5 hours a day about 10 minutes apart. I would just time them if they are 10 minutes apart or less call your doctor.
Good luck! Did they stop or slow down at night while you slept? I had contractions 10 min apart for a week now, they stop/slow while I sleep and sometimes after I eat. with my first I had contractions 10 min apart and 24 hours later had the baby. Every labor is different, hopefully your's won't last 10 min for ever! Keep us updated!!!
I've been having contractions for about two hours now. The last three were 7 minutes apart. Only a few have hurt. Mostly feels like BH,but with pain that wraps around my lower back. It also hurts by my bladder. Like just above my pubic bone. I'm not sure what it is. I really really really don't want to take a procordia unless I have to. Hum... trying to figure out how much longer I should wait before taking the pill. Baby is kicking away between contractions. Maybe she can tell me...
They lasted all day about every 30 minutes till 2am and finally stopped. Started again at 6 am for about an hour and than stopped. started once again at 9 and had them about every 15 minutes, the last couple of ones were times at 10:49, 10:53, 10:58, and 11:08. I get up and walk around to see if they go away but I still feel them while walking or even standing. I haven't gone into l&d cause I'm not sure if there consistent enough plus I haven't lost my mucus plug, I'm 38 and 5.
I really understand how you feel, im 24 wees and ive been having them too and they have really scared me at times. I'll get them on and off one day and then not at all the next. I have been drinking lots of water though and i think if you are bent or hunched over doing somthing it doesnt help. I've just tried to lie down when i get them and stretch out.
But the one consistent thing they told me is taht the contractions need to be regular. like 5-10 minutes apart consistently. i have quite a bit of contractions... one comes, the next can be 6 minutes later, then 10 minutes, then 5 minutes, etc. once they get on a more regular cycle, then make sure you give yourself enough time to get to the hospital.
00! I am going for the epi right away, I think. That's the plan as of now, but I do have a metal rod in my back due to a surgery so I'm not sure if that will effect whether or not I can get one. I don't think they offer gas and air here.....never heard of anyone getting it. Contractions 6 mins apart, some are horrible...others are pretty tolearable.
You can have back contractions/labor but what you are describing doesn't sound labor like...One hint that you are having contractions will be the tightening of the stomach/it getting hard. Good luck!
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