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Avatar f tn Hello sIr, I am 26, and I have a problem wIth breathIng, SometImes It gets hard to Inhale I have to change my posItIon to Inhale suffIcIent aIr also I have IlIght>coughIlIght> and the color of IlIght>mucusIlIght> Is pInkIsh or sometImes dark red IlIght>InIlIght> color whIch comes when I spIt. I am not loosIng weIght. but not able to sleep durIng nIghts, and sometImes have bad head aches. Can you please tell me what could be the reason. I somke abt 3-4 cIgerrets a day.
Avatar m tn Is thIs related? Also I found IlIght>bloodIlIght> IlIght>InIlIght> my mucous IlIght>InIlIght> my nostrIl when I blew my nose, there was quIte a lot of IlIght>bloodIlIght>, I also seem to have blocked ears. What should I do?
Avatar f tn , It can cause capIllarIes to break and then bleed, whIch would gIve you the bloody IlIght>mucusIlIght>. Try not to force yourself to IlIght>coughIlIght> up the IlIght>mucusIlIght>. And If the bloody mucus contInues for longer than a week, It may be a good Idea to make a doctors appoIntment just In case.
Avatar f tn Off and on I notIce streaks of IlIght>bloodIlIght> IlIght>InIlIght> the IlIght>mucusIlIght> IlIght>InIlIght> my throat. I have allergIes and always have post nasal drIp. the mucus Is clear, not dIscolored so I don't thInk It's an InfectIon. I don't smoke or drInk. Can allergIes cause blood In your mucus? I don't have the money to go to an ENT and my reg doctor told me he doesn't know. Oh, also, when I notIce the blood, I haven't had a bloody nose or pIcked my nose or anythIng.
Avatar n tn ThIs was the FIRST tIme I have EVER smoked a cIgarette. Now today, I wake up and IlIght>coughIlIght> up IlIght>bloodIlIght>. the taste of IlIght>bloodIlIght> Is In my mouth, and I guess I damaged my lungs by those two hIts. WIll thIs pass? DId I serIously mess up my lungs? Should I see a doctor? What should I do? What does the blood mean? Any help would be greatly apprecIated as I have talked wIth all my smoker frIends and none have them have experIenced thIs.
Avatar m tn About 3 days ago I got a real bad sore throat and Its gettIng better, but for the last two days I wake up and I IlIght>coughIlIght> once and my IlIght>mucusIlIght> Is thIck wIth IlIght>bloodIlIght> IlIght>InIlIght> It. It only happens In the mornIng and then I am fIne the rest of the day. I am a smoker and about 3 years ago I had an Infected lung.... whIch was easIly fIxed wIth antIbIotIcs.... what can be causIng thIs? I have no other sIgns of a cold and I am gettIng regular headache but I have had that my whole lIfe ...
Avatar n tn As tIme has passed every tIme I blow my nose IlIght>bloodIlIght> would come out IlIght>InIlIght> the IlIght>mucusIlIght>. Not a lIttle, not IlIght>InIlIght> tIny streaks but alot. the mucus Is clear, but wIth the blood Is tInged pInk or red. I sometImes have headaches but nothIng unusual. Also recently I've been "spIttIng up" mucus wIth blood too. Lately I've been feelIng really achy and super tIred. And my chest hurts, It feels tIght. And I've developed a lIttle bIt of a cough.
Avatar n tn I can taste InfectIon when I swallow and I keep coughIng up IlIght>mucusIlIght> that has IlIght>bloodIlIght> IlIght>InIlIght> It, what does IlIght>bloodIlIght> IlIght>InIlIght> my IlIght>mucusIlIght> mean?
Avatar n tn Just recently I started feelIng stuffy at nIght and feelIng post nasal drIp at nIght wIth a dry IlIght>coughIlIght>. I have only notIced the IlIght>bloodIlIght> IlIght>InIlIght> my nose IlIght>mucusIlIght> tonIght and wanted to know If thIs was another sIgn of an InfectIon?
Avatar n tn Hello, I've been havIng streaks of IlIght>bloodIlIght> IlIght>InIlIght> my IlIght>mucusIlIght> almost every nIght or mornIng sInce AprIl. It's usually just one or two spIts eIther before I go to bed, or rIght after I wake up. I have also had on and off mIld chest dIscomfort rIght behInd my breast bone. My prImary care physIcIan sent me to an ENT for evaluatIon. I was gIven a endoscopy wIth bIopsy that came back negatIve.
Avatar f tn More often than not there Is IlIght>bloodIlIght> IlIght>InIlIght> my IlIght>mucusIlIght>, however I also tend to wake up or am unable to sleep because of an extremely dry cough. I am worrIed as to the contagIous nature. However I am not nor have I been runnIng a fever. Just extremely achy and mIserable.
Avatar n tn My daughter Is fIve and durIng thIs tIme she starts wIth the IlIght>coughIlIght> and thIck yellow IlIght>mucusIlIght> that persIst now for 20 days. It doesn't get better or worse and she doesn't seem to be too bother by It. exept at nIght she seems to have a congested nose and dIfIculty InhalIng. She doesnt' cough at nIght but she does In the mornIng and some durIng the day. I the past years she had ashma symptoms and whezzIng but now seems to be more In the nose.
Avatar n tn My IlIght>mucusIlIght> problem seems worse after eatIng. I IlIght>coughIlIght> up and need to spIt constantly. I have had thIs prob all my lIfe but as I age and am now In wheelchaIr, It has gotten worse. Dr. says I have asthma now. Could the mucus I have had all my lIfe brought the asthma on? I have all kInds of meds from nose drops to anhalers. NothIng seems to help. I had not thought of acId reflux. ThIs dIscussIon Is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.
Avatar n tn I have read several messages from people wIth sImIlar symptoms such as mIne - cough maInly IlIght>InIlIght> AM wIth IlIght>mucusIlIght>, agaIn IlIght>InIlIght> the evenIng. I plan to try some of the suggestIons such as takIng an antIhIstamIne/decongestant and a remedy for GERD (although I do not have symptoms of that partIcular problem). I have been hackIng for about 3 months, have been to the doctor who has gIven me antIbIotIcs along wIth cough medIcInes. seems to help a bIt but then I'm hackIng agaIn.
Avatar f tn I wIll get where I cant breathe deep at all and then I wIll start the coughIng spells, sometImes It happens IlIght>InIlIght> mIddle of nIght whIle I sleep, or after eatIng,or just IlIght>InIlIght> general then once I IlIght>coughIlIght> enough to vomIt a very large amount of mucus (and get all of It out ...sometImes harder than others I can breathe agaIn and back to normal. but I have no Idea what It Is...
Avatar n tn ThIs past weekend when I spIt out my IlIght>mucusIlIght> there's dIme sIzed IlIght>bloodIlIght> IlIght>InIlIght> It. IlIght>MucusIlIght> Is lIght brown caramel color. ThIs mornIng I blew my nose and found blood In that as well.
Avatar n tn I have mucus comIng Into my throat almost daIly but wIthout IlIght>bloodIlIght>. I have never found IlIght>bloodIlIght> streaks IlIght>InIlIght> IlIght>mucusIlIght> before thIs. last month I had an x-ray of my sInuses and a head CT done whIch were perfectly normal. I dId have a headache two days back whIch stayed for 24 hours but resolved after takIng medIcInes. I am very scared. PLS HELP. WAITING EAGERLY FOR UR REPLY.
Avatar n tn However It Is possIble that you had a transIent rIse IlIght>InIlIght> IlIght>bloodIlIght> pressure, resultIng IlIght>InIlIght> both headache and a broken IlIght>bloodIlIght> vessel somewhere In your respIratory tract. Put the headache asIde for a moment, especIally If It has not returned. the most lIkely problem, wIth the combInatIon of blood In your sputum and aIr travel, would be a pulmonary embolus. ThIs Is a blood clot In an artery of the lungs. Talk about thIs wIth your doctor to see If there are any other reasons to suspect thIs problem.
Avatar m tn how old are you and do you have a hIstory of smokIng? I coughed up IlIght>bloodIlIght> IlIght>InIlIght> IlIght>mucusIlIght> just a small bIt once, but It has totally freaked me out! Wasn't your dr concerned? What dId they say It was?
276681 tn?1335829093 I have a IlIght>coughIlIght> that won't go away. As soon as I get over It, I catch another cold and get sIck. Could be the change of weather thIs tIme or even allergIes. PrevIous one lasted 3 weeks. Even though, I felt fIne after the fIrst week. It stuck around for another 2 weeks.
429564 tn?1203802378 ThIs may sound gross, but It looks lIke bloody IlIght>mucusIlIght>. Its not just a speck of blod eIther, Its maInly IlIght>bloodIlIght>. If anyone can thInk of the reason, leave a post or message me that would be great!
Avatar n tn for the past 5 days I have the cold but Its been 3 days now I have been seeIng blood streaks IlIght>InIlIght> the IlIght>mucusIlIght> when I blow y nose. but now the IlIght>bloodIlIght> presence IlIght>InIlIght> the IlIght>mucusIlIght> Is IncreasIng. I am o antIbIotIcs already. can you help me???
Avatar n tn A related dIscussIon, <a href="/posts/RespIratory-DIsorders/Blood-In-Mucus/show/2463133">Blood In Mucus?</a> was started.
Avatar f tn I take advaIr 500 and duoneb for copd and I IlIght>coughIlIght> up bloody IlIght>mucusIlIght> especIally IlIght>InIlIght> the am not everyday though had a broncoscope and It was clear Is thIs a sIde effect?
Avatar n tn Usually IlIght>bloodIlIght> IlIght>InIlIght> the IlIght>mucusIlIght> IndIcates InfectIon. I always get IlIght>bloodIlIght> streaked IlIght>mucusIlIght> wIth a throat InfectIon.
Avatar n tn Ive a bad IlIght>coughIlIght> for over 12months now every mornIng Im coughIng up brown IlIght>mucusIlIght> and sometImes have a lIttle blood when I cough Im only 29 I am a smoker but not a heavy one what could be wrong