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Avatar n tn In patients with chronic mild liver impairment, sertraline clearance was reduced, resulting in increased AUC, Cmax and elimination half-life. The effects of sertraline in patients with moderate and severe hepatic impairment have not been studied. The use of sertraline in patients with liver disease must be approached with caution. If sertraline is administered to patients with liver impairment, a lower or less frequent dose should be used.
Avatar f tn Ok im starting zoloft tomorrow. The firs time I tried it I have 25mg pills and I took a 1/4 of it and within hour I feel asleep for two and half hours. mmm.. So anyway my cardio says I should take it so im not so worried about my heart stuff. So is it true it gives you your life back? Cause thats what I want I want my life back. Any one have any suggestions? I also have Klonopoin for anxeity and the second pill made me sick. But out of the two which one would help me more? Does any one know?
1880256 tn?1322573508 It is recommended that the usage of Zoloft is gradually decreased. What happens is that Zoloft has a half life for about one day. That means that every day that passes without you taking Zoloft, the level in the blood falls about 50%. After two days the level of Zoloft is reduced to 25%, after three days to 12, 5% and so on until it wears out completely. And because of its half-life, it can cause many problems. what kind of symptoms are you having?
Avatar n tn Xanax is a benzodiazepine with a relatively short half-life so I would be very be careful about being addicted. It works wonders for short term but addiction is easy with benzodiazepine kind of drug and it's extremely hard to get off once addicted. I'm currently on diazepam and I'm addicted but I don't want to stop now since it's the only thing that takes care of my muscle spasms and calming me down without any side effect since I'm now extremely tolerant.
693413 tn?1233735872 I was taking Lexapro and that did not do ANYTHING for me but make me useless, lazy, and sleep all day! I was a total zombie.. Anyone on Zoloft? Hows it working?! Feedback would be great!
Avatar f tn Benzos like Xanax are usually prescribed short term on as needed basis...Xanax has a fairly short half life and can become addictive if used on a regular basis for a long period of time in my opinion. However, I have used it in the past (short term) and followed my doctor's instructions. I have been on and off Zoloft for years and it has worked well for me.
Avatar m tn I started zoloft two anda half weeks ago. I started to feel ok for one or two days but I feel like I crashed. Feel severely fatigued. If zoloft works won't I feel better on a consistent basis or is that how it kicks in, you feel ok and then feel bad. The day that I felt the best I couldn't get to sleep that night that triggered I think the fatigue. How will I know if it is working?
Avatar f tn I am a stay at home mom of three children. I have been taking Zoloft for 11 years at 100 mg. I have so much going on in my life now and feel absolutely out of control. I had tried to decrease the zoloft a couple of months ago and had severe diziness and anxiety was back. I am so scared to increase to decrease the anxiety I'm having. Does anyone suggest a great anxiety medication that weening off of zoloft wont make me crazy! This whold anxiety thing is so hard to deal with.
Avatar f tn Started taking Zoloft like 2 weeks ago. Isn't really helping my depression so the doctor is going to switch me to Lexapro. Anyway, today, I have noticed a lot of physical symptoms: I CANNOT concentrate for the life of me, really groggy feeling, feel like I am going to throw up. Since I started taking it, my boyfriend finds me to be impossible to deal with (I turn everything into an argument, I twist everything he says around, etc.).
Avatar f tn I was considering zoloft too. The week I'm supposed to get my period I notice a meaness come over me. I feel depressed anxiety and really mean. But it always seems to go away after a week in a half. So I decided not to take it.
Avatar f tn I have suffered from depression most of my life. And after six years off of meds I became severly depressed and started on them again two months ago. I have been taking Zoloft, which I had taken six years ago without issue. I initially experienced nausea and insomnia, so had to titrate down to half the medication for one week, which helped. But now I am experiencing horrible GI problems. I have IBS and have not had any problems with it for a year.
Avatar n tn I ate about a half an 8th of mushrooms two months ago. It was the third time I ate them in 4 months. I had a bad trip, thought I was going to die and had to be rushed to the emergency room. For three weeks I felt fine, and I was assured that the drugs were out of my system. When I went back to college I started having horrible panic attacks, where I felt real spacy and thought I was going to lose my mind. Combining that with depression, I've never felt worse.
Avatar n tn My husband has been taking Zoloft for the last two years. Life has been wonderful since he has been on the drug. BUT, one of the side effects is lack of sex drive. As you can imagine this has become a very big problem. What can we do? What can we do to get at least half of it back without him going off Zoloft? Please help!!!
Avatar f tn During the day I feel like I am the less nervous than what I have been I've been doing good for about a month now and I just don't want it to get worse. Any thoughts on Zoloft? I have had anxiety most my life, but seems like the older I get the worse it gets. At least the panic attacks are going away. I can actually talk myself out of them, and facing fears or situations that I was nervous in before, have gotten way better.
Avatar f tn Yes, dizziness is one of the possible side effects, but as you already mentioned, it is nearly impossible to determine what the culprit is...could be something else causing that (your illness, etc). The good news is, any side effects of Zoloft will typically start to resolve after about 2 weeks (give or take, varies per person). The key to really being able to fairly determine the success of these kinds of meds is sticking it out.
Avatar m tn Also, my anxiety over taking the zoloft (or the zoloft itself) has seemed to negate any benefit I was getting from the klonopin. Now, I am only taking 0.25 mg klonopin at a time. Is this dose enough to have an impact on anxiety? My psych says he wants me calmed way down, even if that means taking an additional .25 mg of klon a day. the goal is to get me to Zoloft only, with no need for mirtazapine or klonopin at all.
Avatar n tn I took Zoloft for 4 and a half months due to panic attacks. Initially I lost weight. Then I gained about 10 lbs by month 4 so I decided enough is enough, especially after reading NUMEROUS blog sites that state prolonged Zoloft use can contribute to an AVERAGE weight gain of 20 - 60 pounds. No thank you. I'd rather be fit and do yoga for stress relief. I have tapered off recently and am looking forward to losing the weight gained as well as 15 lbs I needed to lose before being prescribed Zoloft.
255163 tn?1376873346 sometimes some of us take too much for granted. You were taking 50mg of Zoloft. The half life is 1-4 days. In 1-4 days, half, (25mg) of the Zoloft will have left your body. 1-4 days later, the remaining 25mg will be gone. Since the time span of the half life is 1-4 days, it is entirely possible it is all out of your system already. If it took the maximum amount of time, you would be clear in 8 days.
497348 tn?1283439666 lol yeah today is my first day not taking it and I really cant tell much of a difference i guess... just because of the half life what not... well thank you ver much for the quick response...
Avatar n tn Teresa, A flu-like syndrome is sometimes associated with Zoloft as it is with the other SSRI's. Paxil may have one of the most severe due to its short-half life. Symptoms generally persist for a few days to a few weeks and are often dependant on the duration and dose one has been taking. A higher dose and longer duration may prolong symptoms and should be tapered over several weeks as tolerated.
Avatar m tn I was prescribed Sertraline (Zoloft) by my doctor. I was told to take half a pill, 25mg. This was a couple months ago. I haven't started taking it yet because I am taking an anti-arrhythmia drug called Pacerone (Amiodarone). I've had two doctors tell me that such a small dose of Zoloft won't interact with Amiodarone. But my other big worry is if it will make my anxiety and panic worse. I've read many posts here where people tried Zoloft and had to stop because it made them worse.
Avatar f tn Something else some psychiatrists try with short half life ssris such as Zoloft is, as you're tapering off the Zoloft, they'll add Prozac. The reason is that Prozac is a long half-life ssri and is therefore easier to taper off of. Personally, I'm with Greenie, I'd taper since you're experiencing some emotional stuff, but if you choose to tough it out it's certainly understandable given your lack of success so far. Good luck whatever you try.
Avatar m tn thanks for your comments, I was on zoloft for 2 yrs and it saved my life, but the withdrawls can be minimal if done right, now that the PA came back after 5yrs. I have decided not use the zoloft (only the xanax) at this time, as PA's not as bad as b4.
Avatar f tn Hi .. I've been on Zoloft 100mg since I had my daughter two and a half years ago . Lately I've gone through a bit of stress in my life and the anxiety has crept back in . my doctor increased my dose to 150mg , it's been 12 days now and I still have side effects and anxiety which are slowly easing but I still feel really tired . And the anxiety is worse first thing in the morning .... Is this normal and how long should it last ??
484759 tn?1208577269 You body just needs a few months to adjust to the medication. Glad to hear Zoloft is working for you! Zoloft was my first AD med back in 1993 and It saved my life, "literally." My dose was 150mgs a day. Give it a couple weeks before you bump from 50 to 100. That way you have time to adjust.
Avatar n tn They seem to get much worse when I sleep, and I have been having nightmares. I know that zoloft has a half-life of about 26 hours so I am wondering, how long I should expect to feel these symptoms? Also, is there anything I can take to help these feelings? Thank you for your time and I look forward to your response.
Avatar n tn If I'm not mistaken, zoloft (which is in the same family of meds) has a longer half life, so is easier to come off of when a person is ready. Prozac is similar to these as well, and has the longest half life, so most folks who just stop taking it have no problem with withdrawals at all. I was on prozac for 6 months many years ago, and just stopped it when I was ready, and felt no withdrawals from that at all. I hope this helps.
1269044 tn?1393193503 I was specifically told that by the pharmacist. It probably is helping you sleep. I know Prozac has a long half life and will stay in your system for three months after stopping. So it will help you sleep even though you take it in the morning, by decreasing your anxiety in general.