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Avatar m tn If not I suggest NOT taking any SSRI, they have already been proven to only be slightly more benaficial compared to a placebo, but with 100% more side effects. Also, they have a reputation for making people more agitated and stimulated...thats because they Stimulate..the opposite of what people with anxiety want. If you want more info on Physc drugs, go to cchr.
Avatar n tn Anyway, now that the immediate emotional trauma is gone (court is favoring with us), he's ready to drop this medicine and try to get back to being himself. The side effects from being on it are no fun. He's suffering pretty much every side effect they describe. He tried getting back in to see the doctor but they keep putting him off. His job takes him out of town traveling quite often and the days when he can make an appointment are scarce.
389092 tn?1206669970 Only once have I had extreme side effects from Zoloft, or suddenly stopping -- yes I had anxiety, and bad aggression. As soon as started Zoloft again, I was OK. I do have really bad Heart Burn from Zoloft high dosage., anyone else?????
Avatar f tn I believe you can continue to take your Ativan as it is in a different class of drugs from your other meds. BUT.................I am NOT a doctor nor a pharmacist and I will tell you right now that you MUST check this out with someome with real knowledge of the interactions of medications. And that is NOT me! Zoloft, an antidepressant, normally reaches steady state in about a week and in my humble opinion, you should not still be feeling "really anxious and nervous.
Avatar f tn I have mild asthma and allergies as well but I also take Zoloft without those side effects. Sure you could be having a reacation but, it could also be your anxiety so worried about side effects.... That is probably why your doc wants to wait to change your meds, to see if the feelings subside.
Avatar f tn In the meantime, it's typical the first few medications tried don't really work, or may just have annoying side effects, or even intolerable side effects, such as insomnia, or more often being tired all the time. Either one can happen. (One med kept me awake like drinking 20 cups of coffee. The same med put my mother to sleep for 18 hours.
Avatar n tn Some may respond at lower dosage, some may respond after longer periods. The sexual side effects vary, they may be, prolonged erection, decrease sexual desire, or weak erection. Withdrawl symptoms also vary in intensity and type. Symptoms may be insomnia, sedation, sweatimg, anxiety and others. It is advised to taper off the medication, when stopping treatment. It is best to direct your concerns to your physician or psychiatrist. Best Wishes, HFHS M.D.
Avatar n tn For the past few months I have been starting and stopping 50mg of Zoloft (stupid I know) A few days I had a horrible relapse of anxiety and have since started the 50mg again. Have I done damage to my brain by starting and stopping all the time? This time I plan on staying on Zoloft for at least 6 months before stopping.
Avatar n tn Also, keep in mind that it usually takes 2-6 weeks for the full therapeutic effects of Zoloft to take effect (shorter time for anxiety and longer time for depression symptoms to subside) and many people have unpleasant side-effects for the first week of taking Zoloft. These usually subside after this time. You may want to think about whether the potential benefits of taking Zoloft outweigh the side-effects you currently experience that could quickly pass when your body adjusts to the SSRI.
Avatar n tn so my doc suggested buspar(in lieu of another ssri)..she claims there are virtually no side effects(except possible dizziness)...
Avatar n tn If you think you will have some sort of complication where you can't take it any more, tell your doctor and have him/her give you tapering instructions. The side effects of stopping cold turkey are horrible and withdrawal is not something you want to go through and it often causes a relapse and has been linked to increased depression and thoughts of suicide. Some people actually get "shocks" where it feels like they are being electrocuted, and can hear zapping sounds.
Avatar n tn I really don't like medicines and I am just afraid of them and the side effects. Can you advise what to do. I don't feel all that great on Zoloft. It makes me stay up at night and feel apprehensive in the morning. Is there a better way to treat anxiety? Thanks I was in Viet NAm, a police officer and fire fighter. Now I feel kind of jittery sometimes and saddness at time with crying spell occasionaly.
Avatar m tn She wrote me a prescription for Celexa but the drug-information sheet listed the same side effects as Zoloft so I decided not to start that medication.....I did advise her of one of my friends who also took zoloft and then celexa but also had bad side effect....Her doctor put her on xanex and she has had no serious side effects.....The doctor said that she would not prescribe me xanex because of my previous admitted drug/Alcohol addictions.......
Avatar n tn for the side effect, u need to know that zoloft belongs to the ssri class of antidepressant, which is the safest class in regards to side effects, for me personally, i didn't have any side effects apart than a little drowsiness less than 10 % of the time, if u feel that u can take the pill at night, a single dose is required per day. i advise u to start on 50 mg. If u have any question please contact me....
Avatar f tn I have tapered off of Zoloft after a year of use and my doc put me on a slow taper and even slowed it down when I was having a little more side effects than I wanted...which helped tremendously. In my opinion, tapering, especially after long term use, is VERY important. If your doctor is not willing to work with you on this, is there another doctor or therapist that you have worked with? Also, I find pharmacists a good resource as well when it comes to questions about meds. Keep us posted!
Avatar n tn If you return to this forum I'm sure someone will know the side effects of Zoloft.. I do not... it's an antidepressant and this is probably why your friend feels better. I am replying to let you know that you can go to any pharmacy and ask to get a printout or package leaflet on any prescription drug. You will be able to read the possible side effects from common ones to very rare ones. I have done this on occasion even when I was not there to pick up a prescription. Hope this helps.
1173196 tn?1292920090 Aside from being a peanut, did you see any side effects from the zoloft? Withdrawal? Hypertension? I just don't want the baby to suffer in any way because I used zoloft. I really do need it. When I'm not taking anything I have become suicidal in the past.
Avatar m tn You are not having a nervous breakdown, you are just experiencing normal concerns about meds that you may have read too many negative things about. Begin the meds and keep an open mind. Try not to get overanxious about any side effects you may experience, just contact your doctor and discuss if what you are feeling is "normal" and will pass. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
Avatar n tn I am currently doing research for an upcoming book which deals with the side effects and withdrawals people have experienced from Effexor XR and other (like) anti-depressants. I am interested in receiving any information current or former users would like to share concerning their experiences with these drugs. Please email me @: beach-***@**** and thanks!
Avatar n tn since you were on zoloft for so long,i,myself am on my 12th year,did you have any serious side effects when you went off.
Avatar m tn The only thing I can think of this;some people get very tired when theyre depressed,anti depressants like Zoloft can lift that and make you feel more energetic again.So it could be the first sign of depression returning. But everybody reacts a little differently to these kind of meds and the withdrawel so maybe in a few weeks it will pass.
Avatar n tn I found this forum because I was searching for the side effects of stopping Effexor. Glad I'm not alone with the dizziness. How long does it take to go away though?
Avatar n tn They also are best for anxiety which she claims I have major depression and a najor anxiety disorder. I tried Celexa, similar to Zoloft only Zoloft has more side effects and Celexa is the newest of the SSRI's. I had bad withdrawal for about one week after I stopped taking it for having severe diahrea for over one month: a side effect. The withdrawal was similar to your experience with zoloft only mine also included nausea and vomiting for five days.
2120085 tn?1344769510 I knew from other surgeries that those pain meds did ot touch my chiari pain, so I could not see taking something that could cause side effects or cover new symptoms and I would not be aware of them...I felt feeling it would be the best way to know what all was going on and that it could not be blamed on meds.... I had ear pain too, at times it felt like an ice pick being jabbed into my ear....ouch !!....
20632981 tn?1503691167 My question is, does Prozac have low side effects like Zoloft but does it work better? And should I be taking a SSRI or SNRI for depression and anxiety, what works better with less side effects?
Avatar n tn It could be side effects of the Zoloft, which you should have tapered up on slowly to get your brain used to it. It could be overdosing on serotonin, as you're still on the Effexor. And it could be just your same old problems never having been cured in therapy but just suppressed by meds that aren't currently working.