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219373 tn?1274925034 i have a 10 year old daughter who was recently diagnosed with aspergers, severe GAD, depression and sever insomnia. she is currently taking meletonin, clonidine and paxil. just prior to having her testing in which she was diagnosed with these she was on adderall for suspected ADD and the adderall was very effective for her concentration and focus, making schoolwork and chores etc much less stressful and frustrating.
Avatar n tn She's takes MiraLax and Benefiber to treat constipation and takes Vyvanse and Zoloft for focus and mood, and lactase with dairy. (She has occasional soiling accidents.) She doesn't always feel when her bladder is full nor does she feel when it leaks. My concerns: (1) Will she be able to tell when her period is happening when she starts getting periods? If she can't, how is best to manage this?
Avatar n tn I have an 11 year old Aspie daugther who was never aggressive, but last year when she was placed in a room with a special ed teacher that did not understand Asperger's at all she was was crazy--flipped all the desks over in the room, hit, and left the school in the winter with no shoes or coat on. Then they proceeded to expel her for 3 days for walking out of the school.
Avatar f tn But you can teach them this stuff, but it never becomes second nature, they always have to think it through, and even as an adult they will say what is obvious to them. For example, an adult with aspergers was listening to a woman who was upset because her relationship had broken down. The adult said "maybe it is because you are fat." Hmmmnn.
Avatar f tn Hi, My son is 26 years old with aspergers. He now has other issues as well and I would like to know if anyone else has experienced any of these and what they did. He started cutting himself at age 22 He has anger outbursts. These outbursts start out as tension, He gets fidgety, then starts walking around, then he will punch something, then he starts yelling out things that dont make any sense. He yells out obsentities, and its scary to watch. If we try to calm him down it only makes it worse.
Avatar m tn there is a drug that has is now being used for anxiety, more popular use in children,for anxiety in aspergers and adhd patients, but will work for adults, its called tenex, it is a bp med doe will also help with your blood pressure its not a narcotic so you will not get the same feeling as the xanax, but it does work, in my experience,
Avatar f tn My 15 year old son is on zoloft and chlonadine. He has been on them for 10 years now. Is there anything better for his behavior then these meds. He seems to draw out bullies every where we go. He wants to leave anytime things upsets him.He will leave his classroom if he gets in trouble. He has got in trouble at school because of this. He also will say almost anything that is on his mind.
Avatar f tn New testing was done and will get results this week, but as for now it is Adhd and possible aspergers.Concerta was for adhd and the zoloft was prescribed because he gets vocal tics on stimulants. Not the best choice but it is what I guess needs to be done otherwise we have nothing to help with hyperactivity. Have asked dr. about other meds, but doesn't seem to offer anything else. I don't know that meds is the only answer.
Avatar m tn After years of frustration my son of 14 was diagnosed with aspergers along with his previous diagnoses of add/ADHD . For many years we had him on daytrana, then went to Vyvanse. These worked for a short time then when he hit 12 it has been off the charts. His focusing and oppositional behavior has not been controlled. He never has shown signs of oppositional behavior til last year. We changed his medication by increasing his adderall to now 30 mgs a day and 2 mgs of iTune.
Avatar f tn I would like to say that my son is in a treatment facility for bipolar/aspergers is San Marcos Texas and it is great! So if way down the road you need the help, it is out there, you are not alone.
Avatar f tn My 13 year old aspie was on Zoloft for a while. It definitely helped with his anxiety. As time went on - we took him off to see if he could cope without. He is now back to full blown meltdowns in school and we are awaiting a phone call to get him back on. The anxiety and stressors in school for an Aspergers child can be miserable and something we could never understand.
Avatar f tn I never take more than prescribed, and I also take Zoloft for anxiety disorder. I was on zoloft when I was 21 for severe panic disorder and it is the only thing that allowed me to finish college. I stopped taking zoloft for many years and recently went back on, I am 34. The bottom line here is that I have always suffered from anxiety, probably BORN with it. My mom has anxiety, so does my dad.
Avatar n tn Our 30 year old son has CP and Aspergers. He is on Ambien for sleep, Concerta and Zoloft. He has recently been experiencing some muscle aches and tingling in his muscles. He has also had some confusion and forgetfulness. Finally others are noticing he looks extremely tired although he says he doesn't feel tired. I am wondering if his medication could be causing his problems or if we should see a neurologist.
Avatar f tn We thought about actually suing our child psychiatrist over her putting my son on zoloft and not telling us that it causes so many problems as well as causes tics and possibly in your sons case could be causing him to have symptoms like he has aspergers. My son was on zoloft for 1 year and had the same exact symptoms and experienced tics and was a basketcase. He wanted to die and I decided to take him off of the zoloft.
Avatar f tn He can recall things both old and new just fine. I know there is no cure for Aspergers but I firmly believe that he needs occupational therapy because he is severly lacking in social skills and has no friends. Please advise.
Avatar n tn My child two years ago very sick and home bound at the age 11, my child had PDD/Aspergers since I new since he was three something wrong but Doctors diagnosed at age 6. My child has been put on Medications and we have seen success in him sleeping, socializing.
Avatar m tn Hi (sorry in advance for the long post), I am a twenty year old male in Las Vegas and have been struggling with mental health problems for my whole life, but only realizing my thoughts were abnormal for the past 2 ½ years. I was first diagnosed as a child with anxiety but we thought nothing of it.
Avatar n tn I've been waiting for my therapist/med nurse to fax a referral to a perinatologist before I lose my mind. I have ptsd, aspergers (high functioning autism), bipolar 2 disorder, borderline personality disorder, ocd, adhd, chronic depression, anxiety, and sensory processing disorder. They had to take me off my mood stabilizer (lamictal) and my antidepressant/antianxiety med (Effexor) because of the pregnancy. I'm 20 years old, I've been on meds since I was 10.
Avatar n tn This is my second opinion and both agree to the trial of medications. I knew this was a long shot. Just hoping someone has a similiar experience with using Celexa in a child. As for the other post regarding the link, I have heard and researched about the horror stories many times. This is why the decision for my husband & I is so difficult. We only want what is best for our daughter, both physically and emotionally.
Avatar m tn Hi (sorry in advance for the long post), I am a twenty year old male in Las Vegas and have been struggling with mental health problems for my whole life, but only realizing my thoughts were abnormal for the past 2 ½ years. I was first diagnosed as a child with anxiety but we thought nothing of it.
Avatar n tn The assessment and identification of an appropriate diagnosis can be valuable but it is also valuable to pursue avenues that may be beneficial for your son even if he doesn’t meet the criteria for a diagnosis. You can get him help for his social interaction and his perseveration on routine. There are therapists and behavior analysts who have experience working with children like your son. I would recommend seeking them out and finding someone who you and your son work well with.
Avatar m tn ADHD, mild-moderate schizophrenia spectrum disorder (high functioning juvenile paranoid schizophrenic possible), tourette syndrome ( coprolalia), anxiety disorder, OCD, highly possibly aspergers and depression. I have not been on an ADHD med in years, because they gave me insomnia. I have been on both stimulate (concerta, adderall) and non-stimulant (strattarra) drugs. I definitely feel that concerta worked very well for me.
Avatar n tn 5”), diagnosed depression, resumed trilevelin to prevent further cysts 2000 – 25mg Zoloft for crying spells and mild aspergers 2003 – ceased trilevelin after migraine lasted 2 weeks 2005 – gave birth, nursed, Zoloft progressed to 100 mg 2006 – Mirena IUC Family history: My niece is autistic, and she had an ovarian cystectomy at age 3. Mother had endometriosis, hysterectomy at age 30.
Avatar f tn This girl is now getting F's in 3 or her 6 classes and doesn't care Isn't interested in anything right now Says no to everything and always has out of fear and no matter what we try with behavior modification We end up right where we started She was on numerous drugs from age 4 to age 10 I then took her off everything because her aggression was extreme from anxiety meds . Zoloft help for 1 year and then she got so aggressive I was scared of her .
Avatar f tn It is recommended for Aspergers, Autism, ADHD, excma, Asthma, sinus and behavioural problems in children. for Autistic symptoms you need to go GFCF which is the full version of the diet (a simplified one including gluten and dairy exists). I find a normal Western diet makes both of my kids obnoxious and makes their asthma worse. Most packaged food is so full of chemicals, I could take my pick of several additives that could have adverse affects for their health or behaviour.
Avatar m tn I was about 6 or 7 and put on a med (Ritlen) for less than a week... I guess it made me MORE hyper? Eep. After that, I wasn't on any meds for the rest of my childhood and most of my teen years. Somehow I managed to get by. I personally don't like to buy into all the drugs. (The drug agency seems to have a drug for everything doesn't it?) I'm on a med right now, but I am very wary about such perscriptions... I'm hoping that the wellbutrin I am on won't be a long-term thing.
Avatar f tn I take 40mg of fluoxetine/Prozac and being an antidepressant I hear it makes mania in bipolar disorder much worse. I am currently being assessed for bipolar disorder but after starting on the antidepressant for a few months now I haven't noticed a significant change in mania symptoms whilst taking it compared to when I took no medication. Is it possible to have bipolar but not having worsened symptoms due to antidepressants?
Avatar n tn My child is 13 riddle with anxiety, OCD diagnosed with PDD My child two years ago very sick and home bound at the age 11, my child had PDD/Aspergers since I new since he was three something wrong but Doctors diagnosed at age 6. My child has been put on Medications and we have seen success in him sleeping, socializing.
Avatar n tn the reason is that this doctor prescribed Zoloft to our 3 1/2 year old for what he diagnosed as seperation anxiety. The nightmare continues, six months later, at his mother's request, the doctor increased the dose to 25 mgs daily. His mother chose this protocol before trying other therapies. At our son's behavioral pediatrician's request, we just hired an expert to spend time with my son and his mother, then my son and me to document his behaviors.