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Avatar n tn Is Zoloft just for depression? Or is it for other things too? Please help me!!!
Avatar n tn For someone that is seeking treatment for an anxiety disorder, what are the meaningful differences between Zoloft and Paxil? I know that they are both SRI's and have similar side-effects. I guess Zoloft stays in your system longer than Paxil. I have been on Zoloft before for several years off and on, usually between 50 and 100 mgs, but have stopped taking it for about 3 months. I have not suffered from any withdrawal symptoms.
2198057 tn?1338534805 My panic returned with a vengeance within 6 months. Zoloft is actually the most prescribed SSRI for anxiety disorders, specifically panic disorder, and it has a great success rate. You are always going to hear horror stories with any med. As with any med, people will have varying experiences. Your best bet is to go into this with an open mind and not any preconceived notions based on other people's stories. Allow yourself to have your OWN unique experience.
Avatar f tn Zoloft affects chemicals in the brain that may become unbalanced and cause depression, panic, anxiety, or obsessive-compulsive symptoms. Zoloft is used to treat depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic disorder, anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD). Zoloft can cause side effect which include, trouble sleeping, panic attacks and anxiety. The Klonopin may help, depending on the dosage and the scheduling.
Avatar f tn I tried Zoloft when I was a teenager for depression and sleep issues. It did great for the sleep issue. Clonopin I have not taken. But have not heard anything good. I did not like Paxil at all as a female, It killed all want and desire. I personally like Lexapro. It manages both depression and anxiety. Like most other RX's it take 3 to 6 weeks to get fully in your system. Mean while xanax during the 3 to 6 period of time. What I judge a medication on is this: Am I groggy?
Avatar m tn I think today I just had a bad day in general, I'm actually 'starting' on 50mg, for anxiety, OCD, probable panic disorder, and slight depression. I think I'll ride the wave out, and just continue on with my prescribed dosage, I'm also about to start CBT shortly, so hopefully, I might be able to hop off Zoloft sooner rather then later, as some of the stories regarding withdrawal and other symptoms have caught my attention.
Avatar n tn I take topamax for Seizures and my doctor wants to put me on Zoloft for my Anxiety and I have post traumatic stress disorder I am very concerned with the weight gain. I was on Lexapro and it worked for me but I gained 35 lbs. on it so I went off of it. Now all my symptoms have returned but I've lost all the weight that I gained..
Avatar f tn That is classical anxiety thinking where you try analyzing the symptoms for clues to a disorder - anxiety does that to you. However, if you haven't had your heart checked out it is not possible for anyone to know for sure if you have a problem - I am in no position to diagnose or advise you on that subject. Did you check some other posters subjects to notice how common "heart" problems are with anxiety sufferers?
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with anxiety disorder several years ago. I was first started on Paxil and had very few problems except for weight gain and night sweats. I was later switched to Prozac with the same side effects. I now take Zoloft and I still have the night sweats. I am wondering if night sweats are a common side effect of these medications and what can be done about it.
Avatar f tn Hello all. I have Borderline Personality Disorder, and General Anxiety Disorder. My doctor has put me on Zoloft 100mg and Xanax 3mg a day (been taking zoloft for about 6 months now, and xanax same amount of time). My panic attacks come out of nowhere still, and seem to be getting worse if I don't take any xanax in the morning? Isn't zoloft supposed to help? I know I need to talk to my doctor but every time I do he prescribes a higher dose of Xanax! Help?
Avatar f tn Again, just my opinion. Zoloft is used not only for depression but anxiety too. Many people do very well on it. It can take awhile to build up in your system so don't get upset if you do not see results immediately. You may have some nausea and a little dizziness the first few days. Don't worry if you do because this is common with most of these meds. Then again, you may not have any start up side effects. We're here to listen and help you anyway we can.
Avatar n tn I sometiems forget to take my zoloft, sometiems for days. What should I do for a missed dose?
5365627 tn?1369077616 I just started taking zoloft today for severe depression and anxiety i was having. I take 50 mg. Im 36 weeks and i just want to know if it has ever helped anyone else with their issues how much and is your baby ok if you were pregnant at the time?
Avatar f tn My daughter has been diagnosed with general anxiety, stress disorder. She is 18, a competitive long distance runner and puts a lot of stress on herself to preform well, which she does. today the doctor prescribed Zolft. My concerns with this drug are the fact tht there is weight lose. I believe that in persuit to be healthy and run well she also has some eating issues. She is 5'6" and her weight is down to 97 lbs. She was at 118 in March .
Avatar n tn I'm 17 years old, and have been on zoloft since May 2006 for anxiety, a panic disorder [severe panic attacks] and social anxiety [which caused most of the panic attacks] I have not have a panic attack since October 2006, and decided recently, after much thought and talking to my doctor, to go off zoloft. Starting the first day of August, I took a half dose every day for ten days. Now I am taking a half dose every second day for twenty days, and then going off completely.
Avatar f tn Yes, dizziness is one of the possible side effects, but as you already mentioned, it is nearly impossible to determine what the culprit is...could be something else causing that (your illness, etc). The good news is, any side effects of Zoloft will typically start to resolve after about 2 weeks (give or take, varies per person). The key to really being able to fairly determine the success of these kinds of meds is sticking it out.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with Panic Disorder at 15 years old. I'm nearly 39 now. I lived in peace from panic/anxiety for 20 years before the first episode in 2012. I have a very stressful life which doesn't help. The past four years have been especially rough. The Zoloft is to get me through again until the issues are resolved so I can actually function on a daily basis.
4173517 tn?1350602301 I am on depakote 500mg twice a day and respidal 4mg at night and 50mg of zoloft and so far I havent had any side affects but its only been a week my side affects show up on weeks 3 & 4 so hopefully I dont but fingers are crossed
Avatar n tn I have to say that I disagree with the person who told you that your depression is your only problem and not the Zoloft. As for me, my doctor prescribed Zoloft for depression and OCD. I felt like an absolute marshmallow, all I wanted to do is sleep and I always felt like I was in a fog. I too am very active and sociable and just want to feel normal,,,I can really relate to what your going through, just fromyour comments you sound alot like myself.
Avatar n tn If its depression thats being treated, he will probably be fine with it. However, Wellbutrin was not mainly indicated for the treatment of Anxiety/Panic disorder, thought it still does help subside it. Talk to your doc about this. And if your husband hasn't yet tried talk theropy, nows a good time. Finding the core(s) of the problem, and soon a solution is a more effective weapon against anxiety and depression.
Avatar m tn My psych feels the mirtazapine was not effective for my anxiety (based on 18 days at 30 mg) He says the energizing feeling I was getting would be great for depression, but not helpful for anxiety (this is my problem). he also says I could treat my anxiety with klon only. But this would be a bit more dangerous over a long period of time. Hence, the reason he added an SSRI. My psych has added (Zoloft) sertraline starting at 12.5 mg, to move up to 25 mg in a week, then 50 mg a week after that.
Avatar n tn The only difference between my twin and me is the zoloft. Its too bad because the zoloft works well for my anxiety and panic but I will try to find a different medication now. I was on Celexa in the past and didn't notice any weight gain on that.
Avatar n tn I have been living with anxiety disorder for a year now and the hate the feeling its give me. I was wondering is there any cure, even though it is hereditary. Cause i really want it ti go away, it it making afraid of doing the things i'm use to doing.
Avatar f tn I heard LYRICA, inicialy prescribed for Fibromalgia is realy helpfull for anxiety, but It is not FDA approved yet in us but Europe is using it with success for years. My doc mentioned this med to me but still did not made decision if I shoul try it or not. I started taking Magnesium Taurate 3 days ago, so far not much of a difference but I will let you know!!!!
Avatar f tn Since they I have experienced quite a few panic attacks. I am very discouraged for I was hoping Zoloft would help me. Am I just being too impatient? Is it normal to experience MORE panic attacks at the beginning?
Avatar m tn Anxiety Symptoms * Smothering sensations and Shortness of breath * Racing heart, slow heart beat, palpitations * Chest Pain * Lump in throat & Difficulty swallowing * Skin losing colour (blanching) * Sweating * Shaking or shivering (Visibly or internally) * Neck & shoulder pain & numbness in face or head * Rapid gastric emptying * Indigestion, heartburn, constipation and diarrhea * Symptoms of urinary tract infection * Skin rashes *
784382 tn?1376934640 I tolerated it pretty well too, a few initial (mild) side effects, slightly increased anxiety being one for which I took an occasional Ativan while I was waiting for the Zoloft to start working. Generally speaking, these meds take about 4-6 weeks to really start noticing improvements. Many people report a subtle change for the better after about 2-3 weeks, but the dramatic changes take a little longer. For some, it may take even a bit longer than 6 weeks.
19264658 tn?1474865461 and I went straight into a better hospital but they told me I had an anxiety disorder and gave me a prescription for ativan 0.5. Which I only took half of a pill and completely knocked me out, so I refuse to take it. I slept at the hospital that night and the next day I went to feel up my prescription to a pharmacy literally 3 minutes away from the hospital and I started to feel anxious but I managed to go in the store and had 3 panic attacks while waiting for my meds..
Avatar n tn old female who was diagnosed in April with Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Depression. I am currently taking 150 mg. of Zoloft daily, along with 1/2 of a .5 Klonopin tablet at night and 1/2 of a 1mg. tablet of Ativan in the morning. I wake up shaking, anxious and crying every morning. The trembling, shivers, and anxiety last for about 6 hrs. The crying usually stops after an hour or two. By late afternoon and evening I feel much better. I take the Zoloft in the late morning.