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Avatar n tn Hi, I have been searching this site for answers to my vision problems and yours sounds very similar to mine. I have been trying to link it to Prozac, Zoloft or Xanax. I had a bad reaction to both antidepressants and had to use Xanax for a couple of weeks. I used those meds for about 1 month total and have used nothing for a year. During the month, I developed a strange vision problem...flickering/jumping vision when I try to enter a lit room after being in the dark for 15 minutes or more.
Avatar m tn First, I do have health anxiety, for which I take medicine (Zoloft) and also get professional help. Lately, my anxiety revolves around my vision. It started with that weird afterimage that a handful of other people on this board experience. But now I can't stop noticing all sorts of things about my eyes! Suddenly I see my nose, floaters, and veins, and then, starting yesterday, my eyelid began twitching. Is it possible that I'm just focusing too much on my eyes?
4981427 tn?1371674069 I think that brings on a lot of my anxiety! I will be trying to drive and my vision will get blurry and then the panic attack hits....
Avatar n tn I feel okay too when not in the car but I get worked up just thinking about driving. Once I get into the car and drive a while, I start fidgeting, turning heater up and down, window up and down, sunglasses on and off, I feel like I cannot focus. I do okay on side streets but cannot do the freeway or long streches of road. Your eye doc said your eyes weren't working together?? What exactly does that mean? I have been tested for everything, you name it, I have had the test done! All negative!!
Avatar n tn the first mri showed a small lesion of 4mm 2 months later i had 3 more done and they showed no lesion, 4 months today my eye is not as bad but the symtoms in my body remains the same, i had my eye checked and the optic nerve is fine the eyes are fine, tomorrow i will have the vision field test, so far everything is normal. The mri's were to rule out cancerous tumor i guess, no mention of ruling out ms, but that is what the nuero said my symtoms sounded like, do you have any suggestions for me?
687029 tn?1227050896 I'm 55 and I'm into menopause, my Dr. put me on Zoloft...for hot flashes, mood swings, panic attacks,ect.I started on a low dose and did well, then she bumped it up to 100 mg and I got the worst heartburn you can imagine.Plus allot of stomach problems, I already have acid reflux and don't need more problems. She lowered it to 50, still had problems along with hot flashes/ sweating allot, headaches,stiff neck,vision problems,memory problems,felt angry & just plain miserable.
Avatar f tn But when I told him it was keeping me up at night he added the Zoloft. I've been on Wellbutrin for 3 months and Zoloft for 2. Well my fatigue is back and worse than before. Plus I have really bad blurred vision and it's driving me crazy. I want to stop taking the Zoloft. My psych told me I could stop it at any time but I'm not sure. I've gone through withdrawal from stopping other medications (Vicodin for chronic pain) and know how horrible it can be.
Avatar n tn Zoloft or sertaline weaning can cause various withdrawal symptoms like cold sweats, shock like feeling, and difficulty in swallowing properly or choking particularly if you try eating large bites of food. You can get double vision, and bleeding issues. You need to be careful with sudden stopping as serious complications like edema or water collection in lungs and heart failure can develop. You can consult your neurologist on monitoring of this withdrawal to avoid precipitation of these.
Avatar m tn will increase to 50mg, I was on zoloft b4 and it changed my life, short version, I was on xanax a number of years, I would not take another drug, finally gave in and took zoloft, was easy to stop xanax and then the zoloft, (ALONG with therapy) , I got my life back. this time I am off xanax and just started zoloft last week and will increase this week, I have been journalling about it.
Avatar f tn I hope im not to late? I suffer from the same things you do, the doc. had me on clonipan and zoloft and also vicodin for 6 years! please be very careful with doctors some of them there only addvice is take a pill oh, thats not working take another one or try this. before you know it your an addict!! before you get there, and you probly will. look at this site its filled with people like me.try natural cures.
Avatar n tn On Zoloft for several months now. Initial side affects included trembeling hands, sweaty palms and feet, and some tension headaches. Also some insomnia. Regarding light sensitvity, I have notice that the flourscent lights over my cube tend to affect the way my monitor looks now, definitely have noticed a difference. Anyway, about the only side affect symptoms left are trembling finger tips and insominia. Hope that helped...
Avatar n tn Well I have been on Zoloft for about 10yrs due to suffering from PTSD from being physically abused and bullied in the Airforce over a long period. Zoloft was no longer working and so I saw a local Doctor and I went onto Prozac. I immediately stopped the Zoloft and went onto Prozac, I know this was not good as this should not be done, but when you are desperate, you do as told by a Dr. It has been about a month now and I am still not 100%.
Avatar n tn and today at work i started feeling dizzy...vision blurred and i saw squiggly shapes and lines in my field of vision...then i got that displaced feeling that usually comes with a panic attack..i sat down and it went away excepy my headache is worse and i feel tired...i was feeling good before this occurred....does this sound like a weird zoloft reaction????
Avatar n tn I then went to a more progressive ENT in 2005 who did an ethmoidectomy (removed the sinuses from between my eyes)and I really thought my problems were over. My pain and pressure were completely gone and I felt great. Until.....the beginning of the year I started having sinus infection problems with dizzyness and feeling totally lousey. A week and a half ago I was on my 3rd sinus infection when I finally went to a friend who is a Nurse Practitioner and had her culture my sinuses.
Avatar f tn I too have had vision problems with anxiety. I have just recently begun to have panic attacks while driving. I thought it might be my eyes so I had a eye exam done and they changed my glasses prescription. (slightly) Its one of the 1st things that happen when I feel anxious. Everything gets blurry and I do see floaters sometimes. Its a horrible feeling. I have not tried any drugs. Trying to figure it out myself. Some days in the car good...some bad. That is the only time I feel like this.
Avatar f tn I filled the med's (Zoloft (long term) and Aprazalam (short term)...and starting taking them. Low and Behold, my horrible symptoms started to fade one by one...they were (feeling faint, heart palps, blurred vision, hot flashes, feeling of wooziness (not dizzy), wobbly knees when walking, depression, agrophobia (fear of driving, walking, and everything), feeling of zombiness in my head.....
Avatar n tn I have been taking zoloft for about 5 years now. I am having some problems that I have only just now realized may be the medication. I am continuously fatigued, have no libido, and have gained about 70 pounds. My sister has been taking Effexor for about 4 months now & loves it. Nothing else has worked for her the way that Effexor has. And, she claims that it has helped her lose the weight that other medications have put on. I am thinking about talking to my doctor about the switch.
Avatar n tn I am 22 and have just started taking Zoloft. I am 4 days into and had a total meltdown today. I took a Xanax and it seemed to alleviate alot of my anxious feelings. I have a very weak stomach so even the smallest dosage of Zoloft (.25) has effected me. Everyone says hang in there and because of forums such as this, I am truly riding out the "hump" of this medicine. I just want to feel normal again.
Avatar m tn Since the docs have eliminated the usual suspects, although you don't mention checking for inner ear problems, and since dizziness is such a common side effect both of taking these meds and stopping them, let's assume it is withdrawal. There are two things I can think of you can try. The first is to take a healthy dose of fish oil daily and see if it helps -- sometimes it helps with these symptoms related to brain zaps and dizziness.
Avatar n tn Hi Crafty, if you're still here, I tapered and quit Zoloft in March/April and had lots of problems, although not as severe as yours it sounds like...mostly depression, nausea, and rage. It gradually got better over about a month after I completely stopped the medication (which i did early because the withdrawals were just so unpleasant I wanted to get them all over with at once).
Avatar n tn I too had a c section and became very anxious after the birth. I had suffered with binocular vision in the last few months of pregnancy - I too like you thought of neurological problems to the point where I convinced myself that I had a brain tumour. Three weeks after the birth everything became normal again so I believe that it is either pressure on the optic nerve that reduces after birth or just mad hormones settling back down.
Avatar m tn Hello, I have been taking Zoloft and Xanax for depression. I have started having vision problems. My vision is blurred and sometimes I have to really try to focus so I can see. My pupils are dilated most of the time. Also, I have a hard time concentrating on things and my thoughts race. In the afternoons I feel like I am floating and I have frequent headaches. Could this be a neurological problem?
1329847 tn?1275176334 I had it all. dizzy, lightheaded, headaches, vision problems ( I'd see static in my vision) etc etc severely for 2 months. I went to my regular dr who told me it was anxiety and 2 eye doctors. I just said 'f*ck the rest of the ruling out' BS, and just accepted it was anxiety. I stayed away from medicine and i forced myself to eat the right foods for my mind, I forced myself to sleep with viteman B complex and I forced myself to excercise (even though I normally do).
Avatar m tn This could be due to Zoloft, because it started the day after I took it and I heard it can cause vision problems. Sometimes I also get spasms in my head as well and feel spaced out a little and that didn't start until last year. And for the past 2 years I've noticed a bump on top of my skull that has very slowly grown. I've been quite stressed of about this lately, because I'm worried that it could be a tumor or possibly hydrocephalus.
Avatar n tn because it caused my heart problems to act up and I ended up in the hospital again with an unstable heart beat and had to get my pacer replaced along with the leads early, now I have a huge wound in my chest and more pain than I can stand. On the FDA site, I found where Zoloft along with opiates will cause toxicity, which is what has been happening for the past year or more.
Avatar n tn Also I must mention that I have sinus and allergy problems and am seeing an ENT doc and she has me on Allerx which seems to help. Like I said I notice that we all have similarities in symptoms and I know Ive said a lot, but let's all follow up with our doc and try and stay positive and not think the absolute worst I have a strange feeling that we all are experiencing physical systoms of ANXIETY but I will keep you posted on my results lets just pray that all is well!
Avatar f tn This usually presents with widespread myalgia and arthralgia, headaches, chronic mental and physical exhaustion, cognitive difficulties, concentration difficulty and memory problems. Then you also need to investigate other causes of brain fog like liver dysfunction (get liver enzymes done—liver function test), kidney dysfunction (get kidney function test done), and anemia. Do discuss this with your doctor and get yourself examined. Hope this helps.