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Avatar m tn Hi, I am a 29 year old male and I am struggling with really odd urinary problems. I have a cluster of symptoms including: -Occasional slow stream -false urgency -feeling of non-emptying of bladder during urination -Premature ejaculation For these issues I had a cytoscopy which came back clean, the doctor said the only thing he could suggest is that I drink a few alcoholic beverages and see if that relaxes everything. (this seems crazy to me).
Avatar m tn I have been having anxiety problems for a few months now. I was prescribed paxil and ativan originally. I tried the paxil for one day and did not like the side effects it was giving me. So I went to counseling to try and get over this without taking medications. Well a couple of weekends ago I had a really bad weekend. I went to my doctor because I was having abdominal pains and was thinking it was something serious (which is what my anxiety problem is: health concerns).
Avatar n tn Hi Crafty, if you're still here, I tapered and quit Zoloft in March/April and had lots of problems, although not as severe as yours it sounds like...mostly depression, nausea, and rage. It gradually got better over about a month after I completely stopped the medication (which i did early because the withdrawals were just so unpleasant I wanted to get them all over with at once).
Avatar n tn I was given a 10 day run of septra and my UTI went away,though my breathing problems would come and go.My UTI returned in the form of flank/lower back pain and a urologist diagnosed me with prostatitis and i began a longer run of septra (on my fifth week).At the beginning my urine was cultured and it showed various bacteria.
20501556 tn?1499451092 76 yr old female taking Zoloft for a few months was admitted to hospital from ER for nausea, vomiting, dehydration and UTI. Hospitalist stopped the Zoloft for a few days due to renal failure. Patient (my mom) has history of Crohns and currently has ileostomy and mucus fistula stoma from late April 2017 surgery. Suffering from high output (over 2 liters daily) pure liquid and wondering if this is possible side effect of not having Zoloft for those few days.
Avatar f tn By the time I got to 150 it had become unbearable and I believe I was suffering from intense urinary retention. I would be kept up all night, feeling strong discomfort in my bladder and an urge to go, I'd sit on the toilet and barely anything would come out, or nothing would come out at all, and when I'd go back to bed I wouldn't feel relieved. Due to this I quit the medication. The issues reduced greatly in severity, but were still present mildly even after 6 months of being off the med.
1276940 tn?1564518684 I have no pain or discharge in that eye......I have noticed no halos or any problems with my vision before or after the blurry vision starts. I recently got DX'd with bursitis in my R hip and my R heel has been tingling & going numb. This too comes on suddenly and only lasts for a few minutes......It seems to me that something is going on with the R side of my body!!!
Avatar n tn 79 to 97 percent of American have candida and this make your colon mucusy and makes the stomach bloat causing all sort of digestive problems and can memic some dieases which is why doctor have a hard time nailing this sucker down. Also. I'm taking CoEnzyme 10 or which strenghtens the heart. Now the I write this I see a corelation. I starting eating for 4 to 5 meals a day in early 2009 to lose weight and months later this started happening, maybe I wasn't eating the right foods.
5856747 tn?1403352282 No mention of female inability to orgasm, no mention of male ejaculatory failure, no mention of sexual anhedonia or sexual anesthesia in both men and women and no mention of loss of libido or sex drive in both men and women. All the consumer of modern antidepressants is being told is that there maybe some poor sexual performance. This is meaningless, unfair and disingenuous. But unfortunately, it gets much worse.
Avatar m tn numbness in face or head * Rapid gastric emptying * Indigestion, heartburn, constipation and diarrhea * Symptoms of urinary tract infection * Skin rashes * Weakness in arms & tingling in the hands or feet * Electric shock feeling anywhere in the body * Dry mouth * Insomnia * Nightmares * Fears of going mad or losing control * Increased depression & suicidal feelings * Aggression * Symptoms like 'flu' * Distorted vision * Distur
Avatar n tn I actually wound up being put on Zoloft for a combination of depression and anxiety. I guess between the pregnancy hormones and my husband being gone from Aug. 05 until Dec 06 combined with caring for a 3 year old son, I just got a little overwhelmed. I am sure you will be just fine. Everything sounds normal with your pregnancy. I do not think you have anything at all to worry about. Just try to relax and everything will be just fine.
1118884 tn?1338596450 however learning that my colon is brittle from radiation is now probably an issue to deal with. Urinary problems are worse now that shortly after radiation, but no infections thank god. You are the best. I've read your posts ..they reflect your long experience and a caring nature.
Avatar f tn But I got a call from my GYN earlier this week, who told me that the urologist in Atlanta thinks I need to see a neurologist for possible MS. I have been on zoloft now for about 5 weeks.I had a psychiatrist who gave me heparin and that night I slept all night for the first time in all these months! I am finally starting to feel normal again but am waiting to hear from the neuro. I'm scared.Is it possible that it has just taken me several months to recover from my bladder readjusting? or MS?
Avatar n tn This did wonders for the withdraw feelings, but the anxiety is over-whelming. I was burning out my skin, shaking, fearful thoughts and feelings raced, and a buzzed feeling has taken over my body. My question to you is, do you think that this anxiety will pass after a couple of weeks or do you think perhaps 20mg is too much for my anxiety? How long of a chance do you give it? You advice has been right on thus far, hope you can help me through the end.
Avatar n tn I also beleve it made me have vaginal dryness witch is causing more and more problems for me. I have never experienced these kind of problems with my other birth control pill. Yaz seems to be causing nothing but problems for me.
Avatar n tn After the birth, continued to have leakage and vaginal gas problems. I promptly sought out a proctologist who used a probe and told me I probably did have a fistula, but he couldn't detect it without further testing and that I was probably wasting my time b/c the surgery has such a long recovery, low success rate, and possible use of that external bag to hold feces for a while. So, I left feeling frustrated.
Avatar f tn Patients expect a drug when they are sick which is why we have become resistant to so many anti biotics and why drugs such as Ritalin and AD drugs are problems now not to mention pain killers. Valium and the benzo drugs got their bad name because they were universally abused and over prescribed by doctors for any reason possible - mothers little helpers in effect and what we got was rampant abuse. These days the medical systems will tell you that this does not happen.
1070971 tn?1299617710 I felt great the first couple of days but on Day 4 of not taking the Remeron but the Zoloft I started having chills, sweats, tingling, urinary problems, loss of appetite, and trouble sleeping. Do you think it is the Remeron withdrawals? I put a call into my doctor but she has not called me back yet. Do you know if they will last long if they started me on another antidepressant?
1979414 tn?1337806949 They are malfunctions of the nervous system, and as such, medical problems as real as the other disorders I mentioned (and some pretty strong genetic indications come from the fact that your sister has a similar problem). So what do patients with diabetes or cancer do? They go to the proper specialist. For the diabetic, it's an endocrinologist. For the cancer patient, it's an oncologist. And for those with anxiety and panic, it is the psychiatrist. I am not joking here.
Avatar n tn Skin in vulva / vagina looks very good, clean and healthy. Discharge is normal, natural and healthy. Doctors cannot see any problems nor abnormalities. Hormones all within normal range. But again, the very first time I felt this burning sensation was at the very moment the doctor did my very first pap smear and I continued to burn for days afterward. This is many years later now and I still encounter that burning problem on and off. So, this is just a thought.
Avatar n tn No problems for years after that.
544292 tn?1268886268 Welcome to Part 6! Please make yourself at home!
Avatar n tn i am a 55 year old woman who has extreme anxiety and depression and worry constantly about everything, my children who are all having big big issues in life and my husband who has all sorts of problems can't even go into them all and i just have so many health problems i feel like a complete nuerotic basket case.
Avatar n tn Two 1000mg tabs of Vit C with each meal (Linus Paulings study) with help with inflamation urinary problems and aging. EDTA is a compably inexpensive way to clear the blood vessels throughout the body of plaque and heavy metals by tying them up and excreting them from the body. They claim it only takes a few weeks with the liquid and a few months with the oral pills. Do an internet search on EDTA and read about it.
Avatar m tn I usually take a high dose of ibuprofen and take a nap and when I wake up it hurts less and I get along with my day and forget about it. When I was 17, I was diagnosed with celiac disease (biopsy of duodenum and blood tests both performed). I have had severe depression for years. I started psych meds at age 14, and have been on them ever since. My mother has lupus and rheumatoid RA. Her father died of leukemia. My father has severe, chronic back pain.
1276940 tn?1564518684 Hello, Urinary incontinence is a side effect of Zoloft and it may be the reason for your bed wetting. Also Abilify is known for polyuria and nocturia, so these medications need to be checked. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing.
Avatar f tn If you have stress and anxiety already you shouldn't be taken something that can cause you to have even more of it along with other side effects that have cause sudden death and heart problems and even stroke and seizures. and seizures can be brough on by stress and anxiety. the doctors should try you on things like ,zoloft or celexa and there are many other drug you can try. I have know idea why he has you on something for adhd or add.those drugs are not good for you.
242532 tn?1269553979 I am the mental health expert who answers questions on the mental health forum, and so many of them are about the effects and side effects of medications for mood and anxiety. If those members had been using the mood tracker they would be able to see how their moods changed in response to the medications and separate that out from how their moods changed in response to the daily events at work or home. That’s a very important distinction that most people don’t make, or find it hard to make.
Avatar n tn I think everything is over and I clean up. I walk out of the toilet and in about 2 minutes time the stomach cramp and the fainting sensation comes back (I've fainted only once to date from this and was out for about 15-20 minutes). 6. When I get back to the toilet I have a really violent Diarrhoea episode in pure liquid state.
Avatar m tn Urine is fine. Dr. thinks urinary problems were due to the constipation. Wants me to try Benefiber first, then see me in one month. That was about it.